Meat by-products, which include the liver, lungs, udders and cattle, have a specific taste, smell and cooking technology. Meanwhile, when properly chosen, cleaned and cooked, they acquire a delicate structure and become the central delicacy of the table..

benefit и вред куриных желудков

How to get gastronomic delight from chicken stomachs, let’s talk in this article..

Chicken stomachs: composition, nutritional value and calorie content

The rigidity and “pumping” of the chicken stomach causes the fact that this organ serves as a muscle for processing the food consumed by the chicken: swallowing pebbles – guest kilograms, the chicken fills the stomach, and then squeezes and expands the walls of the body, thereby grinding food. As a result, we get a low-calorie pantry of nutrients..

These by-products contain a lot of iron, phosphorus and potassium. Organic acids, zinc and trace elements are abundant. The rate of complete animal protein is about 25%..

A portion of chicken stomachs can be easily equated with the rate of vitamins drunk, necessary for the normal functioning of the human body: the matter is in pantothenic, folic and ascorbic acids contained in the navels, riboflavin, niacin.

chicken желудкиThe fiber contained in chicken gizzards will provide you with a long feeling of satiety and normalize the digestive process. Differs in by-product and high ash content, promoting the removal of toxins..

Due to the low fat content in one hundred grams of the product – 6 grams – chicken stomachs are dietary and low-calorie foods. Thus, the calorific value of by-product ranges from 130 to 170 kcal..

It should be noted that the daily norm of cholesterol recommended by nutritionists should not exceed 300 mg: a hundred gram portion of chicken stomachs contains about 240 mg of the substance. Excess rates lead to increased risk of heart disease..

The benefits and harm of chicken stomachs

Like any product, chicken navels have both positive and negative effects on the body. In fact, avoiding the latter will help balance and moderate consumption of the product in accordance with the rules of good nutrition..

In the course of the research, the following positive changes that occurred in the human body after the inclusion of chicken stomachs were included in the diet:

chicken желудки как готовить

  1. The product rich in a number of useful substances helps to improve the condition of the skin, hair, and immunity. Chicken gizzards support the function of the circulatory system, increase appetite;
  2. The content in the chicken offal of folic acid and B vitamins is responsible for stimulating the processes of cell division, growth and development of tissues and organs;
  3. Yellow films – the coating of chicken stomachs cleanses the intestines, develops a healthy microflora. The by-product affects the digestive system, speeding up metabolism and improving appetite..

The negative effects of use include:

  1. The probability of release into the body of stale by-products of toxins dangerous for human health;
  2. Chicken navels are not a complete alternative to meat. Abuse of offal is not good for the human body.

Being extremely careful in the use of chicken gizzards is worthy of people suffering from individual intolerance to the product: food should still bring gastronomic pleasure.

Choosing the right chicken stomachs is the key to a successful meal.

Most housewives are worried about the questions: “How to choose chicken offal? What to look for?.

Going to the nearest supermarket or to a familiar butcher, be sure to study the date of manufacture and shelf life of chicken stomachs. As mentioned earlier, offal that overcame the storage threshold in 48 hours becomes dangerous to use..

Do not be intimidated by the rigid and dense structure of the meat product, because the chicken navel is, first of all, an organ-muscle. If it is possible to purchase pre-cleaned navels, do not neglect it: this will help to avoid hard work with cleaning the navels of the viscera that are not suitable for consumption..

By the way, the shelf life of the purified frozen offal, if you do not defrost it and re-freeze, is automatically extended to several (!) Years.

Cleaning chicken gizzards

what приготовитьSo, you have acquired fresh, unpurified offal, and on the way between you and the most delicious dish there was an internal filling of chicken stomachs. Most often, navels produced in poultry farms can be cleaned, while chicken stomachs bought from the hands of a farmer are not.

The fat layer and the elastic membrane (cuticle) – this is what you need to get rid of in the muscle bag before cooking.

Prepare in advance for cleaning the ventricles and fill the product with ice water. Having settled down at a sink, provide existence of two bowls: one with a product, and another – filled with ice water. On the cutting board, placing the chicken sac with the intestinal opening up, cut it lengthwise and rinse it under running water.

Grab the cuticle with your fingernail and, moving your finger under it, slowly tear off the walls of the stomach. Using a knife, clean the fat deposits and remove the cartilage. Put the stomach in cold water.

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What delicious to cook?

The range of dishes from chicken gizzards is limited only by the imagination of the cook. The most famous variations of the use of navels are noodles, meat pancakes, salads and snacks, goulash. Of course, the beneficial properties of these by-products are superior to gastronomical, however, it is possible to get a tasty dish from them. The main thing is to give it its proper heat treatment: it will acquire a soft, if not delicate structure. Methods of cooking “bags” are various: stewing, boiling, frying, baking.

To cook chicken ventricles in deep fat, you will need:

  • Offal – ½ kg;
  • Vegetable oil – from 250 ml;
  • Kefir – 250 ml;
  • Wheat flour – 200 g;
  • Salt, pepper, spices to taste.

Before proceeding with the direct roasting of the stomachs, they should be boiled and cooled. It will take about 40 minutes to brew a young by-product, but for the old it will take several hours. Pour kefir into one container and flour into another. Use a deep pan or fryer, in which we heat the vegetable oil until smoke appears.

We dip each ventricle first into kefir, and then roll it in flour, completely covering the product. Fry until golden brown. Spread on a plate and cool, promakivaem paper towel to remove excess fat. Season with salt and spices. Enjoy your meal!

Tip: in the preparation of offal do not skimp on the addition of spices, sauces and seasonings. Herbs, roots, vegetables and other products to improve the taste will make the dish unique. Use soy sauce to achieve unique tenderness..