Chicken liver is a valuable product in every sense. Already for a large amount of time, mankind has a great respect for it and its useful properties..

Raw куриная печень

It is proved that it contains quite important elements that contribute to the treatment of many diseases in humans. However, they love her not only for its medicinal effect, but also for its unique savor in taste..

Composition and calorie

Chicken liver is enriched with such macro-and microelements as iron, potassium, zinc, magnesium, copper and many others. It contains vitamin A, PP, C, B9, choline..

The by-product is not high in calories, its energy value is equal to 137.6 kcal. But, besides the fact that chicken liver is very useful and has a beneficial effect on the functioning of the body, and also helps with some diseases, it is also very tasty..

There is a huge variety of recipes, in which both the main and the additional component is chicken liver.

The benefits of chicken liver

Whether consuming chicken liver is beneficial or harmful during dieting is still debatable among nutritionists..

Benefit для фигурыOn the one hand, the liver is a very valuable product, enriched with a variety of useful elements necessary for the normal functioning of the body, and on the other hand, the liver is still quite high in cholesterol, which in large doses negatively affects blood circulation.

However, most nutritionists and culinary specialists still consider it a dietary product. The protein content is equal to its content in chicken breast..

Due to the vitamins it contains, it is perfect for maintaining and better developing the human immune circulatory system. The use of the liver significantly improves memory, a positive effect on the work of DNA, and even improves the state of the thyroid system.

Chicken liver contains such a useful element as heparin, which, in turn, is aimed at normalizing the process of blood clotting..

Many doctors recommend to pregnant women that the chicken liver be necessarily present in the diet of the future mom. It contributes to the improvement of vision, and also to maintaining the youth of the skin, returns to it a healthy and fresh color..

During pregnancy, chicken liver will help to normalize the work of the intestine, will make the immune system more resistant to the effects of various viruses, improve the endocrine and cardiovascular systems..

Due to the high content of iron and copper in the product, anemia and other possible circulatory disorders can be avoided during pregnancy, as they enrich the blood of the woman.

And the zinc present in the product will contribute to the normalization of the hormonal background of the pregnant woman, this will allow to avoid premature births, or vice versa – childbirth beyond the prescribed time, and there will not be any problems with carrying.

Harm and contraindications to its use

Ban на прием куриной печени из-за болезниDespite all the good qualities, the use of by-products should be approached quite cautiously..

The main damage to the liver is rather high cholesterol content..

However, in small quantities, this product is even beneficial to the body, but, of course, cannot be abused, otherwise it can lead to negative consequences..

The categories of those who are contraindicated in the use of chicken liver include:

  • Persons who have elevated blood cholesterol;
  • Older people (or limit liver intake to 100 grams per week);
  • Children under the age of three;
  • Persons who have kidney disease, peptic ulcer and other similar illnesses.

How to choose a quality by-product

In order for the liver to be both tasty and healthy, you need to carefully approach its choice so that it meets all the quality indicators. Determine the freshness of the offal by color.

It should be dark brown, and the surface – glossy and smooth to the touch. The liver should not be loose.

Even on its surface there should not be any blood clots or appearing blood vessels..

These factors will allow you to accurately determine whether the liver is of high quality and whether it can be used in cooking..

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It is necessary to avoid the liver, from which the fat is poorly separated..

It must be thoroughly cleaned of all excess and not have any impurities..

If it has greenish streaks, then this means that the contents of the gallbladder have fallen on it, such a by-product cannot be used.

Frozen liver can be distinguished by an orange or brown tint. Such a product can be eaten, but there will be no benefit from it, since there are no useful elements left in it..

The composition should not contain chlorine, as its use during processing and packaging of the liver is prohibited.

A real chicken liver has a slightly bitter taste. But this shade is very weak, so after proper preparation it should not be heard, but if the food is still very bitter, it means that the product is not fresh..

It should also have a rather sweet smell, if there is a smell of something else, then the liver is of poor quality..

It is necessary to carefully choose chicken liver and pay attention to its appearance, since the use in preparing a stale product will at best lead to indigestion, and in the worst case, it can be a matter of food poisoning..

The use of by-product in cooking

Cooking блюд с печенкой курицы

Chicken liver is a frequent ingredient in various national recipes. There is a huge number of dishes in which it is included.

For the most part, such dishes are quite fast in preparation, since one of the characteristics of the liver is the speed with which the product is prepared. If there is not much time for preparing lunch or dinner, then a liver dish will be the most optimal way out..

Since this is a fast food product, it should be cooked separately from others..

You can cook and fry the liver, but in no case digest or overcook it, otherwise it will not be as soft and tender as it should be..

By the way, it goes well with other ingredients. Culinary experts from all over the world enjoy using the liver in their recipes..

It is used to make pâté, masala, goulash, liver bits, bake it in dough, add it to risotto and to various salads. Due to its unique taste, chicken liver deserves great love among cooks and is even considered a delicacy.

Below is just one of the recipes..

Chicken Liver in Honey Sauce
Chicken печень: польза и вред для человека
Ingredients amount
Chicken liver 0.5 kg
Honey 2 tbsp. l.
Onion 1 PC.
Soy sauce 4 tbsp. l.
Spice taste
Time for preparing: 30 minutes Calories per 100 grams: 148 Kcal

Cooking method:

  1. It is better to use the by-product chilled, it is necessary to remove the remaining fatty streaks from it and dry them thoroughly with paper towels;
  2. Put the liver pieces on a pre-heated pan with butter. But you do not need to heat the pan too much, otherwise the liver will burn very quickly. It is enough to let the oil melt and it is already possible to lay out, if the dishes continue to heat up, then it is necessary to slowly slow down the fire, but also not to the condition that it cool. If the liver begins to release fluid during frying, it means that the temperature is too high, it should be reduced, and the fluid should be drained. You can continue with a raw liver, and leave this one at the very end;
  3. Since the by-product is prepared fairly quickly (it takes no more than 1.5 minutes to roast one side of the liver), then it is better not to leave the plate during the process, constantly turning the liver from one side to the other;
  4. After turning the pieces on the other side, pour the chopped onion, spreading it evenly over the entire surface so as not to damage the liver;
  5. Give literally a minute or two to fry her with onions, and then take out the plate and cover with a lid, and continue to fry the onion until golden brown. When the onion is ready, add soy sauce and honey to it, carefully mixing everything. Then let the resulting sauce boil a little over not too high a fire. As a result, the resulting mixture should thicken;
  6. While cooking, try the sauce to taste, if it lacks sweetness, then you can add a little honey, if the salt is soy sauce, and if the mixture is too salty, then it can be diluted with water or broth (chicken broth or vegetable will work fine) ;
  7. When the onions with honey and soy sauce are ready, put the liver in there, heat it up a little and you can begin to lay out the dish on plates;
  8. Together with chicken liver, you can serve a variety of vegetables: corn, asparagus, turch, tomatoes, or you can decorate with a sprig of dill, parsley or a leaf of basil;
  9. As a side dish, you can use crushed potatoes, boiled rice.

Undoubtedly, chicken liver has a mass of beneficial properties, but there is or not – this is already the choice of every person that no one else can influence.

We offer you another way to cook this wonderful product. Watch the video: