Cabbage брокколи ,её состав и пищевая ценностьIf we are talking about cabbage inflorescences, then it appears immediately, familiar from childhood “cauliflower” with a light stem and white and dairy hats of flowers.

Recently, it is increasingly possible to find on the shelves very similar, but with a green color of inflorescences cabbage – broccoli.

It is an annual vegetable plant of the cabbage family, a subspecies of cauliflower. Accordingly, the same parts are edible as cabbage.

Where and how to grow?

Indeed, these are plants belonging to the same family and species, but the subspecies are different.

Broccoli was bred by cauliflower breeding..

It is believed that this kind of cabbage was obtained in Rome.

how растёт брокколи?

The bush of the new culture was larger than its predecessor, the inflorescences had large buds of green color and had a pleasant taste..

Gradually, breeders developed new varieties of this type of cabbage, increasing resistance to certain conditions, adapting to a wider area of ​​growth, increasing yield..

Now broccoli is grown almost all over the globe..

It is well suited for a moderate continental climate, with low temperatures of up to 23-25 ​​° C, and high humidity..

Industrially broccoli is grown in India, China, Spain, France and Italy.

The composition of broccoli and its usefulness to the body

Useful properties of broccoli cabbage, in many respects, are caused by vitamins, micro- and macroelements, which are its part.

poleznue svoistva brokkoli

Cellulose – provides cleansing of the body from toxins, cholesterol, toxins.

Calcium – 100 g of this cabbage contains about 50 mg of calcium, approximately the same amount is contained in 40 ml of milk.

Therefore, broccoli must be included in the diet of children..

In addition, it becomes simply indispensable for people suffering from lactase deficiency..

Potassium – is one of the main elements, without which the functioning of the body is not possible.

In its cabbage 316 mg.

It is important for the transmission of nerve impulses, therefore, without it, normal brain function is impossible..

Needed for muscle contraction.

Consequently, the functioning of the heart and other muscles depends on a sufficient amount of it..

Together with sodium and chlorine provide a potential difference across cell membranes, making it possible to transport nutrients in cells.


The content of 33 mg, the daily rate of 4 grams, most of it is obtained with salt, but it is important that it comes in the unbound form, which is in vegetables.

  • Participates in water-salt metabolism, therefore it is important for the excretory system;
  • Essential for the digestive system;
  • Regulates the osmotic pressure in the cells.
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Also, broccoli contains iron, without which oxygen cannot be transported in the body, as well as the functioning of the endocrine glands..

Magnesium – not replaceable for brain function.

Phosphorus – a mandatory component of the bone structures of the human body.


The content of vitamins broccoli cabbage is superior to many vegetables, it contains:

  • Beta-carotene – perfectly affects the condition of the skin, provides antioxidant protection of the body, promotes cell rejuvenation, provides health to the organs of vision;
  • B1 – necessary for the synthesis of ATP, as well as the reduplication of DNA and RNA molecules;
  • B2 – helps the adrenal glands, is needed for the formation of red blood cells;
  • B6 – participates in the formation of antibodies, thereby being an important component of the functioning of the immune system;
  • B9 – folic acid, is an important element for the normal course of pregnancy, because ensures the normal development of the nervous system of the fetus;
  • C – the amount of ascorbic acid in broccoli exceeds its content in citrus fruits;
  • E – protects cell membranes from destruction.

The greatest advantage of fresh vegetables, after 3 days of storage at temperatures above 10 ⁰С useful properties are reduced by a third.

Well kept frozen.

Dry, fast freezing is well suited for this; and it is important that the vegetables do not thaw during transport.

Calorie and nutritional value

Food ценность и калорийность брокколи

Broccoli has a low calorie content, only 34 kcal, with it, even less boiled cabbage – 27 kcal.

The protein content is 3 grams, this protein resembles an animal in structure, but eating broccoli will not lead to cholesterol clogging up the body, just like eating meat.

The carbohydrate content is 7 grams, but only 1.3 grams are sugars, the remaining carbohydrates are complex, they are split for a long time, without causing a large release of insulin.

Therefore, this vegetable is especially valuable for diabetics..

There is no fat in it.

Another important indicator is the glycemic index, at broccoli at the level of 10 units, which makes it an excellent means of combating cellulite.

Broccoli cabbage is a great product for the whole family..

It will have a beneficial effect on the body, will help in the fight against certain diseases (such as cancer, due to the large number of antioxidant components).

It will be an excellent food for losing weight – low energy value is compensated by high food.

And it will be a great addition to the diet of children..

Varieties and varieties

What kind виды брокколи бывают?

Several varieties of such cabbage.

One of the species is the stem, in contrast to the classical inflorescence is not collected in one large head, but has small isolated inflorescences, on a large stem..

Very interesting type of broccoli – red.

Interesting color with excellent nutritional and taste qualities make it valuable in cooking..

Kailan is a Chinese type of this kind of cabbage properties, a cap; only taste connects it to a classic one, but in general it is kale.

How to cook broccoli?

how приготовить салат из брокколи?

The best way to eat broccoli is in raw salads.

The only way to get the maximum benefit from the vegetable.

The recipe for a very tasty and healthy salad with fresh broccoli is obtained if you add peeled red grapefruit, pomegranate seeds, walnuts, this is a storehouse of useful substances that perform beneficial properties for the body.

And for refueling, mix 1 tablespoon of honey with two tablespoons of white wine vinegar and one spoon of olive oil..

The best method of heat treatment for this cabbage is steaming, or cooking.

The duration of heat treatment should not exceed 4 – 5 minutes, otherwise the most valuable vitamins will be lost..

There is a method of cooking “Al dente” – broccoli is blanched in boiling water for 3-4 minutes, and then immersed in ice water.

Thus, the vegetable turns out crisp, saves more vitamins, because during rapid cooling there is no trace inactivation of vitamins.

With boiled broccoli, you can make a very nutritious salad, balanced in protein, fats, carbohydrates and vitamins. 600 grams of white meat chicken, boil.

Broccoli – 800 grams, boil. Hard cheese 20 grams. Top homemade mayonnaise.


In some diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, you need to carefully treat the consumption of a number of vegetables, including broccoli, in spite of its beneficial properties, it has some contraindications.

This especially applies to people suffering from increased acidity of the stomach..

Or in cases where the individual intolerance of this type of cabbage.

Video dessert

In this video, you will be told about its composition and the most useful properties of this type of cabbage. .