Many people like apricots – their sweet aroma is literally soaked in summer, the flesh has juiciness and refined taste. But did you know that apricot seeds are also very often used in the business and are not fruit waste? Where and how to use them, you can find out here..

apricot косточки

Apricot is a fruit that is rich in the southern latitudes of our country. It is there that you will find a lot of trees, which in spring are covered with a thick white-pink flower cover, exuding a pleasant sweetish aroma..

And in the summer, at the time of ripening, the branches will hang in huge quantities in soft orange tones, which have absorbed all the benefits of sunlight. Yes, and they themselves are like little suns on the background of leaves.

Apricot pulp is very rich in vitamins and minerals and extremely useful. But besides the fruit itself, many people eat apricot kernels, hidden under the thick walls of apricot seeds. Some varieties have quite sweet kernels inside themselves that can easily replace almonds in some dishes..

The composition of apricot kernels

Apricot kernel contains:

  • Huge amount of oil;
  • Saturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids;
  • Iron;
  • Vitamin PP.
Apricot pits are very high in calories – one hundred grams of the product contains as much as 519 kilocalories. Here are just 100 grams of this product can not be eaten. Because it will cause great damage to health..

The thing is that the apricot kernels contain amygdalin. It is around him that many assumptions and assertions revolve. The fact is that amygdalin can break down into simpler substances, among which is extremely poisonous hydrocyanic acid.

But, firstly, in one bone, the amygdalin is low in content and in order to really feel the effect of hydrocyanic acid on yourself, you have to eat a lot of bones. In addition, if you can boast of excellent health, then the decay of amygdalin with the formation of poison does not threaten you – if immunity is in order, then the secreted enzyme rhodonase neutralizes hydrocyanic acid.

apricot ядраA great many small (and not so much) children extremely love to chop apricot bones and eat nucleoli. It is not necessary to strictly prohibit the child to eat them, because the forbidden is even more attractive. It is necessary to clearly explain to the child why these nucleoli cannot be eaten in large quantities..

For an adult, the extreme amount of consumption is 60g of the product (approximately twenty pieces), for a child, naturally, this quantity will be less (no more than ten pieces). By the way, the sweeter the apricot kernel, the less amygdalin it contains, because it gives the bitter taste to the product..

Now there is a lot of conflicting information that amygdalin is capable of treating cancer, and that the consumption of apricot nucleoli is an excellent prevention from cancer tumors..

Some sources actively approve such statements, describing in detail the benefits of amygdalin, somewhere it is mentioned that active medical research is being carried out with the development of drugs based on apricot kernels, and some articles are furiously trying to break the data theory, actively proving excessive harm and danger of consumption of nuclei.

In this article, nothing about this will not be approved or refuted, since this kind of information can be provided only by qualified specialists in this field. Let us consider in more detail the useful and harmful properties of apricot kernels, about which there are more agreed opinions..

The benefits and harm of apricot seeds

The use of apricot kernels will be useful for:

  1. Those who want to simply gain weight or have a diagnosis of dystrophy;
  2. Those who need to restore their immunity;
  3. Having skin problems. The nuclei act on skin rejuvenation, the restoration of water balance in the dermis, eliminating dry skin;
  4. Those who need to treat their airways.

the pulp ягодыA huge benefit brings oil squeezed from apricot kernels. Since ancient times, it was revered in medicine. This is a storehouse of beneficial vitamins – A, F, C and B, oil contains in its composition phospholipids and tocopherol. Tea with apricot oil is a prophylactic agent for the cardiovascular system. But before starting treatment with this product, you should consult your doctor..

Harm from apricot kernels will manifest itself with frequent and excessive use of them. After all, amygdalin, contained in pits, is composed of poisonous substances. Observe the measure, and the harmful effects do not threaten you.

Apricot pits can also harm people with individual intolerance to core components.

Where are the kernels used

abrikos-s-kostochkoy2Apricot seeds, or rather the oil, squeezed out of them, is very much appreciated in the cosmetology industry. After all, this oil contains a large amount of myristic, linoleic, palmitic and other fatty acids, as well as vitamins. Due to this, apricot oil has a beneficial effect on the inhibition of aging of the skin, perfectly moisturizes it and promotes the healing of microcracks..

And it also well softens dead skin particles and helps to remove them effectively. Therefore, in the scrubs apricot oil can be found often (and there are still scrubs with crushed apricot stones, together with the shell). So creams, lotions, as well as shampoos with this oil are very common and diverse..

Apricot kernels are quite popular in cooking. Initially, they are fried or dried, and then added to dishes. Most often, nucleoli serve as an addition to:

  • Yogurt;
  • Various ice cream;
  • Cakes, in particular to creams for them;
  • Caramel;
  • Baking Toppings.

On the basis of pits prepare syrups and glazes. And still such a tasty and healthy delicacy – Urbech.

What is Urbech, its properties

Urbech is a completely natural product, the preparation of which is famous for Dagestan. The essence of cooking Urbeche is the grinding of raw materials in special mills..

Due to the release of oil mass gains fat. At this point, the grinding stops. It remains to add butter and honey to the mass – that’s all, Urbech is ready. Prepare it from pumpkin seeds, as well as flax, nuts and apricot seeds..

Urbach из косточекApricot kernel based Urbech contains all components of kernels. After all, the product did not undergo heat treatment, and therefore all the vitamins and minerals remain there without a trace. This Urbech well treats colds and contributes to the treatment of numerous diseases of the respiratory tract. He also strengthens the immune system well and is able to quickly get rid of the breakdown.

A breakfast consisting of one or two whole-grain sandwiches and Urbech sandwiches will give you a decent charge of cheerfulness..

Harm Urbeche manifest only when its excessive consumption. After all, he still has in its composition amygdalin, which in large quantities can cause severe poisoning. Also, do not consume too often this product for overweight people, as well as just watching their figure..

After all, the rather high caloric value of butter and honey is added to the high caloric content of the apricot seeds themselves. And do not forget about the individual intolerance to the components of Urbech.

What do nutritionists think about this product??

The opinion of these specialists is twofold: if you suffer from a weight loss, then this product is definitely included in your diet. But if you are overdoing with the weight and you are diligently trying to reduce it, then it is best to abandon the apricot kernels and give preference to less high-calorie foods..

After all, if you keep track of calories, even a small amount of bones will add a weighty piece to a small amount of calories in your daily diet..

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In the first place – this is the number of used stones. Do not exceed the permissible threshold so as not to cause serious harm to health, no more than 20 nuclei for an adult and no more than 10 for a child. You should not use them in chronic diseases – your immune system will not be able to fully neutralize the harmful substances that are formed during the breakdown of amygdalin. Also at risk include breastfeeding and allergic to substances that make up the nucleus.

So, now you know the detailed information about such a product as apricot pits. As you can see, with moderate consumption, this is a very useful product that has a fairly wide range of uses..

In cosmetology, these bones are able to perfectly heal the skin, thanks to the oils contained in the nuclei. In terms of food, such “grains” are also widely used, adding flavor and an additional touch of taste to many desserts (this is not counting those dishes where bones are the main component).

And information about the harm is, of course, under the ground, but the kernel will harm only in the case when the consumer is not able to comply with strictly limited consumption rates. Only in this case the body will be poisoned..