Minus 20 kg in two months

The beginning of the story like many. At the age of 39 years and 10 months, having an overweight of 93 kg with growth of 165 cm, as well as the initial stage of hypertension (a pill from pressure once or twice a day for good health is sacred) began to think about the approach of a dangerous age and mystical figures.

The decision to start a new life was made, it’s time to act. At one point, struck out of life all the products associated with carbohydrates, fat and protein. He began to eat watermelons, melons, tomatoes and cucumbers. He took out old sneakers, pants and a T-shirt – went to the park to run.

I started with 2.5 km – oh, it’s terrible how to run and what happened in the morning. But after a couple of weeks or five classes I ran already 4-5 km, and a month later the distance of 30 km per week in 3-4 runs became the norm (the record was 70 km per week for 6 classes). At the expense of weight, it began to go very quickly, first 3-4 kg per week, then 2-3.

In the end, after 2 months the weight was 73 kg (minus 20 kg from the original). I had to completely change my wardrobe. Friends were interested in health and the cause of dramatic weight loss. Pressure returned to normal.

But without running it became very hard, you do not run for 3-4 days and it starts with irritability and nervousness. Got used to.
There is everything but very carefully and very moderately. The weight seemed to stand at one mark. Hold 73-74 kg.
Tip one: Want to change yourself? Change.