It’s not difficult for an experienced pastry chef to make puff pastry for his pastry masterpiece. But not all ordinary housewives can boast such skills. Then he comes to the rescue of a bag bought in a supermarket, with a ready-made puff product. It remains just to defrost it and boldly embark on to work wonders of cooking..

puff выпечка

It is also worth noting that puff pastry is divided into two types – yeast and fresh. Each recipe has its own puff pastry. We offer you a few good and delicious recipes from this type of test. We will also try to tell you about some tricks of working with him..

What can be made from puff yeast dough

Not everyone knows how to make good, right yeast dough. And when it comes to the puff version, many do not even take up this idea. Purchased products – a real find for the modern hostess. From it you can easily cook any buns, croissants, pies. The main thing is to buy high-quality dough. Then you surprise your loved ones with a good flour dessert..

We present to your attention a small selection of delicious representatives of this puff miracle..

Snails Buns
what вкусного можно приготовить из слоеного теста
Ingredients amount
yeast puff pastry small pack
melted creamy fat 40 grams
Sahara 0.5 cup
ground cinnamon half tsp.
Time for preparing: 70 minutes Calories per 100 grams: 173 Kcal

Suddenly, guests came out? Need to serve for tea? These buns will be a great option. And if you have ready yeast puff pastry available, do not even think about cooking them.

Working process:

  1. Let the dough melt;
  2. Roll it a little bit;
  3. Coat with creamy fat;
  4. Sprinkle with refined sugar and ground cinnamon;
  5. Roll the layer into a long sausage and cut it into pieces 3 cm thick with a kitchen knife;
  6. Whip one egg with a whisk and grease the surface of each bun;
  7. Cover the baking sheet with grease coated parchment paper and place the buns on it;
  8. Send in preheated to 200 degrees oven for 20 minutes.

Present the ready-made buns on a beautiful dish, sprinkle on top with ground cinnamon and refined sugar.

Have a nice tea party!

Croissants with prunes

A delicious and interesting recipe for bagels. The whole point of stuffing. Delight your loved ones with this floury dessert.


  • Small package of yeast puff pastry;
  • Egg yolk;
  • Nuts;
  • Prunes;
  • Ground cinnamon.

Cooking time: 40 minutes.

Caloric content of the 1st portion: 150 kcal

Working process:

croissant с черноссливом

  1. Fry nuts in a frying pan;
  2. Crush with a sharp knife roasted nuts and prunes;
  3. Cut the thawed puff pastry into small triangular pieces;
  4. Lay on the surface of the dough – chopped prunes with nuts;
  5. Form bagels from triangles;
  6. Cover the baking sheet with grease coated parchment paper and place the croissants on it;
  7. Lubricate the surface of the bagels with whipped yolk;
  8. Place the baking tray in the oven heated to 200 degrees;
  9. Bake dessert 25 minutes.

Present the finished dessert on a beautiful saucer, crushing it with ground cinnamon and prune pieces.

Have a nice tea party!

Cream Cheese Cake

We present to your attention an interesting and tasty recipe for a pie with a filling. It will be a great addition to the festive table..


  • Packing puff yeast dough;
  • 400 grams of cream cheese;
  • Glass + 2 tbsp. l refined sugar;
  • Half tsp vanilla;
  • Half a glass of butter;
  • 1 tsp ground cinnamon.

Cooking time: 40 minutes.

Caloric content of the 1st portion: 211 kcal.

Working process:

creamy пирог

  1. Heat the oven to 200 degrees;
  2. Grease a glass baking dish;
  3. Thawed puff yeast dough sheet roll out identically baked form;
  4. Fold this dough into a baking dish;
  5. Using a blender, beat the cheese with vanilla and lump sugar;
  6. Place all the cheese filling on the surface of the dough;
  7. Roll out another sheet of puff yeast dough and cover with the filling;
  8. Pour grease on the cake;
  9. Combine ground cinnamon with lump sugar and tart raw cake;
  10. Send a raw cake pan to the oven for 25 minutes.

Present the prepared dessert on a beautiful white ceramic dish. From above you can put a few sprigs of mint and slices of fresh strawberries.

Have a nice tea party!

What can be made from puff yeastless dough

To prepare this type of puff pastry will not be difficult even for a beginner mistress. The recipe of its preparation is trivially simple:

  1. Chop 250 grams of softened margarine with 250 grams of flour;
  2. Make a small depression in the middle of the margarine crumb;
  3. Pour in a glass of flour, eggs and a pinch of salt;
  4. Knead a soft dough;
  5. Divide the dough into 12 equal parts and roll each one very thinly (so that it shines);
  6. Lay the layers on each other and roll again.

But you can do much easier – buy ready-made puff pastry packaging in a supermarket. It is absolutely suitable for any baking. Beautiful pizza is obtained from it. Cookies, sweet and savory puffs, cheese sticks and more are also made..

We present to your attention two interesting baking recipes from this type of product..

French cake “Napoleon”

Pamper your loved ones with the most delicate cake. He will like absolutely everyone. Together with him you will plunge into the atmosphere of France. Special work will not be his cooking.


  • Packaging ready puff pastry without yeast;
  • 2 tsp. refined sugar;
  • 80 grams of powdered sugar;
  • Half tsp instant coffee;
  • Liquid.

For custard:

  • A glass of milk;
  • Pinch of vanilla;
  • 2 yolks;
  • Half tsp starch;
  • 25 grams of flour;
  • 45 grams of refined sugar;
  • 50 grams of butter.

Cooking time: 4 hours.

Calorie ready meals: 320 kcal

Working process:

    1. Cooking custard:
        • Whisk the egg yolk with the lump;

      dissolve яйца

        • Introduce flour and starch. Mix thoroughly;

      add крахмал

        • Add some cold milk and stir;

      add молоко

      • Pour the egg mixture into the preheated milk;
      • Boil over low heat for 10 minutes with constant stirring;
      • Turn off the stove and add vanillin and butter to the cream;

      add масло

    2. Heat the oven to 200 degrees;
    3. Place greased greased parchment paper on a baking sheet;

prokalite противень

    1. Divide the dough into 12 equal parts. Roll them very thin. Heat each cake with a fork;

To divide тесто

    1. Bake until golden brown;

bake коржи

    1. Ready-made cakes, hot, plentifully mix with custard;

pour over кремом

    1. Mix powdered sugar with a small amount of liquid. Cover the entire surface of “Napoleon” with this glaze;

to mix сахарную пудру

  1. In the remaining custard, enter the instant coffee. Apply the design of this cream on top of the glaze..

cake готов

It is advisable to let the cake soak for 4-12 hours. Then he will become very gentle.

Have a nice tea party!

ovsyanoe-pecheneNote the recipe for oatmeal oatmeal cookies.

Read how to make a cake from cookies without baking, find out what else you can add to the cake stuffing, because it is incredibly tasty.

An interesting recipe for cottage cheese casserole with semolina. Such baking is extraordinarily tender and exquisite, please yourself and your loved ones.

Cheese sticks recipe

Husband decided to arrange an evening watching a football game at home? Yes, and invited friends to visit? No problem! Treat them to chopsticks. They will be a great addition to the beer drink, without which no football session can do..


cheese палочки

  • Packing puff pastry;
  • 100 grams of cheese;
  • Egg yolk;
  • Spice.

Cooking time: 10 minutes.

Caloric content of 100 grams: 52 kcal.

Working process:

  1. Allow the puff pastry to thaw;
  2. Roll it thinly;
  3. Smear with whipped egg yolk and season with hot spices on top;
  4. Grate the cheese on a coarse grater and sprinkle the base on it;
  5. Place it on a greased baking sheet;
  6. Cut the prepared dough into thin strips with a kitchen knife;
  7. Bake in the oven at 200 degrees for 6 minutes.

Stir up the ready dish with greens, and boldly serve on the table.

Enjoy watching a football game!

Any puff pastry baking turns out to be unusually tasty. Bagels, cookies and pies, cakes and many other desserts are made from it. Also there is a huge variety of fillings. The main secret of good baking – high-quality cooked puff pastry.

Enjoy your meal!