So, the results of the trip to the maternity hospital were summed up: a boy, 3,200 kg, height 52cm and mother, or rather mammoth (that’s how I felt) with the parameters of all known circles 106-85-102, 68 on scales … Tin !! Where are my 54 kilos? where are my 95-74-92? I had a shock, but everyone around us was assured, they say, do not worry, everyone loses weight after giving birth, the child will vysmokchet all of you …

Before - 53 килограмма

So a month passed, then two, I get up on the scales, everything is the same there, the parameters do not move, the second chin covers the neck, the only thing that brought joy is the chest size 4-5. But I was very uncomfortable, depression developed, and the promises that the child would suck everything did not go away … the child had been mixed up for a month, and I wasn’t losing weight all night, I always eat …

I did not like myself, I was not comfortable living in this baggy body, where everything is flabby, everything hangs and sticks out. Yes, I was not a super model before childbirth, but at least not so scary. I didn’t fit into one thing, I wore some loose robes, it’s good that winter was and a huge jacket helped to hide everything sweetly. at one point, I understood clearly that something needs to be done.

The first thing I decided to adjust this food. I understood perfectly, more precisely, after 2 or 3 weeks of hunger, I realized that I could not eat!!!

Otherwise, it simply will not be able to train, train, care for a crying child forever, do laundry, clean, cook. Also interfered with studies and smoking. The first thing as soon as she left to breastfeed lit a cigarette. My experience is about 9 years. But my desire to lose weight was so strong that I decided to quit smoking..

And never believe that smokers are getting better! This is a myth, we are on a subconscious level and only! It was hard, grief without nicotine, I wanted to eat something, but I resisted. I drank water, I went a lot (I will write lower at the expense of physical exertion). At first, I myself made adjustments to the diet. Passed on vegetables, refused bread, any carbohydrates, sweet.

Eating in small portions, but 2 times a day, be sure to follow the drinking regime – at least 2 liters per day. Already now I understand that this was very hard, it is not at all necessary to adhere to 500 calories per day..

so the body is simply depleted. Since the weight was not small, it was only possible to dream about intensive studies, a sharp body and pronounced cubes. I started with a brisk walk, I walked 10-12 km a day, while the baby was fast asleep in a carriage, I even ran with a carriage for 3-4 km. It took 2 months, on the scales minus 57-58 kg, on the street in May a month, I was happy!

The result was also visible on the clothes, being a cow, I bought a summer wardrobe a few sizes smaller, and I just threw out my worn-out hoodies! and this served as another stimulus. In May, I already got into my antenatal clothes, quietly began to figure out the bribed shmatier.

There was a small problem with the skin, she tried to sag, especially did not like the butt and the stomach – there was generally sadness. Well, there was still terrible fatigue, the body in every way resisted to eat such co-segments of calories, hair fell off, nails exfoliated. I turned to a nutritionist for advice..

She corrected my diet, it turned out that you need to eat 5-6 times a day and eat a lot. There were cereals, fruits in my menu (through the nuances of digestion, they were eaten only in the first half of the day), sweets, I discovered Jerusalem artichokes, pumpkin, zucchini, unleavened bread, flax seeds, bran, eggs, milk – kefir. ryazhenka, yogurt, linseed, soybean, pumpkin, sesame oil – damn it. it is tasty and healthy. And yes, do not be surprised, but you have to eat fat!

Now about physical exertion. Already said about walking fast and running with a stroller at a moderate pace. When it took 10 kilos, I decided to slightly tighten the body. it was already quite warm, beginning to go to the horizontal bars, simulators. Download the press, walk on the handle, do exercises in the morning. Press rocked gradually adding pace, divided into 3-4 approaches per day.
The scales did not stand still, literally in a month and a half, the scales showed 52 kg. Sighed with relief, but did not stop!


I perfect myself until now.

For the fourth year, the morning begins like this:

  1. 1. 0.5 liters of water,
  2. 2. charging, here more

    – Classic + side bar;
    – Mahi dumbbells – I have it at 1.5 kg;
    – raising the legs lying;
    – scissors;
    – twisting.

    I do all the exercises in a circular fashion, that is, I perform 10-20 times in three sets. Exercises are changing, so my body quickly gets used to the same loads, in the winter I do more stretching exercises, more twisting, a bicycle (everyone knows), V-lifts, a bridge. Instead of running, I walk up the stairs, I pump a little on the horizontal bars, doing simple exercises – raising my legs, pushing up on my arms, and running along the stairs.

  3. 3. When it’s warm, then a morning run of 3-4 km is just a pleasure. I run into pleasure, not chasing speed, running for health and results. After all, running at a moderate pace is much more useful than the sprint.

Having already grasped all the power and strength of PP (proper nutrition), I correct it myself, just listening to what a nutritionist advised what my body wants. Rationally share training. Now my weight is 51 kg, height is 158 cm.

I feel comfortable in my body, what I wish everyone!