Let’s go back a decade ago: there were only a few people who called themselves vegetarians, and humanity found their way of life amusing. They only knew that this is the name of the category of people who do not eat meat..

In fact, the meaning of vegetarianism has a deeper meaning, and since every year it becomes more and more popular, let’s understand what it is, what types of vegetarianism exist and why people come to this lifestyle.

System вегетарианства

Vegetarians are called those who do not eat meat of animals. For many, the cause of becoming vegetarians is the moral and aesthetic aspect..

Others believe that the rejection of meat is good for health, as a glut of the body with animal proteins and fats leads to many serious diseases..

Still others are trying to lose weight in order to change themselves and their lifestyle. The reasons are different, as well as types of vegetarianism.

Types of vegetarianism

  • Ovo vegetarianism – excludes all animal products, except eggs;
  • Lacto-vegetarianism – includes in the diet of dairy products and honey;
  • Lacto-ovo vegetarianism – consumption of milk and eggs, bee products is allowed;
  • Sand vegetarianism – includes in the diet only fish;
  • Veganism – the most strict kind excluding all products of a live origin.

The last time in the world of vegetarianism is not only great interest, but also controversy. According to statistics, today every tenth inhabitant of the planet is becoming a vegetarian..

Doctors, scientists and nutritionists count the pros and cons of such principles of nutrition..

Cons of this style of food

  • Protein deficiency:

Proteins of plant and animal origin differ from each other. The problem lies in the content of amino acids that make up proteins.

Proteins of animal and vegetable origin consist of different quantitative and qualitative composition of essential amino acids..

Proteins of animal origin have greater biological value for the human body. They are found in all types of meat, fish, eggs and dairy products and are an important source of energy..

In plant foods, the content of proteins and all vital amino acids is much less. Vegetarians try to compensate for the lack of protein by consuming large amounts of nuts, legumes, soy, but these products are considered “heavy” for the digestive tract..

  • Iron deficiency:

Stages дефицита железа в организмеThe lack of trace elements of iron in the body leads to the breakdown of important body functions, such as saturation of brain cells with oxygen, disruption of the immune system of the body and energy production.

The best supplier of iron from plant foods is buckwheat, wheat, oatmeal, legumes, peas, and dried fruit. A lot of iron is found in green vegetables, fruits and berries. However, important trace elements of iron are poorly absorbed by the human body..

“Meat” iron is absorbed better, resistant to heat treatment and has a significant concentration.

Well cooked beef, chicken, fish and seafood provide the body with vitamins such as B2, B12, A and D, which are involved in the formation of healthy immune cells, regulate fat and carbohydrate metabolism.

The fact that women need more iron than men. The cause is the monthly blood loss. Vegetarianism is dangerous for women who are breastfeeding, pregnant and planning a pregnancy..

Pros of vegetarianism

Considering vegetarianism from the point of view of health care and in the way of life itself, it is necessary to emphasize that people come to this at a conscious age..

Spiritual развитиеThis lifestyle includes the enhancement of spiritual development, exercise, active lifestyle, and meditation. Conversely, eliminate the abuse of alcohol, tobacco and licentiousness.

It is proved that people who regularly consume meat of animal origin are more excitable and irritable. During slaughter, the animal is in great fear, hormone production occurs, which enter the human body.

In addition, during the life of the animal, hormonal drugs for rapid growth and antibiotics are injected into its body in order to prevent diseases. Everything that happened to the animal during its life, enters our body after his death.

A significant advantage of vegetarianism is the exclusion of such diseases as obesity. The use of unlimited fruits and vegetables is a natural way to lose weight. Raw vegetables and fruits contain fiber, which cleanses the body of toxins.

Meat food contains a large number of calories, fat and salt, contributing to the occurrence of constipation. Vegetarians are less likely to have cardiovascular and oncological diseases..

So is it worth refusing meat?

As we considered above, vegetarians are “strict” and “not very”, but most of the specialists are for healthy and proper nutrition..

The main foundation of such nutrition are cereals, vegetables and fruits. The second stage is occupied by meat, fish and dairy products. Very little – the use of butter, fats and sweets..

Most doctors and nutritionists do not advocate a complete rejection of meat, but to limit its use. Learning to refrain from partially giving up meat is the best solution for those who want to be healthy..

Include in the diet of fruits and vegetables, the consumption of which there are no restrictions. In Finland, the average daily consumption of fruits and vegetables is 500-600 grams per person, which leads to an increase in life expectancy (75-80 years).

Human nutrition depends on many factors: on age, on the general condition of the body, on genetic predisposition to certain diseases..

For example, a child’s growing body and the body of a pregnant woman cannot be completely deprived of protein and iron, since its lack leads to an acute form of anemia..

From a social point of view, children’s vegetarianism is a deviation from the norm. Parents are obliged to provide the child with good nutrition for its proper growth and development..

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Tips for novice vegetarians

For those who have made a conscious decision to change their lifestyle and become a vegetarian, it should be understood that the “force” of the organism cannot be.

The human body is a complex system that is able to adapt to a new food system for at least three weeks. Waiver of meat products should be gradual..

By reducing meat and fish intake, increase your intake of other protein foods..

Preparing the body for vegetarianism, be sure to go through intellectual training. Gather more information about the types and methods of nutrition. Choose the most suitable option for your body..

Find out which plant foods contain the greatest amount of vitamins and trace elements necessary for a full life support of the body. Collect recipes for cooking vegetarian dishes..

Experiment, learn, listen to your body, to come to harmony with yourself without stress for the body..