Do not turn the goal to lose weight by 5 kilograms in the dream of his life. Know that you can achieve your goal in the coming week.!

Without strict diets or gastronomic restrictions, exhausting exercises or expensive supplements. It is only necessary to return to the simple rule: do not eat after six in the evening.

Ban на еду после 6 часов вечера

How the diet works, about the secrets of achieving maximum results and the positive and negative consequences of its adherence in the material below.

Why not eat it after 6 pm? Where did this figure come from?

At 6 o’clock in the evening, we exhale deeply, move aside the cutlets, salad, tastefully seasoned with mayonnaise and a slice of half-eaten cake, and in my head only one thought: “Fuh, I had time to six!”.

If you recognize yourself in the above situation, then the “not eat after six” diet is wrong! Do not think that at the moment when the clock strikes the seventh hour, the body begins to burn fat.

The “do not have after six” rule, which is suggested to all slimming, has a scientific justification!

The maximum level of activity falls on 12-16 hours of the working day: during this period not only the brain, but also the physical component of the human body are involved..

After returning home after a hard day of work, it is natural for a person to strive to rest by stretching his legs on the sofa, while eating a high-calorie dinner.

Nutritionists have noticed the pattern and derived an approximate figure – six hours – after the appearance of which the clock about food should be forgotten.

Thus, by refusing late food, you prevent the appearance of excess volumes on the body..

And here, an eaten portion of the pie in a tandem with reduced motor activity and slow metabolic processes will certainly play a cruel joke against you, putting maximum effort so that you do not fit into your favorite jeans..

According to the conducted scientific experiments, in the process of full or partial fasting, a significant weight loss occurs in the evening time of the day, which confirms the effectiveness of the diet “after 6”.

What products are still possible?

Selection подходящих продуктовEven if you have been strictly following the “diet” for the past several weeks, an elementary failure in your diet, caused by a delay in work, an invitation to a banquet or late training, can lead to the return of your kilograms.

So, how to act if the clock has already struck six, and you have not had dinner yet?

First of all, it is necessary to determine the amount of food consumed in the evening. The size of the dinner should be the volume of two palms folded into a semicircle. This is an ideal rule that helps avoid overeating..

Eat slowly, savor every bite, enjoy the taste of the dish..

The brain likes to deceive the stomach: eating food in a hurry, a person often pays little attention to chewing – once or twice and swallows – the brain, analyzing the number of movements with the jaw, comes to the conclusion that there was not enough food.

As a result, even after a dense, at first glance, food intake, a sucking feeling can arise in the stomach..

For dinner, the perfect combination of protein with complex carbohydrates. For example, low-fat baked chicken breast with tomatoes, steamed fish on a vegetable pillow.

The highest percentage of the digestibility of dairy products by the human body falls in the evening, so a portion of low-calorie cottage cheese or a glass of kefir will not only perfectly cope with hunger, but also benefit.

How not to break and endure hunger: simple tips

The following tips will help make the transition to giving up food after six in the evening easier and more efficient:

Use воды

  1. Be sure to eat fully during the day. Do not avoid heavy breakfasts, lunches, high-calorie lunches and light tea. Hunger strike comes only after six! You want to lose weight correctly, and not lose energy and turn into a lifeless body;
  2. Fill the body with a daily rate of water. It is known that brain centers responsible for hunger and thirst are nearby, so often the urges are confused. If you want to eat, you should drink a glass of water – this will help avoid confusion of desires, and also prevent overeating;
  3. Do not pay attention to gastronomic factors. Replace dinner with a homely spa or relaxing yoga. Get involved in a business that will not make you think about “eating”;
  4. Brush your teeth at 7-8 o’clock in the evening, and not at the immediate moment before you go to bed. The desire to keep the mouth clean will overcome the growing appetite;
  5. If the feeling of hunger is tormented before bedtime, and you seem to be about to go into the kitchen and eat a piece of cake left for tomorrow, the best solution to the problem will be a spoonful of honey with hot water. So, going to bed will not be spoiled by the aching stomach..
Motivation для похуденияCan not withstand the diet and exercise? Low motivation you have. Technique and techniques of strong motivation for losing weight. Study the article and start acting immediately! You deserve a beautiful figure.!

A list of the most popular and effective diet pills is here. But first familiarize yourself with the contraindications and side effects..

Turmeric – how is it used for weight loss? Here you can learn about it in detail. Good luck!

The main principle of the diet “After 6 is not”

It is impossible to eat after six. Here’s a girl, for example, how many years old?


Well, everything means you no longer eat.

Approximately such an error is allowed to those who want to lose those extra pounds through restrictions on food in the temporary space..

In fact, the main reason why doctors and nutritionists do not approve the diet under discussion is the literal perception of its name. People memorize the rule of “not eating after six” like a dogma, forgetting about the natural processes occurring in the body..

Therefore, before you start a new diet, one thing should be clarified: binding to time in this case is very abstract. Not eating after six is ​​a real cliché that only aggravates the weight loss situation, leading to weight gain..

The diet “not to eat after six” is like a simplified version of proper nutrition, according to the laws of which the last meal should occur 3-4 hours before going to bed. 6 pm or the 18th hour is an approximate figure for an average person going to bed at 10 or 22 hours.

Simple arithmetic suggests that the difference between the last meal and the start of sleep is the correct four hours..

Accordingly, the time frame of the new style of food should be demarcated purely individually..

What do doctors and people say: reviews and results

The dietitian, head of the Institute of Dietetics, Mikhail Ginzburg, has his own opinion about not eating after six:

The nature of us, as animals with a predominant evening type of food, is based on dinner. Never deny yourself dinner, but do not overdo it: it should be light, protein and take at least 3-4 hours before bedtime. Three components of a healthy evening meal!

We also offer to view a video review from nutritionist Alexei Kovalkov:

But what our dear readers think:

If you need to maintain weight in the norm, then the diet is perfect. If you need a crazy result in the form of -10 kg per week, then, sorry, refusal to eat after six in the evening will not help you. Do not hope, as I once did.

Ruslana, 31 years old

Sat on a diet “Do not eat after 6” with my mother. Ate almost the same, physical activity was the same, except that the weight and dietary habits are different. At that time I weighed 62 kg, and my mother – 89 kg. I was eating more or less correctly, and my mother – with anything. In the end, for me in a month it took absolutely zero kilograms, but for my mother – 6 kg. Therefore, it all depends on the initial weight and how you ate before the start of the diet..

Christina, 39 years old

I like the diet, I have not eaten after 6 for more than a month! It is easy to stick to, there are no strict dietary restrictions, and if you do not eat four hours before sleep, you can always satisfy your hunger with a product from the list of “permissions”. But what I will say – see the results on the photo! -8 kg for a month and a half!

A photo до и после похудения

Valentine, 19 years old

Another interesting video: