Cherry jam is considered one of the most popular in the territory of the CIS countries.

The point is widespread in these latitudes berries.

Sugar варенье из вишни

The fruits of the cherry not only have an amazing taste, but also contain a huge amount of vitamins, trace elements and minerals.

Practically in the complete set, they can be brought to the winter by harvesting cherry jam..

The easiest recipe

In order to save time and effort, it is common to make cherry jam with pits:

For this recipe of cherry jam, only a kilogram of berries and the same amount of sugar will be required (it is possible a third more, this is a matter of everyone’s taste).

  1. The berries are washed under cold water, placed in a saucepan and sprinkled with sugar.. My ягоды We mix с сахаром
  2. When the mass starts up the juice, it must be placed on a preheated cooker and bring to a boil.. We bring до кипения
  3. It is necessary to cook about 7 minutes until the berries themselves soften.. Cook смесь
  4. Hot mass is poured into sterilized jars and rolled up with lids.. Canned

That’s all cooking recipe cherry jam with photos.

By the way, absolutely any sort of cherry will suit for making this goodies..

There are no particular difficulties in the recipe, but just in case we attach a video:

Thick jam seedless

Extraction of pits from cherries – not for the faint of heart.

Nevertheless, the cooked jam in the following way can be used without fear of damaging the teeth, which many are very afraid of..

It will be required, as in the previous case, cherry and sugar in proportions of 1: 1.

The berries are cleared of leaves and legs, washed under cold water.

Then the bones are removed..

It is important not to forget to get rid of spoiled copies..

After that, the cherry is poured overnight for half the sugar..

In the morning all the sugar should be dissolved, and the berry to put the juice..

Thick варенье из ягодAs soon as this has happened, the future jam is cooked for 15 minutes and then cooled..

The syrup is drained, and continues to boil over medium heat to the required thickness..

It is very simple to check it: ice water is poured into the saucer, into which a drop of syrup is placed.

If this droplet does not spread, and you can take it with your fingers – everything is fine.

The cherry is added to the thickened syrup, which remains liquid at a high temperature, and the jam is cooled naturally or is bottled in sterilized jars.

It was not the easiest recipe for cherry jam, because I had to tinker with the extraction of seeds, but the result is excellent.

Recipe “Royal” jam

As well as in previous recipes, the ratio of sugar to cherry should be 1: 1.

First you need to remove all debris, and wash the berries in cold water, then remove from each bone.

The result should be placed in a large pan for cooking the future delicacy, and covered with sugar..

It is necessary to let it brew until the cherry drops the juice that will stain the sugar..

The saucepan with the blank is covered with a lid, and is shaken with two hands from side to side..

It is important to remember that it is necessary to mix this way, so that sugar does not sink down..

Fragrant варенье по-королевски

The billet is sent to the fire, and brought to a boil, cooked on a small fire for about 5 minutes.

After cooling (may take up to 5 hours), the pan is put back on the stove and the process is repeated..

All these manipulations will have to be repeated three times..

The resulting mixture – thick cherry syrup with the contained berries.

This is the “Royal” jam.

It is poured in hot sterilized cans until the mass thickens, is rolled up with sterile caps, and cooled at room temperature..

Another way to make cherry jam for the winter:

Quick tea cake with cherry jam

There is a huge number of recipes with cherry jam of various desserts, pies, buns and other flour and confectionery products..

Now let’s stop on cooking the most delicate cake..

This cake is more like a cupcake, however, it will be an excellent addition to any tea drinking, and most importantly its preparation will not take much time, and the recipe is quite simple.

For cooking you will need:

  • 250 ml of seedless cherry jam; Pink пирог с пудрой
  • a third cup of milk;
  • half a cup of sunflower oil;
  • 2 tbsp. l sour cream (you can do without it);
  • one and a half glasses of sifted flour;
  • a bag of vanilla;
  • one and a half teaspoons of quick soda.

The oven warms up to 200 degrees..

The baking dish must be well greased.

To prepare the dough, you need to take a 2-liter bowl (depending on the volume you can get more), mix sour cream, butter, jam and milk in it, and then pour the flour, vanillin and soda dry on top of the sieve.

As an additive, you can use absolutely everything, for example, raisins, oatmeal, nuts.

It is important to remember that the soda is added last, after which the mass is quickly mixed until a homogeneous mixture without lumps is formed, poured into the form and sent to the oven..

Depending on the oven’s power, bake the dish for at least 20 minutes..

The finished cupcake is decorated at will with powdered sugar, berries, extracted from jam, icing.

The cake is ready.

To make the baking taste as bright as possible, the dish is best consumed warm.

Biscuit roll with filling

This roll is famous for being very easy to make at home..

By the way, you can use absolutely any jam, but if the choice fell on cherry, it should not contain stones.

To create this culinary masterpiece you will need:

  • 100 g of flour;
  • 5 eggs;
  • half a cup of sugar;
  • a glass of cherry jam and a tablespoon of powdered sugar.

Egg yolks must be thoroughly rubbed together with sugar, and then whipped until the formation of pomp.

Sifted flour is added here, but gradually, while stirring the mass.

Proteins that are whipped with an ordinary whisk to foam are added to the cooked dough..

Roll к чаю на скорую руку

So that they do not precipitate at the bottom, the mass must constantly be stirred from top to bottom..

As soon as the biscuit dough is ready, it should be laid out on a metal sheet (baking sheet) covered with oiled paper with a thickness of about 1 cm.

Dough is sent to a low-temperature oven for 15 minutes..

You can determine the readiness of the sponge cake by clicking on it..

If you feel the elasticity – it is ready, and it can be removed from the oven.

The side where the paper was (must be removed, because there were incidents) is coated with jam, and the material rolls into a roll, and then wrapped around with paper that promotes better cooling..

After cooling, the roll is covered with powdered sugar, after removing the paper, and cut into thin slices at an angle of 30 degrees.

The roll is ready, it remains only to put on the dish.

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Tips for making cherry jam

Cherry jam can be prepared at any time of the year..

If it was not possible to prepare it in the summer, in the winter you can use the fresh frozen material..

Freezing in this way allows you to keep a maximum of vitamins and other beneficial substances..

For the preparation of cherry jam with bones will have to cook the material several times.

Only in this way the syrup can gain the necessary density..

To extract bones from cherry berries, you can purchase a special device, or use a paper clip as a proven method..

Any jammed for the winter jam – a storehouse of trace elements, vitamins and minerals, which are so lacking in the cold season.

It is best to harvest fresh produce from the summer than to buy jam in supermarkets, not knowing its origin.

So we got to dessert and what is served today?

It turns out amazing cherry jam: