Flaxseed масло - питательный продуктFlax contains a lot of vitamins, minerals and nutrients..

When squeezing the seeds of this flower, oil is obtained, which is a valuable nutritional product for our health..

The useful property of flaxseed oil is also manifested in its use as a cosmetic preparation and a wide range of drugs..

Beneficial features

Flax seed oil contains large amounts of fatty acids..

The ratio of fatty acids in the product:

  • 60% – alpha – linoleic acid (omega 3),
  • 20% linoleic acid (omega-6),
  • 10% – oleic acid (omega 9),
  • 10% are other saturated fatty acids..

Flaxseed масло для пользы здоровья

The human body cannot synthesize these acids independently, it is necessary to replenish their reserves at the expense of nutrition..

Flax seed oil is rich in vitamins of groups A, E, K, group B and retinol.

Medicinal properties:

  • The level of cholesterol and viscosity of the blood decreases, the flexibility of the vessels increases.
  • Heart disease prevention.
  • Normalizes digestive processes.
  • Improves liver function.
  • Treats heartburn, gastritis, constipation.
  • Cancer Prevention.
  • Improves nail and skin quality.
  • Various face masks have a rejuvenating effect and have an antibacterial effect..
  • The body of a pregnant woman receives important vitamins and acids necessary for the proper development of the child’s brain.
  • It has a calming effect..
  • Helps to reduce the allergic reaction.
  • Prevents arrhythmia.
  • Strengthens the immune system.
  • Relieves PMS Symptoms in Women.
  • Boosts male power.
  • Helps to lose weight.
  • Useful in asthma.
  • Promotes better calcium absorption..
  • Heals wounds and cuts.

The use of 2 tablespoons of this oil every day allows you to improve your condition with hemorrhoids, colitis and obesity.

It is not recommended for people who take painkillers, drugs for diabetes, medications to normalize high blood pressure..

Excessive consumption may harm lactating mothers, pregnant women and hormonal imbalances..

Flax seed oil is contraindicated:

  1. with severe diarrhea;
  2. stomach ulcers;
  3. acute cholecystitis;
  4. pancreatitis.

Product use

how применяют масло из льна

Linseed oil can be used separately, in the form of seasonings, with kefir.

It is perfect with vinaigrettes, vegetable salads and sauerkraut..

It is added to fermented milk products, cereals, pastries.

It is recommended to use the product raw, after heat treatment many useful properties are lost..

Medical applications

For example, the drug lineatol is made from it, which is used to treat atherosclerosis.

It is widely used in cosmetology.

Ideal for normal and problematic skin, hair and nails care..

In its pure form, this product is useful for daily care of the neck, face, hands and body..

Protects the skin from the negative effects of the external environment, eliminates inflammation, peeling, redness, hardening and minor skin injuries.

Masks or applications of linseed oil help to restore elasticity in coarse areas and eliminate microcracks, and also have a rejuvenating effect..

Application Reviews

These are the letters with reviews of this product sent by readers of our magazine.

She used flaxseed oil for 2 months and lost 6 kg., While eating everything as usual.

Evgenia, Astrakhan

I really like flaxseed oil to taste!
My problem is bad hair.
Have been advised to try flaxseed oil.
Saw 1 tablespoon per day, and also made a mask of it.
As a result, his hair is smooth and his skin is just gorgeous..

Reliable, Kislovodsk

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I have been drinking flaxseed oil in capsules for a week.
The result on the face – the skin looks better and the nerves in order came, I sleep like a baby.

Alexey, Ekaterinburg

Saw with her husband on an empty stomach. About a week later my husband began to hurt the stomach. He immediately stopped using it and feels good. My appetite began to grow, and after three weeks, my stomach ached too. I asked the therapist about the oil. The doctor said that flaxseed oil should not be eaten on an empty stomach, as the pancreas and liver are loaded, you can earn chronic diseases. Before consuming the oil, it is best to consult a doctor first..

Julia, Moscow

How much is such a valuable product?

What is цена данного продукта

You can buy it in a pharmacy, a specialized department of the supermarket, large grocery stores, online stores.

When buying, you need to pay attention to the shelf life, since during long-term storage, flax seed oil quickly oxidizes, becomes viscous, begins the chemical process of conversion of fatty acids.

The price for 0.5 liters of oil is approximately: 60 rubles and more.

The cost will depend on the manufacturer and additional components added..

There is oil with selenium, lemon and others..

Not refined product is more expensive than refined.

It is better to choose non-refined oil, as refined is subjected to chemical and mechanical processing, as a result of which many useful substances are lost.

If the product is purchased for medicinal purposes, then it is worth buying in pharmacies.

Instead of oil, you can buy flax seeds, Omega 3 is more stable in them.

Forgeries and surrogates of flax oil can be harmful to health..

Flaxseed oil is very useful, it helps to preserve youth beauty, psycho – emotional state and health..

It is recommended to use it raw and not more than 2 – 3 tablespoons per day..

Before you use it for medicinal purposes should consult a doctor.

Strictly follow the dosage.!

Video dessert

Watch the video from the “Live Healthy” series about the product, which is considered Russian gold: