Berry малина, что это? чем полезна и что входит в состав?We all remember well and know the taste of raspberries well since childhood..

This berry has found itself admirers both as a tasty delicacy and a valuable medicinal product..

This miracle berry is a frequent character of folklore..

Let’s look at this wonderfully tasty and very healthy berry in this article..

What is this plant?

According to the scientific definition, raspberries are a semi-shrub of the Rubus genus of the Rosaceae family, with a perennial rhizome growing to a meter and a half in height, forming a powerful branched system.

The fruits of raspberry are hairy stone seeds of different colors (red, yellow and black), having an incomparable fragrant aroma and delicate sweet taste..

The flowering period of this plant, quite late, falling in May-June, and a long, about 2-3 weeks, which is why it manages to avoid spring frosts.

Raspberry ripening also occurs at different times, which is significantly influenced by the distribution of berries and weather and climatic conditions..

In our latitudes, the harvest of this berry falls on the August season.

Raspberry is considered a wild-growing shrub, but in ancient times it began to be bred as a garden plant..

Therefore, today conditionally raspberries are divided into wild and garden.

The latter fruit is usually larger and juicier. Besides collecting it is much easier than wild.

The historical homeland of this plant is Asia, which later began its spread to different continents and countries.

And today this type of shrub can be found in Europe, Asia, Russia and the USA.

Mostly shrubs of this berry grow in shady forests, edges, clearings, river banks and in ravines.

Composition miracle berries

Of чего состоит малина?

The composition of this wonderful berry allows once again to establish itself in the opinion of its usefulness and therapeutic value..

What does she harbor??

Raspberries – a real storehouse of various organic acids (salicylic, citric, malic, etc.), trace elements (iron, copper, potassium, zinc, etc.), vitamin (A, B and C), sugar (glucose, fructose), mineral, coloring, nitrogenous, tannins and essential oils.

In addition, this berry is not high in calories..

As you can see, the track record of this berries rather big.

Raspberry, in addition, contains coumarin, normalizes blood clotting, and anthocyanins, which has capillary strengthening and anti-sclerotic effect.

In turn, it is a source of potassium and iron, of which a significant amount.

Therefore, it is actively used as a therapeutic and prophylactic agent for various ailments..

It is part of the vitamin, diaphoretic, antitussive teas and fees.

And it’s not worth talking about the effectiveness of raspberry cold treatment.

But it should be noted that salicylic acid in garden raspberries is much more than in forest.

Therefore, it is most effective for colds..

The benefits of raspberries for the body

Useful свойства малины

Raspberries can truly be called the “queen” of berries.

The range of its useful properties is huge.


  • has antipyretic, diaphoretic, analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antiemetic, hemostatic and anti-toxic effects;
  • improves the digestive tract and digestion;
  • effectively helps in the treatment of gynecological diseases, reproductive disorders and impotence, joint and heart diseases, diabetes, nervous disorders, hypertension and atherosclerosis;
  • it is a natural antidepressant and sedative.

This berry can be consumed in different forms: fresh berries and jam..

Children, especially in winter, will benefit from using raspberry jam to prevent colds, which are especially “frequent” guests in winter.

And despite the fact that a strong heat treatment can adversely affect the vitamin composition of the berry, it still preserves the majority of useful components..

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Therefore, raspberry jam is the first emergency aid for colds..

In addition, raspberry has a unique effect on the female body..

It significantly improves the condition and color of the skin, and the folic acid contained in it is a natural stimulant for conception..

Separately, it should be said about the beneficial properties of raspberry leaves.

In them, as in the berry, contains a lot of useful trace elements, vitamins and other nutrients.

As a rule, all sorts of infusions, decoctions and teas are made from leaves for external and internal use as a medicine for sore throats, laryngitis, stomatitis and rinses..

It is also an excellent antiseptic for viral diseases such as herpes..

Women, as a medicine of traditional medicine, use raspberry leaves to stimulate the muscles of the uterus and intestines, as well as a fairly effective diuretic.

With the active technological development, new breeding species and varieties of this berry have appeared, for example, yellow and black.

In general, the basic properties are completely identical, but each of them has its own characteristics..

Raspberry root also has useful properties, a vivid example is a hemostatic agent..

Thus, yellow raspberry is much inferior to red in terms of its healing and beneficial qualities, and black, on the contrary, contains the maximum amount of vitamins, but it is also a very rare type.

What harm raspberries?

With all the positive properties and high therapeutic activity, raspberry has some contraindications..

It is forbidden to use:

  • people suffering from gout and kidney diseases, especially uric acid diathesis (there is too much purine in this berry);
  • people with allergic reactions;
  • with gastritis and gastrointestinal ulcers;
  • pregnant women should also minimize the amount of raspberry consumed, otherwise the appearance of allergies in the child may occur;
  • due to hormonal substances that suppress the thyroid gland and the production of certain hormones.

Raspberry is a medicinal, cosmetic, and food product at the same time..

Therefore, if someone else does not know her, it is urgent to pay attention to her..

Video dessert

In this video you will learn what the raspberry berry is useful for, what kinds of raspberries are, their beneficial properties, as well as to whom this berry is contraindicated. Enjoy watching.