Vitaclin slimming: instructions, real customer reviews

Most modern drugs for weight loss – this is just the usual means, causing a weakening of the chair and relieve our body from fecal masses and excess water.

But, as a rule, with long-term use of such drugs, our digestive system fails and can cause a backlash in the form of constipation..

A drug Витаклин для похудения

In addition, after the abolition of such drugs, people begin to gain weight, much greater than it was before, thereby forcing themselves to acquire more and more new drugs for weight loss..

Today, Vitaclin is successfully popular with people who want to lose their weight without harming their body..

It is characterized by a mild and gradual effect on the digestive system, thereby contributing to the burning of fats and leads to a significant weight loss. Price per package starts to be calculated from 550 rubles.

What is Vitaclin??

The uniqueness of Vitacline for weight loss lies in its composition. It contains only components of plant origin. There are a huge number of them, so consider only the main ones that have the strongest effect on weight loss..

Green чай

  1. Aloes – The juice obtained from the leaves of aloe has a powerful anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect. Relieves inflammation in the gastrointestinal tract. Contains a complex of vitamins and minerals that promote fat burning;
  2. Selenium – rich in trace elements, promotes the breakdown of fat and restore cell elasticity, normalizes metabolic processes in the body, prevents the emergence of new fats;
  3. Green tea – soothes the nervous system, gives the body vitality, has an antimicrobial effect, improves metabolic processes;
  4. Cassia Torah – contains vitamin A, copper, zinc, calcium, organic acids. Acts as a mild diuretic. Excretes excess fluid from the body;
  5. Rhubarb – natural fiber, contributing to the proper assimilation of food entering our body, as well as timely release of processed foods.

Who is shown to use this drug

  • Overweight people;
  • People with weakened immunity;
  • People suffering from chronic constipation;
  • People with problem skin (acne).

How does Vitaclin work?

Weight loss occurs in stages, with a careful effect on the body..

First, the vegetable components of the drug enter the digestive tract and, under the influence of water and gastric juice, release active enzymes, fill the volume of the stomach, thereby causing a feeling of fullness.

Vitacline helps to eliminate excess sugar, slowing the absorption of glucose into the blood. A person develops indifference to “fast carbohydrates” contained in sweets and flour products..

In the body, activation of metabolic processes begins, fat reserves are slowly burned. There is a gradual purification of all cells from slags, stagnant processes disappear, subcutaneous puffiness disappears.

How to take a drug for weight loss

This drug is available in capsule form and is very easy to use. There are two schemes by which you can easily get rid of excess weight:

  1. “Easy way. Every day, in the evening before eating, drink 1 Vitaclin capsule with a glass of water. The course lasts 20 days and allows you to lose 3-4 kilograms. But to consolidate the result, the course is recommended to repeat after 3 weeks;
  2. Another, more effective use of the drug – take two Vitaclin capsules before dinner. The course of admission is at least a month. This method allows you to lose 4 to 6 kilograms per month..

Ban для беременныхHowever, do not forget about Vitacline contraindications: the drug should not be used for pregnant women, during lactation, for children under 14 years old, with hemorrhoids and rectal fissures, as well as for individual intolerance to the components of the drug.

It must be remembered: the effectiveness of the drug can be achieved only with proper nutrition and lifestyle.

Many people think that taking Vitaclin for weight loss will be quite enough to get rid of excess fat in the body. But this is absolutely not true..

Only with proper and balanced nutrition will the drug act for sure.

The first thing to do is to exclude from the diet:

  • Heavy animal fats;
  • Flour products;
  • Alcohol;
  • Carbonated drinks;
  • And also limit sweet and salty.

Do not forget about the daily use of up to 2 liters of purified water. Do not replace water with mineral water, juices or first courses. Water should be drunk 30 minutes before meals, one glass each.

It is necessary to increase physical activity. Vitacline will help to normalize your metabolism only when your body starts to move for the benefit of you..

Take a walk in the fresh air, walk as much as possible on foot, dance. And most importantly – look at the world with a positive!

Real reviews

I am 24 years old. Friends always laughed at me because of my fullness. But I could not lose weight. While I was not advised Vitaklin. I immediately decided to start an intensive course. He drank two capsules in the evening every day and noticed that the feeling of hunger was gradually dulled. Then the scales began to show less weight. I signed up for a rocking chair, now I feel light in my body. So far I have dropped a little, but I hope that I will soon be in shape.

Vladimir, Orel

I would like to appeal to all who wish to lose weight: when using dietary supplements, which is the drug Vitaclin, do not forget about the possible individual intolerance to any of its components.

I, as a doctor, declare with a long time of work, be sure to consult with your doctor about possible negative effects on your body before applying. Contraindications for the use of any drugs are strictly individual..

Doctor Anatoly Alekseevich, Seversk

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And here our experts have tried to tell everyone that they know about the method of losing weight on cereals.

And I was very pleased with the composition of the drug. Only vegetable components and no chemistry. I recently began to take it, although for a long time I doubt whether it will help or not. The weight is still in place, but the stool has normalized, the weight in the stomach has gone. I hope I still have everything ahead.

Carolina, Khotkovo

I am 34. Personally, Vitaclin did not help me. Has spent on drink one month, thought that I will grow thin. But I did not see the result. Of course, I wanted to lose a kilogram. Pity the money spent.

Olga, Dzerzhinsk

Long suffered from overweight. Tried a lot of diets and drugs. Unfortunately, I lost weight, but then the weight came back again. A friend advised the drug Vitaclin. I decided and the result pleased me. Chosen for weight loss the easy way..

Every day before dinner, drank a capsule with plenty of water. Repeated three courses with breaks. For 4 months I lost 11 kilograms. Of course, it was not done without food restrictions. Has limited sweet and bread. But the main thing is the result. I was pleased, thank you!

A photo Галины

Galina, Izhevsk

And I want to tell you my story. My name is Tatyana. I am 29 years old. My weight was 96 kilograms, and I was very complex about it. But 7 months ago I was advised to take Vitaclin. I began to do it with caution. At first, I began to notice that my appetite had dropped significantly. Then the clothes on me seemed to be more freely felt, although there wasn’t much change in kilos. But I continued to take Vitaclin and in two months I saw the result – minus 3 kilos. Then I changed my diet a little, started running in the morning, and here is the result! Now I weigh 69 kilograms. I’m very glad!

Tatyana, Vyborg

I want to share my experiment. Vitaclin accept for several months. The first course was intensive, two capsules per day. Then dropped 4 pounds per month. Then she breathed a little and began to continue the easy course, one capsule per day. Now losing weight gradually, an average of 1 kilogram per month. Normalized chair. Aligned complexion. While happy.

A photo Валентины

Valentina, Borovichi

People losing weight with Vitaclin very much. Opinions about this drug have developed a variety. Some who lost extra kilos were very pleased.

Others, whom Vitaklin did not help, were disappointed. But still, do not forget that only with the correct use of the drug, with a balanced diet and physical activity, the capsules begin to act.

It is only necessary to make a little effort and desire to reduce their own weight and improve the body..