What is the effectiveness of Liquid chestnut slimming: real reviews

A perfect and slim body is the goal that every second person pursues. On their way, people try various methods, starting with express diets and ending with medical preparations..

However, not everyone thinks about what damage another attempt to use a new method can do to health..

Liquid каштан для ускоренного похудения

To help those who wish to find a beautiful figure, pharmacologists have developed a special powder, which instantly became a sensation in the field of nutrition. According to scientists, this tool is suitable for anyone who wants to try it out, and most importantly, it will not cause the slightest harm..

General information about the innovation tool

Liquid chestnut is a fruit that can be found in the rainy forests of the Amazon. Despite the fact that in the homeland every passer-by knows about the beneficial properties of this tool, Russia only recently had the opportunity to get acquainted with it.

A slimming product made from Liquid Chestnut is a powder. It is extracted from the fruit of the Brazilian liana, which is the Amazonian guarana.

Do not confuse this plant with the fact that it grows in Europe, as it has South American roots. On the appearance of the fruit is similar to the human eyeball, because it has the same literal translation.

Powder can not be found in pharmacies of the city. But it can be purchased through the Internet, as well as in specialized city stores.

Available in powder form, and the price for its purchase varies depending on the place of purchase. Average cost – from 1000 to 2000 rubles for 60 g.

Composition and useful properties

The unique components of Liquid Chestnut enable the drug to show its effectiveness. Its key components that have a positive impact on health include the following:

  1. Guaranin;
  2. Theobromine;
  3. Theophylline;
  4. Substances and mineral compounds, the main principle of which includes the antioxidant effect on the body (potassium, magnesium, resin, sodium, saponin, amides, potassium, etc.).

Benefit растенияGuaranin affects the body in the same way as caffeine. The main difference between these substances is that the effect of guaranine is softer and more uniform, and also has a more stable result..

Unlike caffeine, this substance does not irritate the gastrointestinal tract. Latin Americans prefer making tonic beverages based on this ingredient just like the CIS countries make coffee..

Theophylline is a substance that favorably affects the central nervous system of a person. In addition, it is more likely to lose weight due to the fact that it has a diuretic effect..

Thus, theophylline frees the body from excess water, toxic substances and feces, and also suppresses hunger.

Theobromine has an energy property, therefore it performs the following functions:

  1. Enhance mental performance;
  2. Improved endurance;
  3. Tonic effect and mood elevation;
  4. Freedom from exhaustion;
  5. Diuretic effect.
It should be noted that the use of this substance in large doses is likely to develop dependence. It is for this reason that it is important to follow the instructions for use of Liquid Chestnut..

The main principle of antioxidants is the elimination of harmful toxic compounds from the body, as well as cellular regeneration.

Thus, with the use of this tool, the metabolic processes of the body are accelerated, which is why the beneficial mineral substances are absorbed more quickly. The general state of health, a tone, mood raises, the organism is cleared.

Thanks to the active substances of Liquid chestnut, the appetite is muffled, therefore it becomes much easier to overcome the desire to have a snack..

All components of the drug are in perfect harmony with each other, and in combination have only a beneficial effect on health. Caloric content per 100 g of powder is 26, 0 kcal.

How to apply Liquid chestnut for weight loss

As noted earlier, this drug is used precisely in order to lose weight. You can purchase it without a prescription from a doctor, most importantly, when applying, follow the instructions and dosage..

The daily rate of the drug – 1 teaspoon. It is advisable to divide the nominal dose into two doses – in the morning and in the evening..

There are various ways to eat liquid chestnut. First, you should add powder to all sorts of drinks, be it tea or milk.

Secondly, if you use this method of losing weight in parallel with a diet, you can achieve a faster and more noticeable result..

Thus, it is worth diluting with powder various cocktails and smoothies for weight loss, green tea, meat broths, cereals and vegetable salads..

What is quite interesting, when using this tool for losing weight there is no need to limit yourself in nutrition. On the contrary, you can afford a little more than your favorite food, since the active action of the drug accelerates metabolism.


Contraindications лекарстваLiquid chestnut should not be taken in the following cases:

  1. Cardiovascular diseases;
  2. Diseases of the liver, kidneys;
  3. Pregnancy;
  4. Lactation period (breastfeeding);
  5. Epilepsy;
  6. Dysfunction of the thyroid gland;
  7. Allergic reaction to individual components;
  8. Ulcers.

Real customer reviews about liquid chestnut slimming

It should be noted that the Internet is full of positive reviews about this drug, as well as photos confirming the result. Dietitians have an exceptionally good opinion about the drug, because they recommend it to their patients..

I am amazed at the effect I received from Liquid Chestnut! For many years of struggle with excess weight, I have never met such a tool. Besides the fact that I lost 6 kg in one month, my skin has visibly cleansed, and my tone and performance have increased. In addition to using this tool, I only excluded sweet from the diet, but otherwise I allowed myself a little bit of everything. Now I can not sit at home just like that, I became very energetic, sometimes it seems that I can move mountains. Many thanks to my nutritionist for advice.!

Milan, 29 years old

For a long time, I did not dare to buy Liquid chestnut because of its high cost, but after reading positive reviews on the Internet, I still took the risk. Honestly, I do not regret the 1,500 rubles spent. The results are still small, for 3 weeks of consumption I dropped 3 kg. However, my life turned cool for the better. Now, in the mornings, I immediately get up without wanting to lie down a bit longer, I manage to do a lot of things and stay tonight by night. I will continue to drink this remedy and hope that my results will soon multiply.

Kira, 35 years old

I knew that this tool is recommended for children and students to increase stamina while studying. Having studied the drug and its composition in more detail, I did not find anything dangerous for the body. On the contrary, Liquid chestnut has an energetic effect on the body, and much more harmless than coffee. As for his struggle with obesity, then he can help only in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise. Unfortunately, this is not a miracle tool that will work if you pour it into sausage sandwiches while lying on the couch.

Andrew, dietician

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Thus, Liquid chestnut copes with its task:

  • The tool was developed for those who want to lose weight;
  • It also has an energy effect on the body;
  • It really helps to lose weight, if applied in combination with a healthy lifestyle;
  • Contains 3 active substances that have a significant effect on the body;
  • Reviews of drug extremely positive.

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