Every woman wants to be slim, to achieve her goal she is ready to try all the diets that only exist in nature..

Set овощей и фруктов

However, not all ways of losing weight are good for health..

Vegetable is considered one of the safest diets..

Simple, useful and affordable.

It is difficult to overestimate the benefit of such a technique; it is not by chance that doctors from all diets almost always advise vegetable.

It not only contributes to effective weight loss, but also is the prevention of many serious diseases, such as cardiovascular, atherosclerosis, intestinal disorders and oncology.

Vegetables provide the body with vitamins, minerals, fiber, beneficial enzymes, besides, they are low-calorie, so they are suitable for weight loss.

For example, one cucumber contains only 15 calories per 100 grams, a tomato – 19, a stewed zucchini – 40.

Vegetables are low in protein, carbohydrates and fats, but the body still gets its portion of the nutrients needed to ensure the normal activity of all organs..

Young картофельDaily calories should be at least 1200.

Vegetables are divided into two groups: starchy (potatoes, zucchini, corn) and non-starchy (carrots, beets, cucumbers, tomatoes, broccoli).

The first can be eaten as much as you like, the use of the second should be limited due to their high sugar content..

It is best to go on a vegetable diet in the summer.

In the heat, you do not want heavy fatty foods, fresh vegetables, preferably from your garden, will be an ideal option to satisfy your hunger..

Nature hurries to saturate us with the gifts of the earth, it is worth taking advantage.

Agree that it can be better than a red juicy tomato or a crispy green cucumber!

Many believe that only these two vegetables and you can eat while dieting.

This is not so, everything that grows in the garden is good for food: zucchini, celery, beets, carrots, radishes.

ZucchiniThis is not a complete list of healthy and low-calorie foods that make up the vegetable nutrition system..

Even potatoes are allowed, but in small quantities, but it is better to do without it.

A simple and very effective vegetable diet has many types and has no time limit..

If a person feels good, he can follow a diet for at least a month..

By the way, vegetarians, according to scientists, live longer than people who eat meat.

Advantages and disadvantages


  1. Fast weight loss due to low calorie vegetables.
  2. Weight loss is also achieved by the fact that vegetables salt a little, which means that excess fluid leaves the body.
  3. High content of fiber, which stimulates the bowels.
  4. The presence of complex carbohydrates that do not increase blood sugar.
  5. Varied diet.


Useful пища

  1. High fiber content is also a minus, its oversupply can lead to problems with the chair..
  2. Low protein content necessary for normal functioning of the body. Protein should sometimes be included in the menu..
  3. Vegetables are difficult to eat, as the body very quickly digests them.
  4. The absence of products that are a source of energy (meat, milk). In the frosty winter, man, these products are simply necessary for working capacity, it is a physiological need. But even here, from minus you can easily make a plus and carry out a vegetable diet in summer.

In two weeks of feeding on vegetables they lose weight by 5-8 kilograms..

Vegetables are better eaten raw, stewed or steamed, but frying is not recommended..

On the day you need to drink the required amount of water, so excess fluid will quickly leave the body.

Tea is allowed, preferably green, and coffee (in small quantities and not in all versions of the program).

There are many types of vegetable diets, consider the most popular ones..

Choice for every taste

Bonn Soup

Very popular and effective technique.

If you follow it, then in a week you can lose 7 kilograms.

A portion жиросжигающего супаThe disadvantage is monotonous food.

To make a wonderful low-calorie soup, you will need cabbage, carrots, celery, onions, sweet peppers, and tomatoes..

To enhance the effect of the soup is not salted.

The cooking method is very simple..

Vegetables cut and pour hot water, cook until done..

That’s it, the soup is ready!

In addition to the soup, which is the main dish, there are permitted products that are used in the menu on the days of the vegetable diet for weight loss in this order:

  1. Bonn Soup and Fruit.
  2. Bonn soup 3 times a day, for lunch or dinner, you can eat baked potatoes. Between the main meals you can eat raw vegetables.
  3. Bonn soup and snacks in the form of vegetables (potatoes can not) and fruit.
  4. Same as previous day. At night, you can drink a glass of milk or kefir. Bananas that are not previously permitted on this day are allowed on vegetable soup..
  5. The same as in the 4th day, but the menu includes a piece of boiled lean meat and tomatoes without any restrictions..
  6. Like the 5th day, but instead of tomatoes you need to eat leaf lettuce.
  7. Like the day before, a handful of wild rice is added to the soup..

Fruit and Vegetable Diet

Vegetables и фруктыFor a week you can lose weight by 5 kilograms.

Food is taken 5 times a day..

Fruits (bananas are allowed) alternate with vegetables, but be sure to eat a piece of tofu cheese and 30 grams of almonds a day.

This is necessary in order to saturate the body with protein.

Another version of the fruit and vegetable program is more severe..

No bananas and almonds.

Only vegetables and fruits, and the first two days should be vegetable, then comes fruit, then vegetable again, and so on.

Strict diet

You can eat all the vegetables, but only raw.

Salads are dressed with oil, not sunflower, but flaxseed..

Before bed you can drink a glass of kefir.

Tea and herbal tea are allowed from drinks, coffee is not allowed..

The disadvantage of this type of vegetable diet is that a large amount of raw vegetables consumed can cause bloating, and this is a very hungry way to lose weight..

Mixed technique

This is a gentle option, but also effective..

The menu of this vegetable diet includes fish and meat, cottage cheese and eggs..

Coffee and honey are allowed..

Breakfast: coffee + salad leaves + egg.

Lunch: stewed cabbage and zucchini + a piece of boiled chicken + a glass of kefir.

Lunch: baked pumpkin (can be casserole) + honey.

Dinner: boiled cauliflower or ratatouille.

After logging out, it is recommended to arrange fasting days on vegetables, for example, on cucumbers or tomatoes, once a week..

Ladder на пути к стройностиFrom mouth to mouth is transmitted the praise of a new balanced method of losing weight. Rate and you! Balanced menu, reviews and results of the diet ladder.

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Reviews losing weight

And now we provide you with excerpts of reviews about the vegetable diet from the letters of our dear readers:

Every summer, as soon as fresh vegetables appear, I sit down on this excellent program, sometimes for 2 weeks, sometimes for a month, depending on how many kilos I need to throw off. The weight is good, in 2 weeks I get rid of 5 kilograms. My problem has always been swelling, but after a vegetable diet I forgot about them for a long time. She feels awesome, her complexion is amazing, I advise everyone to her, she is good for her health..

Oksana, 35 years old

Of all the diets I prefer it on vegetable soups. For me, Bonn soup is wonderful, thanks to him I loved celery. The system gives a very good result. The last time I sat on it for 3 weeks, I lost 7 kilograms. At first, the weight goes away quickly, in the first week I lost 3 kg, then the fats began to disappear slowly, but this is normal. The main thing after the end is not to eat everything and drink water.

Tatyana, 26 years old

After giving birth, I recovered 16 kilograms. Summer came, and I decided to lose weight on vegetables. I like it. In a week it took me 3 kg, in total I lost 10 kg in a month.

Before и после

Elena, 27 years old

After the end of the vegetable diet, approved foods should be included in your diet gradually..

Initially, it must be a protein of plant origin, then animal.

Sports loads during the procedure are obligatory, it is necessary so that the skin from fast weight loss does not become flabby, but they should be moderate.

Pilates is a very good fit, but intensive aerobic exercise is better to postpone..

Let’s watch the video review: