Ghee is a product that is known to many nations: Europeans and Asians. In Russia, it was also spread over a long time. Then his popularity began to fall. Today this product is known in Russia under the name ghee (gi), borrowed from Vedic literature..

butter топленое

What is useful and why use ghee

Ghee was known even to our ancestors, who were aware of its beneficial qualities and therefore used it regularly. Nowadays, this product is used extremely rarely, so few recipes for its preparation have been preserved..

It can be used for the manufacture of various dishes for cosmetic and medicinal purposes. The product has a large number of properties useful to humans..

liquid маслоIt also has tonic and rejuvenating properties, it can strengthen the nervous system and immunity. The influence of this product on human mental processes, which are significantly improved.

Antioxidants contained in its composition contribute to the prevention of diseases such as atherosclerosis, and prevent the saturation of the body with free radicals. Its regular use allows you to cleanse the body and remove dangerous toxins..

If a person suffers from chronic pain in the lumbar region and joints, then he can use this product to relieve his condition. It will also be useful for colds..

Many housewives who regularly use melted butter, appreciate it for being able to use for frying, because the product will not cause any health damage due to the lack of proteins involved in the production of carcinogen. For all its benefits, the use of ghee can have negative sides. Product is harmful to people with overweight and heart disease..

Very often it is used in cosmetology, as it can positively affect the condition of loose and dehydrated skin, removes peeling and fine wrinkles..

How to make ghee

For the preparation of the product should buy unsalted butter, the fat content in which the maximum. The cooking process is as follows:

    butter в ложке

  1. Cut the butter into small pieces, put in a container and put on the stove. During heating the oil should be constantly stirred;
  2. When the product is completely melted, bring it to a boil over full fire;
  3. Turn down the heat and keep a few more minutes, stirring occasionally. It is important not to cover the container with a lid;
  4. Remove the pan from the stove when a white precipitate forms at the bottom of the pan and a yellowish liquid under the foam;
  5. Get rid of the foam. The remaining mass is placed in a clean dish and put in the fridge..

Oven Cooking Recipe

Cooking this product in the oven follows from unsalted fatty oil. To make it you need to follow the following plan:

  1. Turn on the oven so that it warms up to 150 degrees;
  2. Cut butter into pieces and place in a container, the bottom of which has a thickening. Attention should be paid to the fact that after laying there should be free space, which is about nine centimeters to the edge. Otherwise, there is a risk that the product will splash the oven walls;
  3. butter нарезать кусками

  4. Place the pan in the oven and heat. In this case, periodic stirring is not required. Time languishing depends on the amount of product. It will take about two hours to prepare five hundred grams of butter, and no less than twelve to prepare fifteen kilograms;
  5. Remove the foam from the surface of the oil; for this, it is best to use a skimmer or a large metal spoon;
  6. take away пенку

  7. Place the gauze folded in several layers on the bottom of the colander and drain the finished product into a clean container. It is important to try not to disturb the sediment. Let the oil cool;
  8. butter процедить

  9. After the product has cooled, pour it into a storage container, close the lid and put it in the refrigerator.

ghee масло

Making the most useful ghee

In some Asian countries: India, Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, a product called ghee (gi) was distributed. So called cow butter, which underwent a cleansing procedure. By purification is meant to get rid of all impurities, including water..

For the preparation of ghee it is better to take rustic unsalted butter or butter made by yourself from cream. If these requirements are not met, either low-quality ghee will turn out, or there will be few.

Cooking method:

    butter без воды

  1. Cut the butter into pieces and put in a saucepan with a thick bottom;
  2. Place the pot on the stove and keep it on low heat. The cap that is formed from above must be removed using a skimmer;
  3. In the process of boiling the water will evaporate, and a precipitate will form at the bottom of the pan. After solidification of the precipitate, it is necessary to carefully monitor that the oil does not burn;
  4. The preparation time varies depending on the amount of raw material, the longer it is, the longer the ghee will be prepared. The finished product should have a golden or amber color. Its smell and taste should resemble walnut and honey;
  5. When ghee is ready, it needs to be cooled and filtered..

This product does not require refrigerated storage. Moreover, its shelf life may be several years. An indicator of the quality of ghee is its evaporation without residue after being placed in a pan or frying pan..

How to store ghee oil at home

If the butter has been cooked correctly, then its shelf life at room temperature is unlimited. It is better to store it in an opaque dish away from electrical appliances and light sources. If you put the oil in the fridge, its shelf life will increase.

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Ways to treat with ghee

In folk medicine there are several ways to use ghee for medicinal purposes:

  • To prevent colds, it is recommended to lubricate the nasal mucous membranes;
  • It is possible to strengthen the immunity, if every morning to take this product in combination with fennel, cardamom or saffron;
  • To soften the throat and calm the cough, you can pour half a liter of milk with one tablespoon of honey and melted butter, as well as a beaten egg. The resulting mixture is divided into several methods and take in a heated form;
  • Another proven cough remedy is the absorption of one tablespoon of food on an empty stomach;
  • For the treatment of sinusitis is often advised to bury ghee twice a day. The recommended dose is three drops in each nostril..

Be sure to say that only homemade products should be used as a remedy..

Ghee is a product that is found in different cultures. His favor cannot be underestimated. Hindus, Pakistanis, Nepalese, and other South Asian nations use it to prepare various dishes, for medicinal purposes, and to conduct religious rituals. It’s very easy to cook ghee yourself, so you don’t need to buy a finished product..