There was such a nuisance, like constipation and do not know how to get rid of it? Do not worry, such an effective tool as Senadexin can quickly and permanently relieve this problem. On the rules of admission, indications, contraindications can be found below in more detail..

Sometimes there are such unpleasant problems as constipation. And it is not always immediately possible to find an effective means of laxative action. It is important that it is natural and incorporates natural ingredients..

Laxative препарат Сенадексин

One of the effective laxatives consisting of natural ingredients is Senadexin. It really has a good effect and helps with the first application..

But still, before taking it, it is worthwhile to get acquainted in detail with its pharmacological properties, indications, contraindications and many important properties..

pharmachologic effect

The main active component of the drug Senadexin – antraglycosides (sennosides A and B). These components are part of the fibers of the leaves of the Senna plant of a narrow-leaved and olotine species. This plant has other names – Senna of Alexandria or Alexandria sheet.

The drug has a stimulating effect on the motility of the large intestine, irritates the receptors and improves the properties of peristalsis.

In addition, it acts as an obstacle to the absorption of water from the intestine, which ultimately leads to increased laxative effect. It also affects the permeability properties of the intestinal walls for calcium ions..

The tool has the following therapeutic effects:

  1. Helps to soften fecal masses;
  2. Increases the volume of feces;
  3. Strengthens the acceleration of intestinal oscillations;
  4. It has a stimulating effect on bowel movement..

The laxative effect of the remedy begins after about 8-12 hours of administration, it is long enough, therefore, this should be taken into account.

The product is not addictive and does not cause digestive problems..

Release form and composition of the drug

Pills СенадексинаThis tool is made in the form of tablets with non-uniform brown coloring. They have flavors – vanilla or chocolate.

Each tablet contains 70 mg of active ingredient. Contained tablets in blisters. In one blister 10 tablets. One pack contains two blisters of 10 tablets each..

The composition of the tool:

  1. One tablet contains 70 mg of the active ingredient – Senna leaf extract;
  2. Auxiliary components – corn starch, lactose sugar, talc, magnesium stearate, stearic acid, nipagin, flavors.

Indications for use

Senadexin is indicated:

  1. For the treatment of constipation with acute;
  2. It should be taken for constipation of chronic forms that are associated with problems in the natural fluctuations of the intestine;
  3. During the preparatory period of patients for surgery;
  4. During the period of treatment of hemorrhoids;
  5. It is taken during the period of treatment of constipation in a chronic form, which is associated with problems in the intestinal tone;
  6. During the preparatory period of patients for diagnostic procedures;
  7. During the removal of anal fissures;
  8. For the treatment of paraproctitis.

Senadexin: instructions for use

Reception таблетокSince the drug has a long action, it is better to take it right before bedtime..

When taking the pill they drink down the liquid..

According to the rules and recommendations of the instructions, Senadexin should be drunk as needed: 1-2 tablets at a time, or about 14-21 days as a course of treatment..

After a 2-3 week course of treatment, a break of at least 14 days is made..

Recommended Dose:

  • Children from 12 years and adults should take 1-2 tablets per day ;;
  • For children from 6 years to 14 years appoint ½ -1 tablet 1 time per day. Should be taken at night before bedtime;
  • For children from 1 year to 6 years, 1/3 tablets are recommended 1 time per day..

Contraindications and side effects

The tool has a lot of contraindications:

  1. It should not be taken in the presence of intestinal obstruction;
  2. In the presence of Crohn’s disease;
  3. It is undesirable to take with ulcerative colitis;
  4. Various acute pathologies;
  5. Gestation period at any time;
  6. The occurrence of hypersensitivity to Senadexin and its components;
  7. Not recommended for peptic ulcer; Diseases желудка - противопоказание для приема средства
  8. Not recommended for peptic ulcer disease of the duodenum;
  9. If you experience pain in the cavity of the stomach is not clear origin;
  10. The occurrence of intolerance to Senadeksin and its components;
  11. Children under 1 year old;
  12. Do not recommend taking if there is bleeding from the digestive organs;
  13. In the presence of inflammation of the appendix;
  14. It is not advisable to take during the inflammatory processes of the abdominal cavity;
  15. In the presence of the hernia of the restrained type;
  16. It should not be taken during inflammation of the bladder;
  17. During the state of dehydration or in any other violation of water-electrolytic balance.

Side effects:

  • The occurrence of partial or complete loss of appetite;
  • Digestive problems;
  • Intestinal pseudomelanosis may occur;
  • Pain in the stomach;
  • Flatulence;
  • Intestinal tone problems;
  • There may be a decrease in blood concentration, dehydration;
  • Sometimes the color of urine, the occurrence of albumin and blood clots in the urine;
  • Allergy and Hypersensitivity to Senadexin.

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Storage, holiday, price

The tool is stored in a dark place at a temperature of no more than 20 degrees Celsius. Shelf life is not more than 2 years, keep away from children. In pharmacies released without prescriptions. The cost of Senadeksin number 20 is about 22-25 rubles.

Customer Reviews

For a long time she suffered from constipation, did not know what means to use from this trouble. Yes, and as it was in the pharmacy was ashamed to ask. Once on the Internet, Senadexin found a remedy in search of an effective drug for constipation, and I was attracted by the fact that it consists of natural ingredients. Immediately decided to try. Really effective means, however, the effect comes a long time, almost 10 hours..

Marina, 35 years old

After birth, there was such a nuisance as anal fissures. Immediately turned to the proctologist. After the examination, he prescribed me Senadexin. After a week of treatment, anal fissures are completely gone; however, special ointments should be used together with the laxative..

Svetlana, 24 years old

Senadexin is a great aid in constipation. Despite the fact that it has a long-term effect and a large number of contraindications, the drug is very popular among many patients..

The main thing is to follow the rules of administration and exact dosages during treatment, then the remedy will not cause serious harm to health..

For information on how to get rid of constipation, see the release of Elena Malysheva’s program “To live healthy!”: