Porciola Slimming – a drug created using new technologies, not acting on the cells of the body.

It is used to reduce weight and cause a person to have a long feeling of satiety (up to 4 hours), which entails consuming less food and, as a result, a gradual reduction in body weight that does not cause complications..

Capsules Порциола для снижения веса

The manufacturer promises up to 3 pounds dropped per month.

Can be used in conjunction with other drugs for weight loss, during diet or physical activity. It increases the positive effect..

Other supplements should be consumed no earlier than 30 minutes before taking Porciola. The tool operates in 2 stages:

  • Primary satiety (achieved by stretching the stomach walls with hydrogel);
  • Secondary satiety (comes later, thanks to portions of substances entering the blood).

What is it made of?

  • The main substance: polyacrylic acid carbomer 500 mg;
  • Additional substance: food L-leucine 5%, gelatin.

How to take Portiol?

The capsule with the substance inside must be swallowed (without opening or chewing), drinking a glass of drinking water (not mineral).

Use the drug should be 20 minutes before meals. The course of its use should not be interrupted..

In order to properly set a goal for yourself, you need to calculate the body mass index. To do this you need:

  1. Take the mass in kilograms;
  2. Twice divided by the number of growth in meters;
  3. The number that happened and there is the body mass index.

Next, you need to find your value in the table, where the required dosage is indicated to achieve the indicator specified in the second column..

BMI (Body Mass Index)        Desired result        Required dose
                25-30 kg / m2                ≤ 24.99 kg / m2    2 capsules – once a day
                31-50 kg / m2                ≤ 25-30 kg / m2    2 capsules – 2 times a day
           up to 24.99 kg / m2           BMI support    1 capsule – once a day

Indications and contraindications for taking capsules

  • Weight loss;
  • Maintain a stable weight;
  • Prevent obesity and other similar diseases;
  • Reduced food intake with excess weight.

Using Porziol is not recommended if:

  1. The body does not perceive the substances that are part of;
  2. The body suffers from stomach ulcers, gastritis, diabetes mellitus and severe somatic diseases;
  3. There were surgical interventions in the gastrointestinal tract.

For people under the age of majority, the use of the drug is not recommended without consulting the attending physician..

“Pitfalls” that may arise

Head болиAs a result of comprehensive clinical studies, the following side effects were found:

  • Vomiting (1%);
  • Frequent headaches (0.8%);
  • Flatulence (0.5%);
  • Constipation (0.4%);
  • Heat (0.4%);
  • Diarrhea (0.1%).

On average, the incidence of such “inconvenience” is less than one in a hundred, so you should not be afraid to use Porciola. If at worst something happens, you must immediately stop taking the drug..

Storage and price of capsules

Store the tool should be in a dry place, protected from sunlight and from children..

The average cost varies in the range of 600 rubles per package, which includes 10 capsules Porciola.

For the three-month course recommended by the manufacturer, you will have to pay from 9000 to 18000 rubles.

Similar drugs

  1. Fucus plus;
  2. Fireball;
  3. Meridia;
  4. Reduxin Light;
  5. Lactomarin;
  6. Vitaclin.

Additional tips for use

To replenish the balance of vitamins and minerals that are not fully received due to a decrease in the amount of consumed foods, a complex of appropriate vitamins should be taken..

The ability to sit behind the wheel of a car or work Portsiola does not affect.

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Porciola slimming: reviews

My experience

Before that, my life was overweight problems. Quite a few dimensions prevented movement, and even live in general. Choosing a tool that will help solve my problem, I stopped at Porziole.

I made this choice because this remedy does not affect the cells of the body, but simply helps to satisfy hunger..

I decided to start with one package, as I was afraid that the Porciola capsules would not work. Took as indicated according to the instructions: put the capsule in your mouth and drank a glass of water. At first it seemed that nothing happened.

I wanted to be brutally, however, as always. But after eating a few spoons of borscht, it was no longer possible to eat the dish. It felt like I had eaten all the contents of the pan before.!

He was very afraid of the side effects that skeptics always scare. But luckily, my fear of constipation turned out to be false. The process of cleaning the intestines was as usual, without incident.

The result after two months of use was fully in line with my predictions – seven kilograms! Losing weight with him further and thank the manufacturer for such a high-quality product!

Doctor’s review

DoctorThe mode of action of the Porciola indicated by the campaign is not new, as it has been used before. Medicines that include microcrystalline cellulose act in exactly the same way..

If you eat 10 grams of such pulp, the feeling of hunger will go even earlier. But the dose of Porciola is 10 times less and a logical question arises: is it enough to form a 350 gram of hydrogel inside??

The package does not indicate the name of the mixture from which the hydrogel comes. We can only guess what the density of the gel.

If you dilute 1 gram of a substance from a similar group, then the desired compound will actually arise. Although the resulting hydrogel lacks viscosity, it will provide a feeling of satiety.

A week can take from three kilograms per month. In this, the manufacturer’s promises have a connection with reality..

What do buyers say?

It has long tried to overpower itself, but could not succeed. Although I know the rules of losing weight by heart, in practice everything turns out to be much harder. Carry the feeling of hunger between frequent, small meals – hell on earth!

There were two options: Portiola and fiber. She stopped at the first because fiber caused weakness, and with the rhythm of my life it pulled to the bottom.

Before that, she was an ardent opponent of similar means and other chemistry. But after reading some good reviews on the forums, I decided to go against the principle.

In the first days of taking Porciola there was less. But this was caused not by the action of the pills, but by an informed decision. Only a week later, a little bit “zamoriv worm”, I felt gorged. For a month I lost 4 kilograms. This is good, but I expected a more impressive result..

A photo до и после

Marina, Uralsk

Before using Porciola, I never thought that I would lose weight with the help of chemistry. But still decided to give a chance vaunted drug.

I bought one package to see the reaction of the body. I used the remedy half an hour before lunch, because it was during it that I consumed the greatest amount of food. Contrary to popular belief that the drug causes constipation, in my case the situation has changed for the better.

For 2 months of use did not find flaws, except for the high price. However, it is worth it: 5 dropped pounds per month – for me an excellent result!

Igor, Tomsk

Long doubted before buying Porciola, but still decided. Much losing weight with the help of coffee from Evalar, decided to cope with the figure completely. The same unlimited love for food became an obstacle.

Buy Portsiolu was difficult. Find a tool can not in every pharmacy.

I drink 2 capsules with a large cup of water. Ten minutes – and hunger vanished.

As a result, dropped 2 kilograms per month. I am satisfied with the result, and I think the price of the money at 600 rubles is justified. I am pleased to recommend this tool to everyone.!

Minus 2 килограмма

Oksana, Anapa

People using this drug achieve the desired results. Doctors generally treat the facility with caution.

The action of Porciola, in addition to its components, is influenced by an individual factor. This should be remembered when taking the described drug..