Everyone knows that the day is best to start with oatmeal, as it contains a huge number of useful elements that are valuable and important to the body.

Oatmeal с фруктами

This explains the fact that the oatmeal diet is so popular among people who want to lose weight..

In addition, and importantly, it is completely harmless to health..

A little bit about the effects of oatmeal on the body

Diet based on oatmeal became known in the 60s of the last century.

It has many advantages, one of the main lies in the diversity, because on the shelves, in addition to traditional oatmeal, you can find a number of products that have this cereal in its composition, for example, flakes, bread and muesli, allowing you to vary the weight loss program.

The benefit can be explained by the fact that it has fiber, which a person needs for the gastrointestinal tract to work, in addition to this, B, PP and F vitamins will be supplied to the body..

If you will include porridge from it in the diet, then they will help to perfectly satisfy your hunger..

This croup is also known for the fact that it contains phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, and iron, and this is not the entire list of the elements and amino acids contained in the product..

Eating oatmeal and products containing this cereal, you can not only lose weight, but also saturate the body with beneficial substances that will improve immunity, start the cleaning process and normalize the efficiency of the digestive tract..

But this technique, like all the others, has some limitations..

This is due to the fact that it can be attributed to mono diets, which suggests nutrition based on the use of a single product..

It is necessary to stick to the specified menu for quite a long time – at least 5, at most – 8 days.

This time will be quite enough to say goodbye to the hated extra centimeters and kilograms..

The basic principles of diet

Rice крупаOatmeal diet for weight loss should have two steps.

The first will include cleaning, while the second – the diet itself.

The first stage is carried out using rice..

To do this, prepare four spoons of cereal and pour 1 l of water in it, in this condition, the rice should be left overnight.

In the morning, cooking continues: rice should be boiled with this water, put on a small fire.

The resulting broth must be drunk within the next hour..

After it is forbidden to eat or even drink, this restriction will last five hours, only after that you can eat as usual.

However, before going to bed you will not be able to drink or eat anything for the same five hours..

Cooking кашиYou can use only plain water without gas..

The main part of the diet on porridge begins the next day.

Cooking flakes can be done in different ways, each of the methods will in its own way reveal the useful qualities of cereals..

In addition, and the taste of porridge will end up different, it will allow you to alternate or combine cooking methods to achieve at least some variety..

The first method involves soaking the cereal in advance..

Almost all cereals have phytic acid in their composition, oatmeal is no exception..

This ingredient interferes with the normal functioning of the intestine, stops the absorption of certain trace elements, among which calcium can be distinguished..

If you first soak the cereal in dry form, pour it with clean water, then phytic acid will be deactivated.

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No less well-known methods of weight loss developed by the American cardiologist Atkins. For many, this diet has become a ticket to a better life, in which there are no extra pounds and lightness in the body.

On what role in the loss of weight can play ordinary bran, read here..

Oatmeal for greater efficiency can be poured even for the night, this will make it the next day completely ready for further actions, whereas if you soak for a longer period, for example, for a day, it will allow you to get it ready for use.

Whereas sugar will not be added, since natural sweetness will be revealed..

There is also a way of steaming in a thermowire, but before using the dish you need to insist for 8 hours, this will allow you to “turn around” to useful components..

The second method of cooking involves cooking on low heat.

It helps activate the beta-glucans and polysaccharides contained in the product, they act as one of the secrets of the benefits of this cereal..

These substances can have a strong healing and anti-inflammatory effect..

According to research, it is heat treatment that releases and activates the necessary substances..

The most useful and effective will be the diet on oatmeal, if the porridge is cooked over low heat.

This should be done for quite a long time, the minimum cooking time is about 7 minutes, while the maximum is 30 minutes, and the dish should be constantly stirred..

Once the flakes have acquired characteristic uniformity and malleability, they can be considered ready..

But do not immediately start the meal, the pan should be covered with a lid and let the porridge stand for 5 minutes.

Excellent help in the preparation of cereals in this case multicooker.

Before starting cooking it is recommended to grease the bowl with a thin layer of oil, this will eliminate the possibility of burning the food..

We offer for viewing a video recording of the program, in which they will lay out all the pros and cons of losing weight on porridge:

The composition of the diet

The oatmeal diet menu is extremely simple – in the morning, afternoon and evening there will be oatmeal.

But in the intervals between meals you can eat fruit, but do not get carried away, in addition, in the afternoon, such snacks are completely prohibited.

The menu should be supplemented with water, the volume of which should not be less than 1.5-2 liters.

Permissible to drink and green tea.

The rest of the drinks, like black tea or coffee, can hold the body fluid, this also applies to alcohol, which will slow down the process of losing weight..

Sugar and salt should not be contained in porridge, but in the morning it can be supplemented with dried fruits..

Oatmeal питание

You should not limit yourself in the number and size of servings, however, you should not overeat too.

But I don’t want to do this, because, according to reviews, the diet on oatmeal is very nutritious and gives a feeling of satiety for a long time..

Nutritionists do not recommend observing mono-diets, which include and described in this article, for more than 10 days.

This suggests that if you did not succeed in achieving a result from the oatmeal diet by a certain date, then you should not continue to torture the body further, it may harm it, which will be expressed in slowing down the metabolism.

Overcoming overweight will be much more difficult..

And in the video below is the option of making breakfast based on oatmeal:

Opinion of our readers

Let’s review the results of what brought the oatmeal diet to our dear readers:

Most of all others love this particular method of losing weight. Eat porridge as prevention, not only when there is a need to lose weight. I must admit that the body will say “thank you” to you, even if you have a figure that does not require correction. After all, the intestine begins to work normally, and the metabolism is normalized. I advise everyone, regardless of age and goals.

Vera, 34 years old

After reading the reviews of thinner people about the oatmeal diet, I realized that I also need to act, because the figure has not pleased me for a long time. I was amazed at the results! I lost 8 kilograms. This porridge does not bother at all and allows you to get a good effect, so now I advertise it to all my friends!

A photo до и после

Zulfia, 35 years old

Reviews of the oatmeal diet indicate that it is one of those that simply cannot do any harm, because porridge is rich in trace elements and vitamins that the body needs..

During the weight loss program, you will not feel hungry, and if necessary, you will want to return to this particular method of weight loss..