Recently, good nutrition has been given great importance..

Species круп

Sport and diet entered the life of modern man seriously and for a long time.

Particularly relevant is the problem of weight loss in the run-up to the summer beach season..

Native Russian food

The diet on cereals has become very popular..

In 2015, according to the polls for losing weight, she was even awarded the title “The Best Diet-2015.

She deserved such recognition quite reasonably, as it is a little costly, unlike, for example, the Dukan diet, which is very effective and has practically no contraindications..

From time immemorial, porridge is considered a true Russian dish, everyone loves it, young and old..

Someone prefers buckwheat, someone – rice, but everyone has a favorite porridge.

That is why the technique is accessible to all and easily transferred, because it does not imply the presence of any exotic products or a long process of preparation..

Briefly about the benefits of cereals

Use злаковых блюдLasts a diet for porridge for weight loss 6 days.

These days you need to eat cereals boiled in water..

Milk, sugar and butter can not be added.

It is allowed to salt the dishes, but the result will be much more effective if you do without salt.

Unsalted porridge – the dish is not very appetizing, but easily digestible, besides, excess liquid and slags are removed from the body.

During the period of the program, the use of clean drinking water is mandatory, no carbonated drinks, including mineral water with gas, are allowed.

Of the beverages allowed teas, preferably green, coffee in small quantities, herbal soothing fees.

Diet on cereals – a collection of 6 mono-diet.

During the slimming period, 6 days are to be kept, the first of which will be oatmeal, the second – buckwheat, the third – rice, the fourth – lentil, the fifth – semolina, the sixth – millet.

This is the order that should be followed..

Changing days is not recommended, as well as mixing porridge in one day..

The method of weight loss on cereals gives a guaranteed weight loss of 5 to 8 kilograms, here everything is individual.

The result is impressive, isn’t it??

In addition, cereals enrich the body with all the necessary vitamins and trace elements, clean the intestines, normalize the work of the gastrointestinal tract.

The result of body cleansing is a significantly refreshed complexion..

Weight loss comes from burning fat..

Each porridge affects weight loss in its own way..

Oatmeal – a true dietary meal.

Thanks to the oatmeal diet you can achieve excellent results in losing weight..

It contains a complex of essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids that lower blood sugar levels, normalize cholesterol, remove toxins and toxins..

Cellulose (the main component of oatmeal) has the ability to combine and remove harmful elements from the body.

OatmealOatmeal is not only a storehouse of nutrients, it has a beneficial, gentle effect on the intestines, and is also a low-calorie product..

Everyone knows about the benefits of buckwheat.

Vitamins and microelements contained in it make it possible to lose weight without harming the body.

It is no coincidence that many celebrities will include buckwheat in their diet while losing weight, preferring it among other cereals..

Its caloric content is even less than that of porridge, and the benefits are no less..

The advantage of a buckwheat porridge diet is that it is enriched with protein..

Rice porridge also contains protein, as well as starch, fiber, as in oatmeal, and carbohydrates..

Eating rice has a positive effect on the intestines, especially for people with gastrointestinal diseases..

Rice is the main food of the inhabitants of Asian countries and the main product of this Japanese diet..

Its advantage in losing weight is undeniable.

However, on the third day of the program, brown or wild rice should be preferred over the usual white, as they are less calorie and more enriched with vitamins..

Lentils are a staple of many protein diets..

Not a very common product, however, nutritionists recommend active use in the process of losing weight..

Lenticular protein is special, it is not inferior in its nutritional value to meat and even has an advantage, as it helps to normalize cholesterol in the blood.

It used to be that semolina porridge does not contribute to weight loss, because it contains a large amount of carbohydrates.

Facilities для эффективного снижения весаTypes of effective means for losing weight and reviews about them. Let’s find out what these funds are and whether it’s realistic to lose weight quickly..

Learn about what are the fasting days, how to carry them out correctly and what is their effect on the body, you can here.

Chicken, pineapples, nuts – all this is so deliciously combined in a salad. Cooking recipe in article.

Recently, however, the opinion about this product has changed, and it has become very popular, being a necessary component in many weight loss systems..

This is due to the fact that semolina is a product that does not weigh down the intestinal wall, helps to cleanse it, and also perfectly nourishes the body..

Millet porridge is an excellent dietary product containing a huge amount of macronutrients and vitamins..

It is enriched with protein and vitamin E, which is also called beauty vitamin, thus, it has a beneficial effect on the skin and hair condition..

Normalizes blood pressure, digestive tract, lowers cholesterol, removes toxins.

In addition, millet contains fat burning millet sugar and starch.

The advantage of the diet is that it is not hungry.

Subject to all requirements, the result will be astounding..

Let’s digress a bit and see a video plot about losing weight with croup:

How and what to eat

The diet menu for weight loss on cereals does not shine with variety, but you can’t call it boring, because cereals need to be eaten every day.

They cook in the usual way, but, as mentioned above, adding sugar, milk and butter is not allowed.

On the day you need to eat 3-4 plates of dishes.

The only exception is lentils – it needs to be soaked in the evening, since according to reviews about the diet on porridges, it is cooked for a very long time..

If eating grains alone is hard and hungry, you can add fruits to your diet, preference should be given to green apples and citrus.

Bananas, grapes, melons can not eat.

Dried fruits, kefir, low fat yogurt, fresh vegetables, except potatoes are allowed.

You can add honey in cereal.

Before eating, it is recommended to drink a glass of plain water, but you can drink after a meal no earlier than after 1-1.5.

After 18.00 you can no longer eat, but it is allowed to drink a glass of kefir at night.

And now: “Oatmeal, sir!” Or watching a video on a topic relevant to us:

Reader Reviews

So, now you need to know the reviews of those who have lost weight on a diet of cereals:

Great diet, effective and affordable. After giving birth, I recovered by 11 kilograms. Immediately after stopping breastfeeding, I began to lose weight. For 6 days I lost almost 7 kilograms. The result exceeded all my expectations. My intestinal function improved, my complexion became simply amazing, the volumes decreased. A big plus is that I absolutely didn’t want to eat, because cereals perfectly saturate the body.

Elena, 30 years old

I tried many diets, starting with the Japanese and ending with the system of Larisa Dolina. But I think the method for porridges is the best of all on which I sat. They do not cause any harm to the body, nourishing, very useful. The most hungry day for me was rice, because wild rice differs significantly in taste from traditional white, but one day you can be patient. I lost 5 kilograms, volumes were significantly gone. Simply amazing diet, if necessary, repeat it..

 Maria, 43 years old

Diets on cereals are considered very beneficial for the body, which is why doctors recommend to arrange at least one fasting day on cereals a week.