Cider – Apple wine obtained by fermentation without yeast and pasteurization.

It has a beautiful amber color, retains all the beneficial properties of fresh fruit..

It is very popular in Western countries, and Germany in honor of its annual festival holds.

Apple вино

Apples of various grades are suitable for preparation of drink:

  1. Summer – melba, white filling, boxing.
  2. Autumn – Islay, Borovinka, Anise, Slav, Chinese, Papation, Taiga.
  3. Winter – Antonovka, Kars, Tartu Roosi and others.

The entire unclaimed harvest should be left for several days for full ripening, it is better to give preference to fruits that have fallen to the ground – they no longer need to be cured.

When mixing different varieties, the taste is more saturated.

Professionals use fruits with a high tannin content, and amateurs use those that are in stock..

The ideal is the ratio: one part sour and two parts sweet apples, but here it all depends on personal preferences..

Sugar is added depending on the variety and the desired strength of the future drink..

Chilled homemade cider, delicious, it quenches thirst perfectly.

In addition, it can be called a healing elixir, which cleanses the body of toxins, strengthens blood vessels, stabilizes the heart and intestines, speeds up the metabolism, which will get rid of extra pounds.

There is never a hangover after consuming natural cider..

The easiest recipe

Take any ripe apples (you can mix several varieties), remove the stem, cut all the damage. We clean плоды

Process into a homogeneous mush using a food processor or meat grinder. Do пюре

Transfer the mixture to an ordinary glass jar, filling 2/3 volume. Mashed potatoes в банке

If the fruit is sweet, it can be slightly diluted with water..

To increase the fermentation rate, add 100 grams of sugar and a handful of raisins..

Wear a rubber glove on the neck, which will become an obstacle to the supply of oxygen, as well as a kind of fermentation process indicator.. Cider под перчаткой

Leave for a week in a warm place (22-30 ° C).

When the glove is inflated, strain the contents through gauze folded in several layers.. Strain вино

Cake squeeze and throw away.

Pour the liquid into a clean dish, stand for three days in the cold – during this time a precipitate forms, therefore, the drink must be gently pumped over using a hose or a medical tube. Transfuse для брожения

A new vessel should be filled to the top, otherwise the air entering inside will again provoke fermentation – the finished cider will become vinegar. New сосуды с напитком

This drink is stored in a cool place for up to one year..

In a similar way, you can make a cider recipe from apple juice at home, the only difference is that it will take longer to wander around – about 3-4 weeks, but, if properly stored, it will not deteriorate over 3 years.

Your attention is invited to the video with a step by step recipe:

Other cider recipes

Most people think about cooking cider at home in the fall when apples ripen en masse and abundantly, requiring urgent processing..

For a classic recipe:

  1. It is necessary to grind 8 pounds of fruit, remove the core and damage.
  2. Add 2 lemons zest, pour in sugar (2 kg), pour a bucket of clean water of good quality.
  3. Cover with a clean cloth and leave to ferment for a week at room temperature..
  4. Then strain several times, bottled, stored in a cool place..

It takes patience to prepare the following recipe:

Apple легкое вино с корицей

  1. A bucket of apples cut into several parts, fold into a fabric (cotton) bag, tightly tie.
  2. The resulting node is placed in the pelvis, press down on top of the yoke.
  3. Dissolve one and a half kilograms of honey in 6 liters of water, pour apples, cover with a towel.
  4. About a month the mixture will ferment, after which the separated juice is drained into a clean container, and the syrup is again poured over the pulp. The same procedure is repeated a third time. Mix all three liquids, insist 9 months, bottled, stand in the cold for a month and can be consumed.
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Another option for preparing apple cider at home on wine yeast, which must be done in advance:

  1. A glass of unwashed berries — rosehip, strawberry, raspberry, or other – is crushed, poured 100 grams of warm water (boiled), adding a spoonful of sugar.
  2. Leave for three days in a dark place at a temperature of 20 ° C. Stir daily, use immediately after aging..
  3. In the apple juice to enter the wine yeast, leave for a week, then filter, pour, cork.
  4. Stand in the cold for a couple of months and the cider is ready.

To saturate the drink with carbon dioxide, sugar is added as a cooled syrup before bottling..

Special care is needed here – if the mixture turns out to be too sweet, the container may explode, not sustaining the high pressure generated during the fermentation process..

Another video recipe for cider at home:

Useful tips hostess

Everyone can try to make a drink to your taste and experimentally choose the most appropriate recipe to your taste..

It is important to remember that all the utensils used in the manufacture should be well washed, better sterilized..

Of the 40 liter capacity, filled to the top with apples, you get about 4 liters of cider.

You can add spices to your taste – cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, allspice, zest or citrus slices..

In the west, hot cider is very popular, which will help to warm up in the cold season, will give a good mood.

This drink contains various seasonings or sweets..

Apple juice or cider heat over low heat, add any spices and fruit pieces.

Consume with cinnamon or a small amount of rum (brandy).

Once cider was considered an imperial drink, today its flavor and delicate unique taste subdued the hearts of people from different countries all over the planet..

And, of course, again we can’t just take you and let you go, so we suggest watching the next video: