Struggling with extra pounds, which only women and men are not ready to go, forgetting about safety.

Many diets are illiterate and can have negative consequences in the form of not only deterioration of health, but also mental disorders..

Slimming по методу Дюкана

Quite well-known and approved by numerous experts around the world in recent times is the Dyukan diet, named after its developer and having positive reviews.

It took him about 30 years to help overweight people..

General view

Dyukan’s diet is based on a protein nutrition system..

However, unlike other similar diets, in this case about 100 different foods are allowed for food, which is good news..

In addition, it is famous for the fact that a person does not suffer from feelings of hunger, since he can consume as much food as he needs..

Dyukan’s diet is divided into several stages, each of which is responsible for the implementation of certain processes in the body, entailing the loss of extra pounds of losing weight, based on the feedback from doctors.

Its important feature is the need for daily consumption of oat bran in the amount of 5-6 tablespoons.

It is necessary to replenish the stock of dietary fiber..

They are extremely important for body tissues that are in the process of losing weight..

Main principles from Dukan

Phases методики Дюкана в таблице

Each of the four stages has a specific list of approved products..

The system will be effective only if you strictly adhere to its basic principles:

  1. Use in food only pure protein and well prepared, without admixture of dyes and preservatives. So, for example, if these are eggs, then they must be either boiled, fried or boiled in water. If it is meat, then it should also be either boiled or simmered..
  2. Maximum reduction to minimize the consumption of carbohydrates. An important regularity should be noted here: the more a person wants to lose excess weight, the more he must eliminate any ingestion of carbohydrates..
  3. Ducan strongly recommends maximizing the amount of water consumed per day. An important rule: the water should be gas-free and, if possible, purified. Here it should be noted the need to increase physical activity during the diet. If you can not go to the gym, then you should replace the trip to work or home walking..

We offer you to watch a fascinating video review of the Dukan diet with reviews and results:

4 important stages of the diet

The first stage lasts up to 10 days depending on the complexity of the situation and the desired result..

At this stage, the first principle applies: ecologically pure and properly prepared protein is used in food..

Also at this stage bran is used for food and physical activity increases..

The second stage of the diet can take from one and a half to two months..

At this time, vegetables are added to the menu as much as possible..

Products in recipes for the Dukan diet can be alternated between themselves and combined, which facilitates the process of losing weight, judging by the reviews.

Menu Accompany this process bran and physical activity.

In the third stage, the menu is diluted with bakery products in minimal quantities, as well as fruits, cheeses.

It is possible once a week and a half to arrange an “fasting day” for the body: eat a sweet dessert and even consume wine.

The fourth stage of the Dukan diet is a stage of consolidation.

In order to maintain the achieved result, you must follow the rules of nutrition, as well as continue to play sports at every convenient opportunity..

It should be noted that such a system is not a certain strict restriction in the menu, it is a way of life, adhering to which the body will give off extra pounds and thank you for its excellent well-being..

Important rules:

  • the maximum amount of salt consumed should be limited;
  • it is desirable to completely abandon sugary carbonated drinks.

Reviews of the Pierre Ducane Diet

Effect похудения

As soon as this diet began to gain popularity, I began to study it. Yes, I fully agree with the methods of Dukan, which consist in limiting the consumption of carbohydrates and in the intake of environmentally friendly proteins. This technique is suitable for everyone without restrictions. My patients leave only positive reviews about the Dukan diet and, as proof, bring a lot of photos that demonstrate their “before” and “after” appearance. This is unbelievable, because many manage to achieve great results and, most importantly, support them. However, she can quickly get bored by those who do not like to cook. But here you have to choose: indulging in laziness or a healthy and beautiful body! I recommend it to all my clients, introducing some amendments, taking into account the characteristics of the organism in each particular case..

Nutritionist Elena, 43 years

I began to grow thin according to Dyukan’s method after the recommendation of the dietitian.

The results became visible only in the middle of the second stage, however, they were impressive: the loss in weight was 7 kilograms!

I am pleased to continue to eat this way, hoping to achieve the best result.!

Veronica, 36 years old

I learned about the Dyukan’s diet from the Internet (I read the reviews that had become thinner and saw their photos) and were skeptical about it, like any other information from this source. However, after I heard about it from my girlfriend. Looking at her built body and happy smile, I also decided to experience happiness. I have to say that I have a lot of extra kilos, and, already in desperation, I dreamed of losing at least a kilogram by 5. The result: with 98 kilograms I managed to reduce weight to 74! The difference was 24 kilograms! Today I understand that all the most important and happy in my life is waiting for me ahead, and all I need to do is to take care of myself and my health.!

Natalia, 33 years old

Classical чизкейкThere are cases when doctors advocate for the satisfaction of a sudden heightened sense of lack of sweet. You can eat a couple of sweets, but stop here, and you can make a dietary dessert. A real cheesecake: a classic recipe.

What kind of doctor such appeared under the name of walnut? It turns out that its miraculous properties have long been known. Our experts decided to tell you about him here..

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I want to share my happiness with everyone. At my rather young age I lost faith in myself and in a happy future. I lowered my hands and despaired. My weight was 112 kilograms. In this state, I can not believe in family happiness or in a successful career. I tried many different ways, but they were either too heavy for me and I broke down, or did not give any results. I heard about Dyukan’s diet with her food ladder from a friend and, inspired by the feedback, decided to consult with my doctor. To which received a positive response. Gathering my thoughts, I began a long and painstaking path to health and confidence. Now I am already at the third stage, but I’m just not going to do the so-called “fasting” days. The numbers of lost kilos are impressive! 34 kilograms! Today I begin to believe in myself again! I am learning to love myself, to love my reflection in the mirror! The most important thing is that it’s very encouraging that there are no strict restrictions on the menu, which is important for such weak-minded people as me. I advise everyone! Get started! And start to live again!

Catherine, 19 years old

And now a video review about the Dukan diet of one of the thinner readers: