how many калорий в компоте из сухих фруктовDried fruits compote – this is a delicious delicacy that has come down to us from ancient times from far France.

For the first time, according to historical data, compote was prepared in France for the famous French king Louis XIV..

Then he had a slightly different look, representing a fruit with sugar and grated to a puree with sugar, i.e. Something like a modern jam, only a little thinner. By the way, even now in France they sell fruit puree called “compote”.

“But compote is an age-old Russian drink?” You ask. And you will be absolutely right. Indeed, compote in the modern view, was very popular and famous in Russia, but at that time it was not called “compote”, but “brew” or “uzvar”.

Waiting in Russia was exclusively a festive drink, which was prepared only for the New Year and Christmas.

And not everyone could afford to cook it, because it was considered a drink of the nobility and wealthy peasants..

Dried fruits and berries were used to make compote: pears, apples, plums, peaches, and raisins and currants of all colors..

In modern society, compote can be prepared by everyone. Now he is not considered a festive drink, since during the reign of Nikolai Romanov he abolished the old order, allowing him to sell this drink in the city squares: in the winter – hot in order to warm up, in the summer – cold in order to quench thirst. Since then, compote has gained its popularity. And now you can cook it yourself and find it in any supermarket..

Calorie compote of dried fruit

However, before people who watch their figure and stick to a diet or a healthy diet, periodically the question arises of what is the calorie content of dried fruits in particular and compote in general.

Can I drink it while dieting?

Indeed, this is a very important issue that we will now try to understand..

Of course, the caloric content of any dish is determined primarily by the caloric content of the ingredients that make up this dish. So with compote. It all depends on the fruits and berries that you will use, as well as on the amount of sugar added to the compote.

You should not think that if you use not fresh fruits and berries, but dried fruits, then their caloric content is lower due to the fact that they are pre-dried. By no means. The calorie content of dried fruits is slightly higher than the calorie content of fresh fruits, but they contain several times more sugar..

“But how is that? After all, they are dried up, which means that there should be almost no sugar in them? ”- you ask again.

Here you will again be wrong. Yes, the fruits were dried, but dried from 75% of the water, the remaining substances, including sugar, remained in the same amount, and perhaps even increased. It’s no wonder that dried fruits are called a concentrated source of vitamins and minerals..

In addition, some dried fruits deliberately increase the amount of sugar in order for them to have a more pleasant and rich flavor. That is why, when choosing dried fruits for making compote, it is necessary to pay great attention to their quality, since their caloric content depends on it.

In general, the caloric content of dried fruit compote ranges from 40 to 60 calories per 100 milliliters..

Which, of course, is not so much. However, you have the opportunity to significantly reduce the caloric content of this wonderful drink by adjusting the amount of added sugar. However, you can not add sugar to the compote at all. In this case, the dried fruits will give the drink not only all its vitamins and trace elements, but also the natural sweetness, as a result of which the compote will acquire a light and subtle sweetish taste with sourness.

The caloric content of such a drink will be no higher than 20 calories per 100 milliliters, but due to the low content of glucose and sucrose, it will be much more beneficial for your body..

Dried figs contain a lot of sugar

Calorie content сухофрукта инжирThe use of figs will be an excellent option for making compote, because: firstly, it has a low calorie value compared to other fruits, and, secondly, it has an amazing flavor bouquet, which each time opens differently.

By the way, figs are endowed with a large amount of sugar, which is a big plus when cooking compote without using sweeteners..

Another significant advantage of figs is its ability to break down fats in the human body due to its high fiber content..

The calorie content of dried figs is only 135 calories per 100 grams.

Do not be scared. You will cook it with water, and therefore the calorie content of boiled dried fruit will not exceed 50 calories per 100 ml. Although, even if you eat dried fruits from figs raw, then, again, due to the high level of fiber, your body is very quickly saturated, and you simply do not want to eat more. This is partly why nutritionists recommend eating a few dried figs between the main meals..

Dried Pineapple for Weight Watchers

dried ананасDried pineapples, as well as fresh, are very useful for the human body. They contain more than twenty different types of vitamins and minerals that have a beneficial effect on all organs and systems, including the cardiovascular, hematopoietic and circulatory systems.

In addition, pineapple dried fruits are often advised to eat by people who eat healthy foods or diets, because they, like figs, have the ability to break down fats, while at the same time, saturating the stomach.

The calorie content of dried pineapples is no more than 300 calories per 100 grams.

However, due to the high fiber content, you simply cannot consume all 100 grams at once..

Experts recommend to use dried fruits from pineapple every few hours for 40 – 60 grams, drinking water or green tea.

Dietary dried fruit is also considered pomelo. Its caloric content is 30-35 kcal per 100 grams of pulp.

Table calorie dried fruit

DRIED FRUITS Water, g Proteins, g Fat, g Carbohydrates, g kcal
Dried apricots 18.0 5.0 67.5 278
Dried apricots 20.2 5.2 65.9 272
Raisin with bone 19.0 1.8 70.9 276
Raisins raisins 18.0 2.3 71.2 279
Cherry 18.0 1.5 73.0 292
Pear 24.0 2.3 62.1 246
Peaches 18.0 3.0 68.5 275
Prunes 25.0 2.3 65.6 264
Apples 20.0 3.2 68.0 273

In conclusion, I want to say that proper nutrition is your own choice, it is your concern for your body, it is a way to prolong your youth, beauty and health. Love yourself and be healthy!