The long-forgotten taste of absolutely natural cottage cheese, its undoubted benefits encourage more and more people to try to cook it with their own hands..

Even the most delicious store cheese necessarily contains artificial additives, they can be less or more, depending on the standards applied at the manufacturer’s enterprise. At best, it will be relatively harmless preservatives and flavoring additives, at worst – milk fat replacers.

Home творог

Similar experiments with what is one of the staple foods may not be good for health..

For example, such “cottage cheese products” are only theoretically suitable for children’s nutrition, therefore many people who are not indifferent about the health and proper nutrition of their children and themselves, began to be interested in the possibility of making cottage cheese, yogurt, and cheeses at home.

Cottage cheese is nothing but fermented milk from which whey is removed. It can be cooked traditionally or separately..

Traditionally prepared cottage cheese can be fermented with the help of starters (acidic) or with the addition of pepsin (rennet). According to the degree of fat content of the original product, it is divided into several types: low-fat, non-greasy, classic, fat.

Separately prepared cottage cheese is different in that it uses skim milk. The resulting granular mass is mixed with cream before use..

A little about the benefits of dairy product

Normalization микрофлоры кишечника

Normalization of intestinal microflora.

The value of cottage cheese in the human diet has not been questioned for a long time. Calcium, easily digestible milk protein, zinc, amino acids make this food indispensable and necessary for both adults and children..

Regular consumption of cottage cheese normalizes the intestinal microflora, inhibiting the development of pathogenic bacteria and preventing putrefaction. It provides the necessary level of hemoglobin..

The optimal product for people with weakened immunity, contributes to the rapid recovery of strength, including after an illness. Low-fat cottage cheese is recommended to consume, if you need to build muscle mass or lose weight.

Cottage cheese is included in the mandatory diet for babies. It can be given from six months, it will ensure the proper growth of bones, teeth, perfectly debug the work of the intestines and increase the digestibility of food..

Especially good for children goat cheese, because it does not cause allergic reactions.

For those who have problems with the stomach, goat milk curd will be not only food but also medicine. This is one of the best natural treatments for gastritis..

How to make natural cottage cheese at home, we will tell further.

Classic recipe

If you want to enjoy a natural product without additives and with a guaranteed amount of useful substances, you can try to make cottage cheese at home. This is not as difficult as it may seem..

To make the final product of the highest quality, it is better to buy natural milk..

For 1 kg of cottage cheese will need at least 3 liters of milk.

Milk is simply placed in a warm place for natural souring – lumps should form. After souring (the faster, the better) the product is placed on the stove over a small fire..

It is better to immediately put the purchased milk in the pan, but if you had to pour it, you need to do it carefully, do not shake the received yogurt.

It is also necessary to heat up carefully, not to move away from the stove, literally keep an eye on the contents. As soon as the whey separates, the pan must be removed. Do not boil, otherwise the product will be spoiled..

After cooling the pan to room temperature, the curd should be drained. In a sieve or a usual colander, gauze is laid out in several layers (gauze must be larger than the diameter of the sieve).

Ready продуктSerum can be used for baking or cooking desserts – so you need to substitute a container under the sieve.

After the whole mass is transfused, the gauze is tied, and the resulting nodule with almost ready curd is suspended until the whey is completely drained..

Speed ​​up the process is not worth it, if you squeeze out the remnants of whey by hand, the curd will turn out too dry. As soon as the drops stop falling, the home-made natural cottage cheese is ready to eat..

To speed up the ripening process, you can add a couple of spoons of kefir or sour cream to milk, and to prevent boiling, you can heat a saucepan with sour milk in a water bath, that is, place it in another saucepan, larger in size, filling with water. This will provide a smoother and smoother warming..

A slightly different way of classic cooking is described in the video story:

Grained cottage cheese at home

There is another product with unsurpassed taste, very delicate – granulated (granular) cottage cheese. How it is very easy to do at home will be discussed further..

For the first attempt, you need to take:

  • Liter of milk;
  • One and a half tablespoons of calcium chloride;
  • Some salt.

Staking молокаMilk is better to take lean. Milk warms up to 50 on low heat0 C (for accurate determination of the temperature, you can purchase a thermometer for liquids), and then calcium chloride should be poured into it (while gently stirring).

Fermentation of milk will occur right before our eyes, but you need to wait for the formation of grains, and only then the pan must be removed from the fire.

The resulting product must cool, and to make it faster, it can be put in cool water..

Grainy творожокIt should be noted that the stirring process started earlier should not be interrupted for a second, then the whey will quickly and exactly separate from the curd.

Filtered curd through cheesecloth (as described above), at this stage it can be salted.

The resulting diet product is low in calories, high in calcium and phosphorus, is an excellent diet for pregnant women and children, as well as for all lovers of dairy products..

Recipe for fat free kefir product

Defatted продуктEven more gentle kind of cottage cheese, which is easy and simple to prepare – this is cottage cheese from kefir. The easiest way to get such a delicacy at home is to buy a regular kefir package and freeze it..

When it becomes icy, take it out, remove the packaging (for this you can pour it with warm water), put it on already familiar gauze in a sieve and let it thaw and drain..

As a result, a small amount of the finest curd will remain on the gauze..

This low-fat cottage cheese can be given to young children and feast on their own..

You can simply heat it in a water bath, stirring continuously. It will drain about two hours.

How to make calcined cottage cheese

Starting to eat their own food, it is difficult to stop, so the list of kitchen experiments can be supplemented with sour cottage cheese.

As the name suggests, this type of dairy product has a high calcium content, which means it is suitable for pregnant women, nursing women, it is useful for children, for the elderly, as prevention of osteoporosis..

It is prepared according to the classic recipe, which was presented above. That is, you need to prepare:

  • Milk (count the amount, bearing in mind that the finished curd will be three times less);
  • Calcium chloride (pharmaceutical 10% solution, for each liter of milk – no more than 3 tablespoons) or calcium lactic acid (calculated on 6 g – this is one teaspoon per liter).

Useful творожок

When yogurt is set to bask in the fire, calcium chloride is added and mixed. The remaining actions are done in the same way as in the very first cottage cheese recipe in this article..

This enriched dairy product is easily digested, so you need to remember that the daily rate for an adult does not exceed 100 g. Before you start giving it to a young child regularly, it is better to consult a doctor.

Making cheese at home

Deciding to diversify your diet with products of its own production, you should not stop and add homemade cheese to the list of products. Making cheese from cottage cheese is quite realistic, but to get the expected quality you need to do everything strictly according to the recipe, then family gourmets will have nothing to complain about..

First you need to try to make the simplest curd cheese. For him we need:

  • Milk – a half-liter jar;
  • A pound of fat cottage cheese (it is not necessary to clarify that dairy products are better to buy natural, for example, farm);
  • A little butter – 50 g is a tablespoon with a slide plus just a tablespoon;
  • Salt;
  • Teaspoon baking soda.

Pounding и заливаемThere are not so many ingredients and there is full confidence in the absolute naturalness of the prepared cheese. There will be no additives, no substitutes. This alone can inspire the acquisition of useful experience, and after success and subsequent exploits.

So, the granular cottage cheese is pounded in a sufficiently large saucepan, then boiling milk is added and, with stirring (where without it!), It is cooked for about 10 minutes over low heat. If you cook a little longer, the cheese will be harder..

Then, using a familiar method, the obtained semi-finished product must be allowed to drain, but now, when everything is drained, the gauze knot should be strongly squeezed. After that, the mass is placed in a clean pan, it must be salted, add oil and soda.

Home сырThen – on a small fire, for a couple of minutes, not more. And stir!

Gradually, the cheese will begin to lag behind the walls of the pan, then it must be removed from the heat and allowed to cool (cooling is slow, at room temperature). The final touch is that the mass is shaped, it is placed in a glass or ceramic container (it must be oiled beforehand) and put in the refrigerator for an hour and a half..

You can eat homemade cheese from curd as you like, it is a complete product, it is especially good for making hot sandwiches and pizza. This cheese melts when heated, giving dishes and snacks a long-forgotten taste and appearance..

For those who are not able to abandon fresh cheese, but at the same time wants to lose weight, it should be made from low-fat cottage cheese. This, by the way, will be just good for health, because the constant use of products with milk fats contributes to the development of atherosclerosis..

Let’s see how to make cheese from the curd using this method in the next video clip:

There is an even faster and easier way to make cheese at home. For it you need:

  • Milk;
  • Kefir;
  • Salt;
  • Seasonings, nuts, dried herbs.

The first two ingredients are taken in a proportion of 3/1 (for example, for 3 liters of milk – a liter of kefir), and salt to taste.

The milk is heated, but not to a boil, kefir and salt are immediately added, mixed and aged on the fire for a few more minutes. At this point, if you want to do something unusual, you can add nuts, dried herbs, dry seasonings to the curd cake mix..

The resulting curled mass must be drained through cheesecloth and then, without removing it from the gauze, placed in a mold for pressing (it can be a usual colander, lay a towel under it), press down with a small load from above..

In a few hours the curd cheese will be ready. The longer it will be under the yoke, the denser it will be..

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Prepare a delicious cheese from milk with your own hands, you can, if you learn the recipes in this article. You will succeed!

And then you will learn how to cook rice porridge with milk in a delicious way. Enjoy your meal!

Are there any contraindications for use??

Direct contraindications to the use of cottage cheese are few. It is contraindicated for people with intolerance to milk protein, kidney disease (large amounts of protein) and atherosclerosis (if the cheese is fat, it raises cholesterol). Gastritis and ulcers also do not allow constant use of cottage cheese.

However, quite healthy people should still follow some rules. Excessive addiction to cottage cheese, especially calcined, can lead to an imbalance of minerals in the body..

It may also change the level of acidity of the stomach, disrupt the bowels. Do not eat cottage cheese at high temperature, cough, asthma, and skin diseases..

It should be eaten only very fresh cottage cheese, ideally it should be eaten immediately upon readiness.

Cooking Secrets and Storage Tips

TipsIn order for the cooking process to be easy, and the result of the work to meet the expectations, you need to strictly follow the cooking technology specified in the recipe, and also take into account a few tips below.

In the manufacture of cottage cheese should not allow boiling milk (this applies to classic recipes), otherwise the product itself will subsequently be rather dry and coarse. It is preferable to use whole natural milk..

It is necessary to use stainless steel cookware or enameled with intact coating..

Heat the milk should be on a very small fire, and for a change, you can try not to mix the original product.

There are a number of tips from experts on the preparation of cottage cheese, where it is recommended not to stir the product at all, that is, to give it a curdling at natural pace. It is recommended not only not to squeeze the cottage cheese with your hands, but also not to overdo it in gauze (no more than 2 hours), otherwise it will be dry.

If you want to get a more dense cottage cheese, then you should put a small weight, for example, a jar of water on a plate, on the knot with a mass. Whey must move away clearly, otherwise the dairy product will be sour..

With regard to storage, we must remember that cottage cheese is one of the most perishable products, so it should be consumed immediately, but if you still have to store it in the refrigerator, then no more than 2 days, and you do not need to pack it in polyethylene. You can, as they did in the old days, wrap it in white linen fabric.

There is another way – to subject it to a quick freeze, and then store at -18 C. In this case, the shelf life of the product increases to 2 months. If it is frozen quickly, it does not lose its taste and utility..

Cooking cottage cheese and cheese at home, of course, requires more time than buying them in the store. But the very idea of ​​using natural, hand-made dairy products is so good that you hardly have to regret the wasted time and effort.

Finally, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with another way to cook cottage cheese at home. The process itself turns out to be quite interesting, and the result is excellent. See the video below: