The controversy over where the world’s most famous, carbohydrate-free diet, best known as the Kremlin, has come from and how it is called, is still underway..

Who considers it a diet of American astronauts, and someone thinks that it was on her that the Soviet political elite lost weight.

Slimming по-кремлевски

But, probably, all this is not so important compared with the fact that this principle of nutrition was and remains one of the most effective ways to lose weight, even against the background of modern methods.

The average weight loss with this system is 10-15 kg per month.

At the same time, it allows not to experience a constant feeling of hunger, “closes his eyes” for late dinners and moderate drinking of alcohol, that is, for everything that is a real taboo in other diets..

That is why this way of losing weight is most popular with those who spend a lot of physical strength and energy during the day..

The effect of diet on the body

Effective похудениеAt first glance, it seems that miracles simply do not happen..

But those who decided to try this technique on themselves, very quickly left skepticism aside..

After all, the first acquaintance with her is the most effective.!

And this amazing property is worth remembering every time when, after a significant weight loss, there is a temptation to regain excess weight..

After all, it will not be so easy to get rid of him, more precisely – not so fast..

Another important point that must be taken into account when sitting on this power supply system is that the weight goes away from really fat people much faster..

Those whose “bust” is no more than 10 kg will have to wait a little more for them to disappear..

If you describe the essence of this miraculous diet in a nutshell, then it will sound like this: the active use of protein foods against the background of a radical decrease in the diet (and at first and complete exclusion) of carbohydrates and sweets.

In other words, pork steak or sausage will not affect the figure, but a slice of black bread, a spoonful of sugar or a handful of rice will become the main enemies.

Why is such a strange at first glance menu (after all, for most people, a diet is a low-fat kefir, a leaf of lettuce plus a constant feeling of hunger and a bad mood) works so effectively?

Because the body, having ceased to receive a constant influx of carbohydrates, begins to eat its own fat reserves, and protein food does not interfere with this process..

At the first such “shake-up” fat burning is the fastest.

The main thing is to strictly follow all principles, especially in the first week..

The mode of “Kremlin” life in points

In order to make it as simple as possible, a special gradation of products, most often present in the diet, was developed, according to which they are all evaluated with certain points..

Points in the table of the Kremlin diet mean the amount of carbohydrates per 100 grams of product.

Compilation менюThus, a person can independently create his own menu, the main thing is not to deviate from the principle that the daily limit of the first 7 days of the diet is 20 points, then you can raise the bar to 40 points and keep it as long as necessary, and to maintain the form you should not go beyond 60-70 points.

At first glance it seems rather difficult to calculate the notorious points before each meal..

But in practice, everyone very quickly captures the essence, determines for himself the most used products, favorite combinations and the possibility of replacing one with another..

Therefore, having familiarized yourself with the full table of points on which the Kremlin diet is based, you can independently create an individual analogue in a convenient form, and at first keep it constantly in sight, especially before sending something in your mouth.


A little bit about the unpleasant.

The Kremlin diet, like any other, has its drawbacks, because carbohydrates, which are minimized in it, also make a significant contribution to the body (although the fiber contained in vegetables partially compensates for it), and an overabundance of protein can adversely affect many organs, primarily on the liver and kidneys.

Therefore, before changing the style of your food to “Kremlin”, it is worth analyzing what such a system will bring – good or harm..

For diabetics, for example, it is absolutely contraindicated, with caution should be applied to her and people suffering from problems with the cardiovascular system and gastrointestinal tract.

This does not mean that the Kremlin diet with its detailed table is prohibited for them..

Just have to learn to listen to your body..

And, perhaps, after achieving a good result in losing weight, it is worth going to the menu based on the principle of separate nutrition (it is similar to the diet of “Kremlin”, but allows you to consume carbohydrates).

And during the diet it is necessary to support the kidneys..

To do this, you need to drink a lot of mineral water and not be lazy to brew kidney collection.

Main document

So, the score table (in 100 grams) of the Kremlin diet, which lists the most used products.

Points Products
0 Any meat, poultry and offal
0 Fat
0 Salt
0 Any fish
0 Shrimps, caviar, anchovies
0 Any vegetable oil
0 Canned fish in oil (including sprats)
0 Water
0 Any coffee and tea (no sugar)
0 Vodka, cognac, martini Bianco, light beer
0.5 Dry wine
0.5 Butter and margarine
0.5 Egg
0.5 Vinegar
0.5-0.7 Champignons, boletus, honey agaric, morels, mushrooms
0.5-0.7 Gelatin
0.5-0.7 Smoked sausage
0.5-0.7 Hard cheese
0.5-0.7 Kefir, cottage cheese (low-fat)
0.5-0.7 Dry wine
1-2 Crayfish, scallops
1-2 Sea Kale
1-2 Cod liver
1-2 Boiled sausage, sausages, sausages
1-2 Salted cucumbers
1-2 Salad
1-2 Spinach
1-2 Semi-sweet wine
1-2 Milk, brown cap boletus, chanterelles, russula
2.5-4 Low-fat yogurt
2.5-4 Kefir medium fat
2.5-4 Mayonnaise medium fat
2.5-4 Medium-fat cottage cheese
2.5-4 Cream Cheese
2.5-4 Crabs
2.5-4 Beet Caviar
2.5-4 Green beans
2.5-4 Fresh cucumbers
2.5-4 Canned Tomatoes
2.5-4 Tomato juice
2.5-4 Lemon juice
2.5-4 Zucchini
2.5-4 Avocado
2.5-4 Asparagus
2.5-4 Amaretto
2.5-4 Sorrel
2.5-4 Dill
2.5-4 Green onions
2.5-4 Dry champagne
2.5-4 Semi-dry champagne
4-6 Cottage cheese
4-6 Cream
4-6 Milk
4-6 Sour cream of average fat content
4-6 Mushroom and sour cream sauce
4-6 Apple vinegar
4-6 Eggplant Caviar
4-6 Olives
4-6 Semisweet champagne
4-6 Cabbage
4-6 Canned fish in tomato
4-6 Kvass
4-6 Zucchini
4-6 Eggplant
4-6 Cauliflower
4-6 Brussels sprouts
4-6 Tomatoes
4-6 Pumpkin
4-6 Garlic
4-6 Radish
4-6 Celery
4-6 Ramson
4-6 Squids
4-6 Mussels
4-6 Cranberry
7-10 Oysters
7-10 Tomato sauce
7-10 Squash caviar
7-10 Grapefruit juice
7-10 Apple juice
7-10 Lemonade
7-10 Kohlrabi
7-10 Carrot
7-10 Green pea
7-10 Onion
7-10 Horseradish
7-10 Parsley
7-10 Soy sauce
7-10 Orange
7-10 Peach
7-10 Pear
7-10 Quince
7-10 Apricot
7-10 An Apple
7-10 Plum
7-10 Semi-sweet champagne and wine
7-10 Mandarin
7-10 Kiwi
7-10 Watermelon
7-10 Grapefruit
7-10 Raspberries
7-10 Strawberry
7-10 Blueberries
7-10 Beans
7-10 Currant
7-10 Gooseberry
7-10 Sweet cheese
11-14 Mandarin
11-14 Mustard
11-14 Canned pepper
11-14 Beans
11-14 Sweet juices
11-14 Vegetable Juices
11-14 Coca Cola
11-14 Garnet
11-14 Cherry
11-14 A pineapple
11-14 Nectarine
11-14 Cherries
11-14 Figs
11-14 Mulberry
11-14 Mustard
11-14 Persimmon
11-14 Almond
11-14 Walnuts
11-14 Beans
11-14 Pumpkin seeds
11-14 Poppy
15-17 Sweet wine
15-17 Crab sticks
15-17 Potatoes
15-17 Liquor (type Baileys)
15-17 Grapes
15-17 Peanut
15-17 Hazelnut
15-17 Sunflower seeds
20-22 Ice cream (any)
20-22 Sesame
20-22 Corn
20-22 Bananas
30-35 Mustard powder
30-35 Glazed curd bars
30-35 Sweet curd mass with dried fruits
30-35 Diabetic bread
30-35 Wheat Flour Flour
40-50 Black bread
40-50 Grain bread
40-50 Condensed milk
40-50 Lentils
40-50 Groats Hercules
40-50 Choux pastries
40-50 Peas
40-50 Dark chocolate
50-60 Halva
50-60 White bread
50-60 Armenian lavash
50-60 Bagels
50-60 Buns
50-60 Bread
50-60 Rye
50-60 Chocolate candies
50-60 Puff and sand pastry
50-60 Waffle Cakes
50-60 Milk and white chocolate
61-75 Pasta
61-75 Butter cookies
61-75 Gingerbread
61-75 Wheat flour, corn, buckwheat
61-75 Buckwheat, semolina, pearl barley, wheat groats
61-75 Jam
61-75 Griljazh
61-75 Biscuits
61-75 Almond Cakes
61-75 Honey
61-75 Hematogen
61-75 Gum
76-99 Starch
76-99 Sugar
76-99 Waffles
76-99 Marshmallow
76-99 Marmalade
76-99 Paste
76-99 Iris
76-99 Caramel

Sample menu

The menu of the above products can be very extensive..

If the goal is fast and radical weight loss, then the diet should be divided into several stages..

The first one is 1 week long – up to 20 points per day, the second – up to 40 points per day (lasts depending on the individual characteristics of the organism), the third – up to 60 points per day, to consolidate the result.

The day menu of the first stage can be something like this:

Allowed и запретные продукты

  1. Breakfast: any salad, for example, from cabbage, eggs, fresh cucumber and squid, seasoned with butter – this is 3 points + unsweetened tea or coffee – 0 points.
  2. Lunch: fish baked with mushrooms 150-200 gr. – 1 point, cucumber – 2 points, tea – 0 points.
  3. Dinner: 1 large tomato – 6 points and 200 grams of chicken meat – 0 points.

Such a diet will take only 12 points, that is, more than enough with a limit of 20.

Approximately the same way and should go, replacing the products (fish for meat, tomatoes for zucchini, etc.) and gradually increasing the points to 40 per day, and then to 60-70.

Next is a small table of ready meals prepared in accordance with the traditional menu of the Kremlin diet..

There can be a lot of variations..

 DISH Points (per 100 grams)
Cheese soup with mushrooms 0.3
Julienne 1.6
Salad with chicken, eggs, cheese, mayonnaise 0.3
Salad “Mimosa” without potatoes 0.2
Borscht without potatoes five
Omelet with mayonnaise 2.5
Salad with spinach, lettuce, cheese, eggs, sausage and mayonnaise 0.5
Cabbage stewed with vegetables 4.5
Baked chicken 0.2
Fried eggs with sausages 2.3

Reader Reviews

The vast majority of reviews are positive..

Negative, of course, also exist.

But for the sake of objectivity, it is worth noting that those who are too fanatically tackling the affair and begin to starve simply, not listening to the body and writing off their faint-eyed state for lack of carbohydrates and sweets, leave them..

For example, such a characteristic case:

I wanted to lose 3 kg in 10 days and chose this technique. The first three days, keeping the required 20 points, did not eat anything except eggs, sausages and pickled cucumbers. Stomach pains began, on the seventh day she fainted on the subway. Weight returned, skin dry.

Natalia, 26 years old

Those who approach the issue of losing weight with the mind, leave such reviews:

I lost weight on this diet by 30 kg. The first 22 kg were gone in 10 months, the rest – in six months, already completely stress-free. Just this style of diet has become the style of nutrition in general. And now, when I even allow myself a sweet (little, in the morning, but every day) and I can occasionally afford to eat anything, the weight does not return!

Therefore, in defense of the Kremlin diet, I want to say: it does not suit everyone! You need to know your body, its chronic problems and in the initial, most difficult period, to support it with vitamins. Then everything will be fine.

Maria, 32 years

CapersCapers are used in medicine and in cooking. Have you tried them yet? Capers, what it is, application, tips.

Think diet food is tasteless monotonous food? And no! With our website you can always diversify your diet, even trying to lose weight. The recipe for delicious, albeit dietary, fish cutlets, you can find here.

Fennel or pharmaceutical dill for millennia has been serving people faithfully and faithfully. All its parts are useful, from the root to the fruits. It may be useful for you too, but you can find out about it in the article..

Eight years ago, sitting on this diet together with my mother. The results – just stunned! But they realized that gradually we become fanatks, putting all the food on points and taking the portion of ice cream as something terrible. Therefore, the ardor had to diminish and begin to allow yourself small weaknesses. No more than 2 kg returned in a few months, the weight stabilized and held for several years.

During pregnancy, of course, I recovered significantly. Two years later, decided to sit down again on the Kremlin. There are results, but not nearly as fast as the first time. It was a little disappointing at first, but I read that it often happens and calmed down. I will go to the goal slowly but surely, good – there is experience!

Svetlana, 34 years old

Of course, it is difficult to start, but still it is much easier to withstand such a technique than any other.

Very often, people who are losing weight try to download the table of the Kremlin diet, but we will honestly tell you what to do with it, since in this article it is provided in its full form..

Of course, lovers of sweets will have a hard time at first, but absolutely any diet minimizes its use..

Moreover, having achieved a certain result, it will be possible to afford practically all.

We provide you with a video program in which discuss this diet..

Enjoy watching!