Berry смородина, чем полезна?Currant is a delicious berry that is slightly sour to taste..

There are different varieties and types of this plant, but regardless of this, the berry is useful for humans..

By the way, health benefits are brought both by currant berries and its leaves..

Total currant includes up to 150 species, 50 of which are common in Europe, Asia and North America.

In the European part of Russia there are three wild species, many are concentrated in Eastern Siberia..

It is interesting!The name of the berry received from the old Russian word “currant”, which translates as “strong smell”.

Blackcurrant has the most vivid aroma of fruits and leaves, but the most intense color is red..

The fruits of the currant bush are large and round.

They can be black or red, there are also white varieties..

Collect only fruits that are fully ripe..

If you collect for a few weeks later, the berries will lose up to 70% of vitamin C.

The composition of black currant

Composition ягоды, из чего она состоит?

This product is rich in antioxidants, it also contains many vitamins, minerals and important essential fatty acids..

One hundred grams of the product contains 85 grams of water, one and a half grams of proteins, 0.4 grams of fat and 15.5 grams of carbohydrates..

Most of the berries in this plant contain vitamin C, which is inherently strong antioxidant.

You can also select vitamins B, PP, A and E, K.

Organic acids contain most of all malic, citric and linoleic, rare Omega6 fatty acids..

Sugar is represented by fructose and glucose..

Potassium and sodium, phosphorus, iron and magnesium.

It is interesting!The same amount of black currant contains four times more vitamin C than oranges..

Two times more potassium than bananas.

For such a rich color responsible anthocyanins.

The total caloric content of one hundred grams of berries is 63 kcal, currant is sweet-sour to taste and always has a delicate aroma.

What is the use

Which one польза от чёрной смородины?

A huge amount of vitamin C – is an important part of the composition, which brings the greatest benefit to man.

This vitamin greatly strengthens the protective functions of the body and reduces the likelihood of developing cardiovascular diseases..

Vitamin C helps to solve many problems of the menopause period, also to cope with headaches, disorders of the nervous system.

Experts say that in almost any ailment this berry will have a positive effect:

  • Improves the digestive system (helps relieve or completely cure heartburn);
  • Contributes to the normalization of the liver kidneys;
  • Helps fight inflammation;
  • Can be used against arthritis;
  • Effective with diseases of the heart and blood vessels;
  • Is the prevention of gum disease, teeth.
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Women who want to even out uneven skin color can also use currants for this purpose..

You just need to eat the berry and soon the skin will become whiter and more beautiful..

Currants are often used externally to remove freckles..

This product is relevant for men and women who have an increased amount of insulin in the blood..

Currant helps in the fight against diabetes.

This is important: all the described beneficial properties of black currant, also keeps frozen.

Therefore, it is necessary to harvest currants for the winter.

To freeze the currants need to rinse it well, then spread out on a towel and dry.

Then pack up the packages and send in the freezer: wait in the wings.


Leaves смородины, чем они полезны?

Separately, it must be said that currant leaves are also used in traditional medicine and even cooking..

Especially strongly their positive actions are manifested in infusions and decoctions..

With such decoctions, kidney and bladder diseases are treated..

The leaves contain a lot of essential oils and tannins..

You can harvest leaves for the future.

The content of pectins in the leaves and in the fruits of the plant increases the value of the product for health.

Because they help to fight harmful substances, removing them from the body.

It is useful to eat currants with atherosclerosis after heart attacks or strokes, with varicose veins.

Also, black currant berries, have beneficial properties and are used as diaphoretic, diuretic and laxative, they have antipyretic effect..

What are the contraindications

First of all, in the use of this useful berries need to know the measure.

But this is rather not a contraindication, but a recommendation when using any food product..

The bright contraindications in this situation include the presence of thrombophlebitis or a tendency to form blood clots..

In any form currant will be useful for humans..

This beautiful berry with a rich unique flavor.

It will help improve health, enhance the protective functions of the body and will be useful in the fight against many diseases..

Video dessert

In this video, you will learn what useful properties black currant has, its leaves, and how this berry should be stored..