Weight loss with the help of water: the principles of diet

It is known that the main part of our body is water..

She takes part in numerous internal processes..

Reduction веса с помощью воды

Therefore, it is not surprising that with clean water you can lose weight and remove those extra pounds..

Water diet is based on cleansing the body, speeding up the exchange and the blunting of hunger.

You do not need to know all the details of the process, as the main is to comply with the frequency and sequence of water intake.

Observance of certain principles

The basic rule of weight loss on water is the intake of high-quality fluids that have a beneficial effect on the body..

Even one day of unloading is enough to achieve the initial results..

It is better to use purified and unboiled water that has undergone special treatment..

Special activators can be used to make the structure of liquid molecules orderly, similar to cellular.

The main principles of this diet include:

  • consumption of only purified water;
  • gradual restriction of food (first you need to eliminate the most harmful ones, gradually adding vegetables and fruits, then you can drink the liquid during the day);
  • one fasting day will be enough;
  • you need to leave the diet gradually, without eating large quantities;
  • can combine lean foods;
  • no need to exhaust your body with water, if the diet is difficult to follow (this will not bring positive results and can cause mood decline and stress);
  • you cannot sit on it alone for more than 3 days, especially with an intense rhythm of life.

amount жидкостиIt is better to start the program in the summer when there is no strong load on the body and the water is easier to digest..

It is advisable to drink the liquid little by little, in small sips 30 minutes before meals or 1.5 hours.

If you drink during a meal, digestion will slow down and pounds will accumulate..

If you use more than two glasses of liquid at once, then stretching of the stomach may occur..

Therefore, the initial daily volume should be 0.5 liters.

More effective results can be obtained in conjunction with exercise, sports, constant movements.

It is also necessary to reduce the consumption of fat and flour products..

What kind of water is best?

Spring water is ideal..

An alternative to it is melt water made from tap water..

The pre-collected liquid is drawn for 24 hours and placed in the freezer, after 40 minutes the top layer of ice is removed and the container remains in the refrigerator for 8-10 hours.

The drink must not be thawed completely, so as not to use a dark layer of ice..

For some time, the structure of crystals in the thalom form is preserved, which contributes to the activation of body cells.

When dieting can use mineral non-carbonated water..

But it must be taken no more than 30 days so that the optimal concentration of minerals does not exceed the norm..

Do not take cold liquid, otherwise it will slow down the metabolism.

Detailed description of the diet

Net прозрачная вода

For those who do not have the opportunity for constant hunger strikes, a soft diet will do..

Its main rule is to use pure water in maximum quantities throughout the day..

In this case, you can not change the diet.

It is necessary to drink a glass of drink in the morning on an empty stomach and in the evening before bedtime..

According to reviews, even with this version of weight loss using water, drinking from 2 liters for 24 hours, you can remove excess weight during the week.

For an adult, the amount of fluid intake per day can be calculated at the rate of 30 ml per 1 kg of weight.

More than the norm is not necessary, since this can lead to leaching of useful substances..

You can not drink immediately after meals.

The optimal interval that must be sustained is at least 2 hours..

During this time, the food is digested, there will be no feeling of heaviness and heartburn in the stomach..

Slimming with salt water is very popular..

Such a diet has a clear pattern lasting 30 days..

During this time, you need to drink a lot of non-carbonated mineral water (about 3 liters per day), reducing calories after 2 weeks in the diet.

Lemon adding effect

Water с лимономIn many situations, a liquid with the addition of lemon juice is used to reduce excess weight..

As the acid burns fat, the process of losing weight can accelerate.

But such a diet is practiced by taking a drink with lemon wedges, the pulp of which is saturated with active substances (carotenes, pectins and phytoncides).

Such liquid can be taken hot and warm..

According to experts, lemon drink should be eaten on an empty stomach in the early morning..

At the same time it is necessary to limit the diet, adding to it greens, fruits and vegetables..

To speed up the process of losing weight, you can drink the drink between meals..

Sometimes it can be replaced with tea without sugar..

But this water should not be drunk for people with high acidity of the stomach or diseases of the digestive organs..

For healthy people, a hard water-lemon diet for 10 days is recommended..

During this time you should eat only fruits and vegetables..

But this method can be applied every three months..

Plot of water for weight loss

ConspiracyMagic is the use of the unique forces of nature for its own purposes, so good weight loss plots become effective methods in eliminating excess calories..

The conspiracy allows us to model behavior on a subconscious level, eliminate the desire for additional snacks, calm the nervous system and optimize the work of the whole organism..

Strong means for weight loss are plots on the water.

It has been known for a long time that it is able to memorize and give information, therefore, it was used for love spells, treatment, attractiveness.

The most popular conspiracy is the following: with a waning moon, I need to say the following words to a glass of water: “The moon in descending order is for me to lose weight; the moon has beautiful horns — my body is slim; my word; the moon is yours.

After these words are spoken, you need to drink everything..

Contraindications, results and features

Water diet is not completely safe for the body..

Excess fluid may adversely affect overall health and disrupt metabolism..

Therefore, before taking in large quantities, you should consult with a gastroenterologist, who will be able to determine whether this diet is suitable in a particular case..

It is wrong to lose weight in the following situations:

  1. With kidney disease. With their heavy load, edema may occur..
  2. With hypertension. Water may not pass through narrowed vessels..
  3. With heart disease.
  4. For diseases of the urinary tract.
  5. During pregnancy and lactation.
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At the same time, it is necessary to reduce the amount of salt and salt-containing products consumed so that the fluid in the body does not linger.

Women of different ages use this method of weight loss with the help of water, achieving effective results:

After the birth of the baby, I was faced with the problem of overweight. Of course, I wanted to return the original form, and I found on the Internet a description of the aquatic diet. After the course, I was able to regain my weight and began to wear stylish things..

Anna, 25 years old

As I grew older, I began to notice that an ugly belly had appeared, folds had formed on my hips. I decided to use a simple way to lose weight with the help of water, especially since the specialist advised me to do it. To my surprise, in a month I lost ten kilograms and got rid of headaches. For the benefit of my body went the right diet and drinking water..

Oksana, 45 years old

Although I could not wait for the end of the course, after a couple of weeks I noticed improvement in the skin and digestion. In a month I will repeat again to save myself from the hated kilos!

Inna, 30 years old

Well, once again about all this in the following video: