Hawthorn обыкновенныйThe beneficial properties of hawthorn are so diverse that allowed it to become one of the most sought after plants.

In addition to fruits, hawthorn flowers and leaves are used for preventive, medicinal purposes and to enhance immunity..

This plant not only promotes quick healing, but is also an excellent flavoring additive in cooking..

Features of hawthorn fruit

The most common use of red fruits of the plant, the reason for this is the high content of vitamins and trace elements.

The composition is rich in sugars (in particular, fructose), vitamins of group B, carotene, vitamins C and P, riboflavin, essential oils, various organic acids.

From trace elements can be distinguished zinc, magnesium, copper, potassium, phosphorus, iron and calcium.

Such a variety of substances contained in fruits has a positive effect on almost all body systems..

You can eat berries in any form: dried, ground, as a tincture, decoction or tea.

The use of hawthorn in many diseases is taken for granted, but even with a completely healthy body tonic and sedative effect of the fruits of this plant will benefit.

Among other things, the berries are widely used in cooking in the manufacture of jams, mashed potatoes, marshmallows, juices, sweets and compotes.

Benefit ягод облепихи

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But during heat treatment, some of the nutrients are somewhat lost, which is why the use of freshly ground fruit with sugar is more useful..

Berries are used in cosmetology, self-made masks for the face at home can improve skin elasticity.

How to use a bottom plant

Region применения боярышника

First of all, hawthorn is used as an effective medicine for heart disease..

Substances in fruits contribute to a better contraction of the heart muscle..

Hawthorn is very effective in hypertension, angina pectoris, arrhythmia, tachycardia.

In atherosclerosis, the medicinal properties of this plant have a positive effect due to the ability to clean the blood vessels and improve blood circulation..

Great benefit hawthorn in case of anemia, as it is able to improve immunity.

Patients with diabetes, if there is an increased excitability of the nervous system, as well as simply to relieve the general fatigue of the body, it is recommended to use the berries of this plant.

If there are problems in the thyroid gland, the hawthorn can normalize the situation here too..

The fruits are able to reduce cholesterol and remove harmful substances from the body, which positively affects the figure.

Therefore, as an aid hawthorn is good for weight loss..

In particular, when it comes to diets, during which it is necessary to support the body with nutrients.

But in addition to the benefits of the plant can cause irreparable harm.

This is possible in case of excessive consumption of decoctions, tinctures of these fruits..

Benefit ягод калины красной

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Of course, the berries themselves do not contain any harmful elements, you just need to follow the measure in everything.

So, with increased pressure, hawthorn is able to normalize it, however, if you overdo it with the dosage, then there is a risk of greatly reducing the pressure, which is fraught with weakness of the body, fainting and other troubles.

Black hawthorn for drugs and tinctures

what такое черный боярышник?

There are a lot of varieties of this plant with various fruits: red, orange and black..

Many species are officially recognized as medicine and are widely used in the pharmaceutical industry to create medicines and tinctures..

The most useful doctors believe it is the red fruit..

As for the black berries, they contain less beneficial substances, but they can also be used as therapeutic and prophylactic agents..

Depending on the color of the berries, the applicability of this plant varies..

So, black fruits are best suited for the treatment of atherosclerosis..

This remedy will be effective even in the most severe conditions of atherosclerosis..

Rosehip and hawthorn – a useful combination

Useful сочетание ягод

Each of these plants is rich in nutrients, providing invaluable assistance in a variety of diseases..

So, dogrose is a valuable source of vitamin C.

It also contains vitamin P, carotene, various trace elements, organic acids..

As you can see, it is very similar in composition to hawthorn.

Rosehip has a beneficial effect on the function of the kidneys, copes with inflammatory processes.

Among other things, its fruits are used in atherosclerosis and to enhance the overall immunity of the body..

That is why it is recommended to brew the hips with hawthorn.

In such a “cocktail” it is customary to add dried fruits of raspberry, currant and many other berries..

Hawthorn honey – we treat tasty

For чего употреблять мед боярышника

This is one of the most valuable, but at the same time rare varieties of honey..

However, its benefits are so wide that almost all existing diseases serve as indications for use..

So, it is recommended to use hawthorn honey in case of colds, atherosclerosis, high and low blood pressure, with heart attacks and tachycardias, as well as other problems in the cardiovascular system, with nervous excitability, and even during menopause.

If the function of the gastrointestinal tract is impaired, the use of this type of honey is also indicated..

Hawthorn flowers for your heart

Nice и нужный цветок!

Flowers of this plant are no less useful than fruits or leaves..

They have the greatest effect on heart function..

It is in this area that most often used infusions and decoctions of flowers, normalizing pressure.

The level of cholesterol decreases, due to which there is an improvement in atherosclerosis.

Hawthorn is especially useful for older people, often suffering from heart disease..

The flowers of this plant can also strengthen a weakened body, increase its tone..

Both fresh and dried plant color can be used..

But it is better to collect when the flowers are still in the form of buds, since at the full-color stage there is a possibility of insects infestation.

We drink hawthorn syrup

Sweet сиропчик

One of the most enjoyable therapeutic forms is hawthorn syrup..

It contains not less vitamins and microelements than fresh berries, but the syrup also has a sweet taste..

In addition, it can be prepared for the winter, so that if necessary, immediately use this therapeutic agent..

Preparing syrup is quite simple: you will need the fruits of the plant, sugar and water, as well as citric acid.

One kilogram of berries accounts for a liter of water and a kilogram of sugar. At the end of the process citric acid is added. Preparation does not take much time: the fruits are boiled to a soft state, after which they should be drained. Sugar is added to the resulting juice, and the syrup is boiled again. At the end add 5 grams of citric acid..

Low calorie jam

Cooking варенье из боярышника

For this delicacy you can use any kind of fruit..

This jam is famous for its healing properties and the benefits that the plant brings to the body in case of diseases of the heart, gastrointestinal tract and many others..

But still it is a kind of sweetness, however, unlike all the others, hawthorn jam is very low-calorie..

They should not be abused due to the fact that this plant becomes dangerous in case of overdose.

You can prepare such a treat quickly.

A kilogram of berries falls in boiling syrup and boils down.

After that, you must give the jam to brew for 10 hours.

For the syrup will need 250 ml of water and a kilogram of sugar.

The unique properties of dried hawthorn

properties сушеного боярышника

The dried fruits of the hawthorn plant are as good as fresh berries in composition and beneficial effects on the body..

They fully preserve all trace elements and vitamins..

But in order to be able to preserve dried fruit for a long time, you need to follow simple rules..

After the berries have been completely dried, they must be placed in a dry and clean glass container, tightly closed with a lid.

And the best option would be conservation..

Hawthorn should be present in the first-aid kit for everyone, even if health permits one to dispense with the use of medicines and traditional medicine..

After all, this plant is able to relieve fatigue, saturate the body with missing vitamins and get rid of insomnia..

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