In order to have the status of an idol of millions, film industry professionals must master the art of acting and be in great shape..

Slender актриса

And each of us strives to look like himself to be liked, therefore, to maintain the figure in proper form, you can apply the methods and ways of slimming actors.

History of origin

There is an opinion that the actor’s diet first appeared in the 1970s.

She helped maintain the beauty of the figure to many stars of the theater and cinema..

It should be noted that this technique cannot be called exemplary..

Medical it also can not be called, as it implies the possibility of drinking alcohol.

But sports are completely excluded, as the proposed diet is extremely poor.

Intense physical exercise just will not have enough strength.

Described acting diet can be called fast (even lasting 12 days), because in a short time you will be able to say goodbye to the hated kilograms.

Basic principles

5 days менюYou can choose one of the existing variants of this technique..

But the essence of each is reduced to the so-called drying, which implies dehydration by limiting water and salt in the daily diet..

In any performance, this diet is a kind of monodiet chain, each of which consists of one day..

During this period you will have to eat only two or one product altogether..

Such a diet can be used as a preparation before switching to proper nutrition..

As a feature of such a diet is the fact that the products can be consumed in the amount that a certain person needs..

Use this power system can be those who wish to get rid of 3 kg in a few days.

It is also attractive because in the process of its observance you will not experience feelings of hunger..

It is not recommended to use this diet for more than 5 days..

The principle of the program is also to reduce the number of calories consumed and to start the process of purification..

Fast diet provides fasting, milk, protein, as well as wine and the final fruit day.

In order to understand what products are allowed to eat on a particular day, you need to take into account its name..

You should not use these recommendations if you have problems with the performance of the gastrointestinal tract, it is not recommended to follow the technique and people who have weakened immunity, as well as not so long ago underwent surgery.

The nutritionist does not advise patients who have suffered viral and bacterial infections to follow these recommendations, if exacerbating chronic ailments and pregnancy, such a diet is also contraindicated..

Before you try an actor’s diet for effectiveness, you should prepare, and in the process you will have to very carefully monitor the response of the body and the performance of the systems.

If any kind of deviation has been noted, then the diet should be stopped immediately..

Among the reactions that may indicate this, you should highlight dizziness, uncharacteristic skin reactions, weakness, heartburn, nausea, and sleep disturbance..

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Diet menu for: 4, 5, 12 days

If you are faced with the task to lose weight in 3 kg in a short time, then you should apply the actor’s diet for 4 days:

  1. Starting day will be considered cleansing. During this time, you can use only boiled rice, which can not be seasoned even with salt, whereas tomato juice can be used as a drink..
  2. The next day will be called milk, in the process you can use dairy products, in the role of which are low-fat cottage cheese and kefir.
  3. The third day will be protein, in the process, you can eat boiled dietary meat. Perfect chicken meat or veal. Salt in this case is also excluded. Liquid for this day is green tea..
  4. The final day will be wine. This alcoholic drink can be consumed on the third day in a quantity of 0.7 l..

The following kind of acting diet is designed for 5 days:

Detailed рацион

  1. The first day will be rice, it is preferable to use unrefined, wild, unpolished grits. In order to get a more impressive effect, do not bring porridge to readiness..
  2. The second day involves the consumption of dairy products that contain a small amount of fat, it can be all sorts of yogurt, cottage cheese and kefir.
  3. Next in line will be dietary meat, as in the first method described above. It should be boiled until cooked..
  4. The fourth day will be cheesy. You have to stock up on a solid variety of this product, the fat content should be low, besides, the cheese should not contain spices.
  5. The fifth day will consist of fruits that must be raw, juicy and fresh. If you follow the recommendations, it is preferable to choose apples and pears.

Successful похудениеThe following menu actor’s diet suggests a duration of 12 days.

Sometimes it is extended to 14 days..

The principle remains the same, but due to the fact that there are much more days, the effect will be more impressive..

We’ll have to comply with the conditions for limiting the body to salt.

In this case, you have to go through 3 blocks of 4 days each:

  1. The first two days in each block should be identical: the starting day allows only boiled rice, while the next day will be fermented milk. Starting block: on the first and second days it is allowed to eat rice and dairy products, respectively.
  2. The next day will be fish.
  3. Fourth day – wine.
  4. The next block in the first two days is repeated, as described above. Whereas the third day will be proteinaceous, in this case you can eat shrimp meat.
  5. The last day of this block provides for the possibility of drinking watermelon..
  6. Another unit in the first two days is identical, but the third day will differ in that the menu will consist of boiled beef.
  7. On the last day, it is allowed to eat only apples that can be baked in the oven..


This food system for weight loss should be tested with extreme caution, as it is not recommended by nutritionists..

Reviews of our readers about the actor’s diet read below:

For a long time I tried all kinds of diets, but only the actor helped me to return to the weight that I had in my youth. It is worth noting that if you decide to drink wine, then you need to make homemade, giving up what it has in the composition of preservatives.

A photo до и после

Larisa, 42 years old

I work in a large company, where the appearance is a reflection of the image, which is why I decided to sit on it. I didn’t want to harass myself for a long time, so while I tried an actor’s diet according to the reviews, which is designed for 4 days, the effect is there, I’ll have some rest and I’m going to experience 5 days.

Oleg, 43

For me, the figure has always been of great importance. I read reviews about the actor’s diet for 5 days and decided to try it out. Though I am a lady on a well-deserved rest, but I lead an active lifestyle, and the acting method of losing weight helped me get rid of extra pounds. Only I would like to advise those who have decided to try it: after completing the process of losing weight, you need to adhere to proper nutrition, this will fix the effect.

Maria, 65 years old