Compared with modern monodiets and traditional diets for weight loss, promising to say goodbye to a dozen kilograms per week, fasting days are the most benign, and therefore – the best measure.

Kefir разгрузка для снижения веса

Moreover, scientifically proven benefits of unloading for the human body, even if it does not need a quick weight loss..

Only use

In addition to weight control, fasting days for weight loss allow you to quickly establish metabolic processes in the body, get rid of toxins, toxins, tone all internal organs and systems of vital activity..

Low-calorie menu, light food, plenty of drinks normalize the digestive processes, help cleanse the blood vessels, liver, kidneys, relieve the heart.

The frequency of these days depends on the purpose..

If you need to lose ballast in the form of excess weight, it is advisable to unload your body once a week..

Enhancing metabolism, preventing and controlling weight is enough two days a month..

It is important to observe the water balance in the body, drinking at least two liters of pure drinking water without gas every day..

These light days are no exception, because the process of fat burning is directly dependent on the level of fluid in the body.

It is useful to drink up to half a liter of choleretic broth.

Green чайAs a diuretic, relieves of excess fluid that reduces the load on the kidneys and heart, you can use green tea, herbal decoctions.

You can independently decide which products will make up the unloading ration..

It can be a mono diet, drinking mode, a menu with a minimum calorie content..

The last option implies that you need to eat food in small portions, the weight of which does not exceed 500 grams.

At the heart of the dishes – protein and vegetable ingredients.

Carbohydrates are blacklisted.

There are no contraindications for such nutrition..

Even if a person has chronic diseases, you can make a menu in such a way that it will bring exceptional benefits to your body and soul..

Such a rest from the heavy habitual food is certainly beneficial to health and figure..

Provided that the gastronomic culture is maintained at the proper level.

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Making the menu – show imagination

The arrangement of such days is fertile ground for creativity and fantasy..

You can make your own tasty and varied, and most importantly – a healthy menu..

Long live kefir!

Kefir monodiet is rightfully the most popular and sought after.

Drinking up to two liters a day of this tasty and healthy drink, you can easily cope with the usual loads without feeling hungry and tired.

Scram, apple

As a monoproduct for slimming, apple is an excellent option..

As on a typical day, food should be taken in small portions..

Two kilograms of fresh juicy apples can be quite divided into five or six receptions, during which you can successfully satisfy your hunger.

In addition, you can diversify the diet by preparing an apple smoothie on water or rosehip broth, applesauce with the addition of dried apricots.

Cucumber – well done

Pairs of kilograms of cucumbers is enough to not feel hunger on a dietary day.

As in the previous case, you can make a salad from a cucumber by seasoning with a boiled egg; smoothies by adding celery juice.

Juices – water

Juices для похуденияOne of the effective ways to get a vitamin charge, tone the body, is a fasting day based on freshly squeezed juices from fruits and vegetables.

It should be consumed in moderation orange, tangerine, grepfrutovy fresh.

Having increased acidity, they can irritate the gastric mucosa..

It is better to opt for vegetable juices.

Showing maximum imagination.

You can make a lot of recipes for delicious healthy cocktails.

It is advisable to drink up to two liters per day..

These days are distinguished not only by products, there are also such:

  1. Protein Menu. If you choose protein, you can make a menu based on cottage cheese, kefir eggs, lean fish, chicken meat, turkey. Fresh fruits and vegetables are welcome as a nice and tasty addition. Protein fasting day for weight loss, for example, cottage cheese, brings a lot of pleasure and benefit. A person continues his usual life activity, without risking to remain hungry.
  2. Carbohydrate day. The essence of cooking on the basis of various cereals. The most acceptable are buckwheat (everyone knows about the buckwheat discharge floor for weight loss), rice, oatmeal porridge, boiled in water and flavored with berries and fruits. Freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juices or cocktails based on them can be used as snacks..
  3. Fat – fat day. Even this happens, which is based on fats. Pleasure for sweet teeth will deliver just such unloading. You can eat a bar of chocolate, up to 300 grams of cheese, 500 grams of sour cream, 600 grams of cream, 200 grams of butter. Naturally, it is necessary to follow the rule of the golden mean and carefully monitor the state of the body. Before conducting it is advisable to consult a doctor to avoid negative consequences. Not everyone can afford the intake of fatty foods in such quantities, limited to more easy to understand, for example, spending rice unloading day for weight loss.
Cake Битое стеклоOf course, when a person adheres to a healthy diet and periodically gives the body a rest from food, you can not worry about those extra pounds, and sometimes even allow yourself a small piece of cake. Cake “Broken Glass”: a recipe from a to z. Jelly and very colorful dessert also cheers up!

How much do you know about persimmon, its nutritional values ​​and vitamins? If you, like many, think that this fruit is tasteless, then read our article, which will tell everyone about persimmon and you will change your mind.

Lemongrass plant can add notes of freshness and incredible aroma to your tea. No, this is not a lemon, but no less useful grass. Here you can learn more about the beneficial properties of lemongrass..

Behavior rules

In order for fasting days to bring exclusively benefit and joy, you must follow a few simple but important rules:

  1. You can unload no more than two times a week. Otherwise, the risk of irreversible dystrophic processes in organs and tissues, which will not have time to recover, increases..
  2. The basis of the diet should be low-calorie foods..
  3. The chemical composition of the products must be identical. In this regard, it is advisable to arrange protein, carbohydrate, lipid discharge.
  4. The body needs preliminary preparation, because unloading is a kind of stress. On the eve it is better to neglect dinner. During this period, physical and emotional stress should be excluded..
  5. Do not carry out unloading in the period of exacerbation of chronic diseases.
  6. Follow the drinking regime, drinking at least two liters of fluid.

Some useful recipes to note.

Lung меню

Recipes, on the basis of which you can quickly and simply prepare healthy dishes for any kind of fasting day for losing weight, a great variety.

You can show imagination and discharge according to your taste sensations..

You can use ready-made know-how..

Chinese cuisine

Considered one of the gentle and satisfying menus..

Despite the fact that its caloric content is only 1100 callas:

  1. Breakfast: a cup of coffee with honey, a slice of hard cheese.
  2. Lunch: coffee without milk, a couple of hard-boiled eggs.
  3. Dinner: two hundred grams of low-fat cottage cheese, a cup of herbal tea.

Japanese food

  1. Breakfast: a cup of green tea with a spoon of honey, one egg, half a grapefruit.
  2. Lunch: 150 grams of steamed red fish, fresh celery.
  3. Dinner: a glass of yogurt, lime tea.

The experience of our readers

The weight loss battles have been going on for many years, someone chooses the strictest diets for themselves, and someone cannot stand them and is looking for alternative options..

Regarding these options, in particular, the periodic discharge of the body, our dear readers express themselves as follows:

Fasting days must be elevated to the level of food culture. They are necessary for the human body, like cleaning in your favorite home. I have been practicing for a long time, unloading twice a month. Feeling great! Of course, you need to maintain a balance in the diet at a constant level, and not only when you need to urgently lose weight.

Olga, 34 years old

My husband and I regularly cleanse the body of toxins, salt deposits. Including using fasting days. I like vegetable diet or cottage cheese. Also, twice a month we can drink only kefir. Of course, at our age you need to carefully monitor their health. Fasting days are our contribution to a healthy future..

Polina Sergeevna, 56 years old

I am against any diet. Itself did not sit even once. Friends naturally periodically starve themselves. Lose weight, but then what? Kilograms, discarded by such work, still returned. Also in double size. Why do you need such stress? I adhere to proper nutrition and regularly arrange fasting days. For me it’s every monday. So to say, starting with a clean slate. I drink only water. I feel inspired all next week. The skin is glowing, hair, nails in excellent condition. I recommend to everyone!

Larisa, 48 years old

The benefits of fasting days for weight loss are evidenced not only by the numerous testimonials of trainees, but also by nutritionists..

Experts recommend first conducting several test attempts, and then make the unloading a systematic exercise..

Another review in the video below about the effective discharge day for losing weight on kefir: