Due to the fact that chokeberry is common in central Russia, for this reason, the berry often becomes the basis, or the filling for creating culinary masterpieces.

Saturated компот из черноплодной рябины

However, many people are not aware of the beneficial properties of blackfruits, and many wild trees remain untidy..

Sweet blackberry fruits are suitable for creating tasty, and most importantly – nutritious compote.

Benefits of blackfruit compote

Chokeberry fully ripens in September-October.

The berries are rich in vitamins of group B, E, P and C.

In addition, its composition contains such important trace elements as molybdenum, copper, manganese, iron, fluorine and boron..

Together with them, the glycoside of amygdalin, sorbitol, tanning and pectin substances works for the benefit of the human body..

Compote of black-nibble well reduces pressure in hypertension, prevents the development of atherosclerosis, has a preventive effect on this disease, strengthens the cardiovascular system and lowers blood cholesterol levels.

Drink from the rowan chokeberry contains iodine in its composition, which helps relieve symptoms of thyroid diseases, while strengthening the immune system.

In addition, the use of berries in the composition of various beverages qualitatively removes radioactive substances from the body..

We present a videotape of a conversation in the studio about this useful plant and its berries:

Variants of cooking blackberry compotes for the winter

On the basis of chokeberry you can prepare one of the most useful and unusual “winter” drinks..

The composition of such a compote is only black wort berries, sugar and water..

The first thing you need to do to make compote is to prepare a berry..

For this rowan thoroughly cleaned, sifted, washed under running water. Clear и промываем рябину

Then the black nipple must be thoroughly dried..

Since the compote is harvested for the winter, the next step is to prepare the cans. My банки

They are thoroughly rinsed and then sterilized along with lids under steam.. Sterilize тару

The process takes about 3 minutes..

Pre-prepared banks are filled to the third of its volume with berries (no more). Fill банку

Compote will need syrup.

To cook it, you need to pour a liter of water into the saucepan, then bring it to a boil over high heat.

When the first air bubbles appear on the surface, you can add 0.5 kg of sugar.. Syrup

The syrup must be constantly stirred, and its boiling time will be about 10 minutes (until the sugar is completely dissolved).

Ready syrup immediately after it is removed from the stove is poured into jars of berries. Fill сиропом

Here you should take special care not to get burned, well, and stand a little away from the cans, because if there is any defect on them, the glass may just burst. Roll up банку

Respectively – preserve. Ready напиток

The above recipe for cooking compote of blackfruit for the winter is considered the easiest, however, you can go a little different way..

So pre-prepared berries are poured into jars, and immediately poured boiling water, after which the whole volume is poured into a single pan.

It is necessary to boil until the rowan starts to burst, then add sugar and continue boiling for another 10 minutes, after which the drink can be poured into cans.

Preparation by this method will undoubtedly take longer, but the result is worth it: a richer color and taste.


Do not hesitate with rolling cans.

Banks с компотом по другому рецептуIt is important to use only new sterile caps..

When cooled, the glass jar decreases in volume, and after a couple of minutes the lids must be re-tightened..

Compote cans are turned upside down and wrapped with warm towels..

You can use a blanket, or a worn out fur coat..

Within two days, the drink will cool down, after which it can be sent to the prepared cool dry room for storage..

Useful tips cooks

To improve the refreshing properties of a beverage made from chokeberry, a small amount of mint (fresh) can be added to fruit drinks and compotes..

If it was not possible to preserve all the harvested blackberry berries in any form, this is not a reason to be upset, because rowan can be stored throughout the winter even at zero temperature in a dark room..

This means that the compote can be prepared at any time..

The increased humidity of specially equipped basements and cellars over time destroys the lids of pickle jars.

They begin to rust, and the oxidation of the metal is so intense that it is able to “pierce” a hole in a few months..

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In order to protect the covers from exposure to the negative environment, they must be well lubricated with petroleum jelly, grease or another oily viscous substance..

Keep compote must be in a cool and dark room..

Avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight..

Chokeberry can become not only the basis of compote, but also share its status with other ingredients..

As an example, one can make an apple compote with a black apple, where the ratio is 1: 2.

A black-bottomed drink harvested for the winter will fill the body in the cold season with minerals, trace elements and vitamins that are available exclusively in the early autumn and summer in the natural environment.

For this reason, it is very useful for pregnant women and children..

Chokeberry can even make homemade wine.!

All the details and the recipe in the video: