Pollen – a useful product of beekeeping. The first mentions of it are found in ancient Greek mythology, it was she who was the basis of nectar – the drink of the Gods of Olympus, which grants immortality..

Pollen is a perfectly balanced complex of vitamins and minerals prepared for us by nature itself. And in order to overcome avitaminosis in the next attempt, you went not to the pharmacy, but to the beekeeping shop, we will consider in more detail the composition, therapeutic properties and methods of pollen.

Benefit и применение цветочной пыльцы в народной медицине и косметологии

The composition, benefits and therapeutic effects of pollen

Pollen is the masculine element of a plant intended for its pollination. Food for humans, it has become thanks to the hardworking bees. Flying from flower to flower, they collect pollen on the abdomen, and when it becomes too much, they clean the pollen with their paws into special baskets located on the legs..

From here also other name of flower pollen has gone – obnozhka. Beekeepers collect it from bees with the help of pollen traps – gratings, passing through which insects lose part of pollen.

Pollenka is a natural, concentrated, biologically active food product. Its composition is impressive, it contains vitamins A, C, E, H, P and the whole group B, and 27 minerals, including potassium, zinc, iron, calcium, copper, magnesium. There is a complete set of amino acids, including essential.

Due to this valuable composition, pollen has the following properties that are beneficial to human health:

  1. It nourishes the body with beneficial microelements, eliminating avitaminosis;
  2. Increases immunity, prevents the development of colds due to the large amount of ascorbic acid;
  3. It helps in the treatment of anemia, as it contains large quantities of iron;
  4. It is a natural and safe source of energy. Carbohydrates, which are present in its composition, only benefit the body, in contrast to refined products;
  5. Thanks to vitamin P, it strengthens the walls of capillaries;
  6. Helps to cope with high mental and physical stress;
  7. It has a high content of phytosterols, which lower cholesterol and act as an anti-atherosclerotic agent;
  8. Good amino acid composition makes the product useful for nutrition of athletes;
  9. Contains phytoharmones that help to safely cope with hormonal disruptions. For the same reason, obnozhka recommended for people with pathological disorders in the endocrine glands;
  10. As part of obnozhki there is an antibiotic that prevents the growth of various tumors;
  11. Increases appetite, but at the same time helps to normalize weight, improving metabolism.

The spectrum of action of pollok on the human body is very extensive, it can be used to balance the work of almost all organs. But for this you need to know how to properly take pollen, both for preventive and therapeutic purposes..

Benefit и применение цветочной пыльцы в народной медицине и косметологииWhat is buttermilk, how to use the product in medicine and cosmetology. Can everyone use pollen and other questions in our article?.

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Admission Rules

Polnozhka will bring maximum benefit to your health only when it is used correctly. For prevention, and in order to saturate the body with valuable microelements, pollen is taken in 1 tsp. half an hour before meals twice or thrice a day.

So that useful substances from it are well absorbed, pollen need not just swallow, but dissolve, thoroughly moistened with saliva. If you do not like the taste, you can mix 1: 1 bread with honey..

Preventive daily doses of pollen are:

  • pollen2-3 tsp to men;
  • 1-2 tsp women;
  • ¼ tsp children aged 6 months;
  • ½ tsp children from the age of 12.

Young children are better to add pollen to food for safety.

It is possible to win with the help of obnozhki not only avitaminosis, but also many more serious diseases:

  1. Anemia. To increase the level of hemoglobin and red blood cells, pollen must be taken before all meals by a teaspoon. For children with anemia, you can make such a drink: mix 200 ml of fresh milk, 20 g of pollen and 100 g of honey. Give this mixture to the baby every time before eating 1 spoon;
  2. Pressure problems. The uniqueness of this product is that it can balance completely opposite states. So, in case of hypertension, to reduce pressure, pollen should be consumed 3 times a day for 1 tsp, always on an empty stomach. And with hypotension, to increase pressure, pollen is used in the same proportions, but after eating;
  3. Neurosis. To restore the nervous system is effective such a recipe: mix pollen (20g), honey (500g) and royal jelly (2g). Reception is carried out before meals for 1 tsp three times a day;
  4. Gastritis. For its treatment, 20 g of pollen are thoroughly mixed with 500 g of honey, after which aloe juice is added (75 g). Taking the medicine is carried out 2 times a day with a teaspoon before a meal in 30 minutes.

Pollen can accelerate recovery by increasing the effects of chemical drugs. This allows them to reduce the dose without compromising efficiency, and reduce side effects from the effects of chemistry on the body..

Despite all the benefits of this miraculous product, and it has contraindications to use. In addition, polishing can be harmful if the storage rules are not followed..

Contraindications to use and storage rules

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Taking pollen may be contraindicated in such cases:

  1. If you are allergic to other bee products. In this case, pollen can be used by people who are prone to allergic reactions to pollen, because pollen processed by bees with the help of their enzymes is less allergenic;
  2. With a tendency to bleeding, because obnozhka helps to reduce blood clotting;
  3. If you exceed the dosage, symptoms of poisoning may appear, which can be triggered by a large amount of vitamin A;
  4. Do not use pollen at night, as it gives a powerful tonic effect.

A loot may become hazardous to health if it was stored incorrectly. It is best to store hermetically sealed container made of dark glass. It is important that moisture does not enter there, otherwise the product will deteriorate very quickly..

At the same time, the room where it is stored should be dry and clean, with an air temperature no higher than 20 degrees and a humidity of no more than 75%. And it is better to put the container with the product in the refrigerator, in the department for vegetables.

Correctly collected and stored in suitable conditions oblozhka, has effective application not only in medicine, but also in cosmetology.

Ways to use pollen in cosmetology

Due to the incredibly valuable composition, it is useful to use polished leather not only inside, but also to nourish the skin and hair..

There are many recipes for applying pollen to the skin of the face:

  1. Anti-aging mask. Mix ½ tsp. LNO, 1 tbsp. honey, 2 tbsp. flour (preferably oatmeal) and 1 protein from eggs. Hold the mask on your face for 15 minutes. With regular use, the effect of smoothing wrinkles;
  2. Nourishing mask. For it, you will need pollen (6g), beeswax (5g), olive oil (25g) and glycerin (5g). All ingredients are mixed and applied to the skin for 20 minutes;
  3. Mask for oily skin. ½ tsp of the parlor mix with a tablespoon of honey liquid consistency and 1 tsp. fresh rowan juice. This mixture well narrows the enlarged pores;
  4. Mask for dry skin. ½ tsp of pollen mixes with a tablespoon of natural butter, a couple of drops of lemon juice are added to the mixture.

A skin polish will have a beneficial effect on the hair. It effectively fights against excessive hair loss and split ends. To do this, pollen simply need to rub on wet hair and leave for 10 minutes. Then, as usual, wash your hair with shampoo.


Pollen is the most valuable product of natural origin. Its healing properties are known from ancient times and tested by any generation. By the amount of nutrients, pollen is a much more valuable beekeeping product than the more popular honey..

Due to its unique properties, it is effectively used in apitherapy – a modern method of treating patients for a wide range of diseases using live bees and apicultural products..

But even if you do not have any diseases, the use of flower pollen can be a worthy alternative to synthetic pharmacy vitamins. Nutrients from this natural product are better absorbed and provide increased physical and mental performance.