Balanced и правильное питаниеThe idea of ​​sticking to proper nutrition certainly visited everyone..

But many were stopped by the belief that eating rationally is not tasty and difficult..

In order to dispel this myth, you need to focus and start by drawing up the menu for the week.

Having carefully studied the list of dishes allowed for consumption, you will perk up and become more attentive to monitor your diet.

Basics of balanced nutrition.

Nutrition and energy value of food

Nutritional value of food – the amount of proteins, fats, carbohydrates and vitamins that the body needs for full, productive work.

And the energy value of food (kilocalories) allows you to properly create a menu, depending on your workload and lifestyle.

So, if you work hard, exercise, have regular exercise, you need more calories.

Which one баланс питания должен быть?

Conversely, with a sedentary lifestyle, less energy is consumed, which needs to be replenished..

The best time to eat

Be sure to have breakfast.

Let it be a small tea sandwich, but it will “launch” the work of the digestive system..

Otherwise, the body, without getting food for 15 hours, includes a fasting mode..

This can lead to improper absorption of lunch and dinner..

Daily food intake should be hearty, but not superfluous..

In the evening, you also need to eat, but not less than three hours before bedtime..

Dinner Choose a light, mostly vegetable-based product..

Fluid intake

For proper digestion, we need enough water..

In addition, the liquid helps to absorb nutrients and helps to eliminate toxins..

Experts recommend drinking about 2 liters of water per day..

The right menu for a balanced diet.

Which one должен быть рацион питания

The basis of a healthy diet is boiled or steamed food..

Fried foods are also allowed, but in small quantities..

Better to prefer stews.

Be sure to include in the diet of various vegetables and fruits rich in fiber and vitamins.

This menu is offered for women who pay attention to their health and the preservation of natural beauty..


Breakfast: coarse flour bread with honey.

Lunch: boiled salmon fillet with raw vegetables, kiwi.

Dinner: Stewed Turkey with Vegetables.


Breakfast: fruit salad, yogurt.

Lunch: chicken broth, bran bun, orange.

Dinner: boiled veal, Bulgarian pepper, beans.


Breakfast: noodles with boiled chicken breast, mandarin and pear.

Lunch: stewed tuna with fresh vegetables.

Dinner: a small boiled potato and 150 gr. low-fat cottage cheese.


Breakfast: boiled egg with ham and tomato juice, a slice of bran bread.

Lunch: salad of raw vegetables, dressed with olive oil, mozzarella cheese, vegetable soup and avocado.

Dinner: boiled cod, green peas.


Breakfast: a slice of salted red fish, a bun with bran.

Lunch: pork and tomato sandwich, vegetable stew.

Dinner: Toast, Canned Beans.


Breakfast: cereal without added sugar, half a cup of skim milk.

Lunch: lentil soup, vegetable salad with avocado, crackers.

Dinner: boiled turkey breast with fresh cabbage and carrots.


Breakfast: oatmeal cooked in water with slices of raw fruit.

Lunch: vegetable soup with rice, boiled potatoes, stewed cod.

Dinner: Spaghetti made from hard grain wheat, vegetable salad.

You can drink coffee, green or black tea, juices.

Menus for healthy men

Which one правильное питание должно быть для мужчин?

Given the physiological characteristics and needs of the male body, the diet of the stronger sex is somewhat different from the menu for women.

First, because of the greater mass of muscle tissue, a man is heavier than a woman..

This means that in order to maintain normal metabolism, it needs more high-calorie food..

On average, you need to get about 3500 calories per day.

Moreover, their main source should be complex carbohydrates contained in cereals, cereals, fruits and vegetables..

Fat also nourishes the body with powerful energy.

It is better to give preference to vegetable fats (nuts, avocados, olives, vegetable oil, sunflower seeds).

Butter in reasonable amounts will also not harm a healthy male body..

Fatty fish should also be preferred..

Saturated жиры, что это?What is saturated fat, read our articles!

What is the calorie content of roasted carrots, this article describes in detail.

Amazing recipes for delicious semolina are described here: https: // Be sure to read!

It contains vitamins and omega-3 acids that maintain normal condition of hair, nails and skin.

Secondly, men need much more protein than women..

This need is due to a special process of cell renewal in muscle tissue..

In addition, the protein generates timely signals to the brain, regulates metabolism, is involved in the stabilization of hormonal levels.

Necessary for the male body protein found in lean meat, nuts, green leafy vegetables, dairy and dairy products.

Third, for the healthy work of the male reproductive system, certain foods rich in protein, zinc, phosphorus, selenium, and vitamin E are required..

Such food contributes to the development of the male hormone – testosterone..

Zinc is of particular importance..

If the body is deficient in this element, a man can face impotence..

To avoid problems in sexual life, eat chicken liver, beans, peanuts, beef, lamb, melted cheese, pine nuts.

Proper nutrition is important for both men and women..

After all, it plays a key role in the life of every person; it is the key to health, longevity and good mood..

But before you start a balanced diet, you need to study the characteristics of your body, consult with a specialist..

After all, every organism is unique and has its own needs..

In the presence of certain diseases in the diet you need to make products that are useful in your position..

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