Very often in culinary recipes you can find such an ingredient as lemon zest. If you have never encountered a similar concept or simply want to learn more about this product, then this article is for you..

lemon цедра

Lemon zest – what is it, how is it made and stored?

Peel is the uppermost part of the citrus peel. These fruits are arranged in such a way that the top of their skin is saturated with essential oils, which can also be kept in a dried form. But remember – only colored coat of peel belongs to zest.

To make lemon rind you first need to wash the fruit very well, preferably with a brush, then you should scald it with boiling water for more reliable disinfection. And then you need to use either a kitchen knife or a grater.

If you decide to cut the rind of a lemon, then the knife must be sharp and cut a very thin layer of lemon. If you prefer a grater, grate the zest should be finely grated and ensure that only the yellow layer of the peel is rubbed, otherwise dishes with such a peel will get a bitter taste.

Then, the resulting zest is dried and put in a glass or metal jar with a tight lid. Store without moisture. In addition to drying, you can use freezing if you want to use fresh zest for your own purposes..

The benefits and harm of lemon peel

Why is lemon peel so valued? First of all, because of the aroma, which it is capable of transmitting to dishes and drinks. But this product also has many valuable properties. This thin layer of fruit peel is stuffed with lots of vitamins and minerals. The composition of the peel includes:

    benefit лимонной цедры

  1. A huge amount of vitamin C. The peel contains more of this vitamin than in the flesh itself;
  2. Other vitamins: group B (1, 2, 5, 6 and 9), E, ​​PP, beta-carotene and choline;
  3. Minerals: iron, potassium, calcium, sodium, copper, selenium, zinc and magnesium.

The calorie content of this product per hundred grams is only 16 kilocalories, so that such a food supplement will not affect your figure, but it will bring a lot of benefit..

Useful properties of lemon peel with regular use

What will get your body with a sufficient amount of this product:

    use цедры

  • Healthy bones. Calcium with regular admission to your body will do its work and strengthen bone tissue, and the peel will contribute well to its active influx;
  • Cleansing the body of toxins. With modern ecology, this property of products is simply necessary;
  • Peel normalizes blood pressure and lowers cholesterol. The presence of potassium in the peel on the work of the heart is beneficial;
  • Enhanced intake of vitamin C in the body will strengthen your immunity and facilitate the fight against colds;
  • The condition of the oral cavity will be at the proper level, there will be improvements in gingivitis and bleeding gums;
  • The risk of premature aging of the skin is reduced and overall skin health improves;
  • The peel contains pectin, and this is a faithful assistant in the fight against obesity.

Who can harm the use of peel

Allergy sufferers in the first place – citrus fruits are the product of increased allergenicity. Lemon, like its peel, increases the acidity in the human stomach, so if you have problems with the gastrointestinal tract due to increased acidity, especially ulcers, then you should not use this product. Excessive consumption of the rest can lead to heartburn..

Where is lemon peel used

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In cooking

First and foremost, dried lemon peel is used in culinary matters..

This is a great seasoning for baking, fish and vegetable dishes. It is necessary to lay from one to two grams of zest. In soups add at the very end, before turning off the fire, give a few minutes to stand..

You can also take regular salt and mix it with crushed lemon peel, and then add more spices and seasonings to your taste..

zest лимонаThe same can be done with sugar. Take a zip-type bag, a couple of glasses of sugar and fresh lemon peel (determine the amount of zest yourself, equal to how rich you want the lemon flavor in sugar).

Pour the ingredients into the bag, mix thoroughly, then open the bag and leave it in this condition for a couple of hours. It is necessary for drying sugar. You can then close the bag, mix the mixture again and put it in the cupboard..

Do you want to make a quick refreshing drink with a lemon note in the summer heat? Then, in advance, distribute the sliced ​​zest into ice molds, cover them with fresh lemon juice or water, and send them in the freezer. Then they can be used to add to drinks and cocktails..

You can insist olive oil on lemon peel. For this all you need is to put crusts in a glass jar, pour oil, cover with a lid and send it to a dark place for two weeks. Periodically shake the mixture. Then strain the oil in a glass bottle and use it in cooking..

The following sandwich mass is quite interesting: chopped greens are mixed with lemon peel grated on a fine grater and blended with butter in a blender.

Then put the mass on the parchment, rolled and sent to the refrigerator. After a few hours, the mass is ready for use..

And you can also make very tasty slices of lemon peel, covered with caramel coating:

  1. Cut a thin layer of lemon peel, make sure that a thick white layer does not separate, it should remain on the lemon. Cut the skin into thin strips and place in a saucepan with water;
  2. Wait until the water with the crusts boils, boil for half a minute, pour out the water and dry the crusts with a kitchen napkin. Do the same thing again;
  3. Refill the pot with water and add sugar in the proportion of 3 parts of sugar to 4 parts of water, warm the water until sugar dissolves;
  4. Pour peel strips into sugar water, boil water;
  5. Reduce heat to low and cook strips within one and a half hours, stirring occasionally. The readiness of the peel is determined by the acquisition of a translucent state;
  6. The resulting syrup is poured into a glass container for further use (good drinks based on it are obtained), the strips are slightly dried;
  7. The peel must remain sticky, since then it must be rolled in sugar and left to dry on a suitable surface, which is pre-coated with baking paper;
  8. After drying, the caramel strips are ready to eat..

Use in the household

This product is widely used in everyday life, helping with cleaning:

  • Spread lemon peel on the shelves of the refrigerator and forget about the unpleasant smell.
  • Soak for two weeks in a glass jar with vinegar (9%) lemon zest. Then strain the mixture and dilute in half with water. Now you have a means to combat any persistent pollution, even if it is old-fashioned fat. However, if it is impossible to clean the particularly difficult places with the obtained agent, then it is necessary to dilute the vinegar to a lesser extent..
  • Mildly greasy surfaces can simply be wiped with lemon peel, but do not forget that it contains acid. There are surfaces that are very sensitive to acidic environments..
  • Does your waste basket smell foul? Put the zest in there and instead of a bad smell you will get a light citrus scent..
  • Tortured limescale? Take a piece of lemon peel and wipe the problematic surfaces with it. You will be pleasantly surprised by the result..
  • And lemon peel is good as a disinfector for kitchen cutting boards. Rub the peel board, wait a few minutes, rinse.
  • Many insects have an unpleasant lemon smell. Arrange the peel on the windows and near the cracks, and most of all the midges will be afraid to thrust you.
  • To moisten the room, place the zest in a container of water and put on a slow fire..
  • Using lemon peel, you can easily clean the microwave oven: put the zest in a glass bowl filled with water, turn on the stove for about five minutes, then remove the hot cup and wipe the walls of the microwave.
Do not want to use purchased citric acid for cleaning scale in the kettle? Then put in a kettle a nice handful of sliced ​​lemon peel, cover it with water and boil.

Lemon peel in cosmetics

    zest в косметических средствах

  • Lemon peel is so universal product, it is used even for face and body skin care..
  • Yellow skin of the feet – rub it with zest and forget about the problem.
  • Tests overdried skin in the elbow area? Take a lemon rind, mash it and rub the skin of the elbow. This product should relieve this area of ​​dryness..
  • If you mix olive oil, grated on a fine grater, zest and sugar, then you get a great body scrub, as well as a face. This scrub has a moisturizing effect..
  • If your hobby is making soap at home, then lemon peel will be a good cosmetic additive to it..

As you can see, lemon zest is a very useful product that is widely used in cooking and everyday life. It is able to enrich our body with vitamins and substances that benefit..

Thanks to lemon peels, you can maintain a clean and pleasant aroma in the house. And keep your skin in good condition. Such a peel is a small but diverse helper, which is often undeservedly thrown into the garbage..

Now you know what set of cases you can use this product. It remains to try to practice.