Delicious пшеничная молочная кашаWheat groats can be found in any store, its price does not afford anyone.

But it is not as popular, say, like buckwheat or oatmeal.

And in vain.

If you know all the key moments of cooking, then this porridge can be a real masterpiece of cooking..

Wheat porridge is universal.

This is the perfect breakfast for sweet teeth..

Fruit, cream, berry topping or condensed milk are added to it..

It is equally well suited as a side dish for meat steak, fish souffle, and mushroom dishes..

Porridge containing slow carbohydrates will give a person satiety and energy for a long time..

Also, pshenka can be a full festive dish..

There are many recipes with mushrooms, onions, carrots, meat, garlic, butter.

It can be cooked in meat broth, baked.

The scope for fantasy in this case is great.

Basic Cooking Rules

What kind правила приготовления молочной пшенной каши

Before the cooking process itself, the grits must be thoroughly washed and the coarse stone, pebbles and other foreign objects must be removed..

It is better to cook in a cast-iron cauldron, in it it will not burn and will be “languished”.

If the cauldron is not, then any pan will do..

Next, experienced hostesses are divided into two camps: some lay the cereal immediately in cold water, while others wait for the water to boil, and only then lay the cereal.

In any case, the cooking time is counted from the moment boiling water.

The volume of water is taken as standard: 2 parts of water to 1 part of porridge.

After the water boils, add sugar and salt.

The ratio depends on whether it is sweet or not..

A few minutes after laying the cereal in the pan above it forms a foam.

It must be removed: it is the remains of flour and small debris.

How much time to cook?

Boil the wheat grits should be thickened for 15-20 minutes on low or medium heat..

The main thing is not to forget to stir, otherwise it will burn.

In this dish you can already add butter and eat.

But much more tasty porridge will turn out, if you “add to it” after cooking.

To do this, the container in which it is boiled must be placed in an already slightly heated oven or wrapped in a warm towel / blanket and left for half an hour..

Such porridge turns out very fragrant and soft, for example as “Artek”.

Recipe for baby

Dairy пшенная каша для ребёнка, как её правильно сварить?

Porridge for children – the main food that is used as the first complementary foods.

Due to its homogeneous consistency, it is ideal for children who have not yet got out their teeth..

It contains a large amount of minerals, such as zinc, beta-carotene, iron, phosphorus.

Everything a growing body needs.

As well as vitamins of groups B and E, which strengthen and improve the skin, nails and hair.

Babies under six and seven months are allowed to eat only dairy-free foods..

At the same time, they must be tasty, otherwise the child simply will not eat it..

Cooking tasty and healthy millet for a child is not at all difficult..

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Grilled boiled water should be ground in a blender or grind.

Sugar in order to avoid diathesis rashes is better not to add.

Fruit or berry puree will serve as a natural sweetener..

The most popular recipe is banana and apple porridge, because these fruits are the least allergenic and most available at any time of the year..

Fruit should be washed, cleaned and finely grated..

Then add to freshly boiled porridge and mix.

A child will appreciate such a dish!

The next stage of the introduction of complementary foods will be milk porridge..

Wheat cereal with milk

In this video, you can learn everything in detail about the preparation of wheat porridge.

Enjoy watching!

For many, porridge on the water is not tasty enough..

This milk dish is healthy, nutritious and aromatic..

What is needed, in order to cook milk millet porridge?

First you need to boil the cereal in water in the ratio of 1 to 1.

When the water has evaporated, add a portion of warm milk equal to water..

Next, add a little butter and cook for another 10 minutes..

The second method of preparation differs from the first one in that wheat cereal is laid immediately in boiling milk..

Here you need to make sure that the milk before the bookmark does not run away..

This porridge has a rich milky taste and contains a large amount of calcium..

Pulp worth cooking, even if you are not an ardent fan of cereals.

It contains a large amount of fiber, which rid the body of toxins and harmful substances..

Wheat cereal reduces cholesterol in the blood, strengthens blood vessels and positively affects the mental activity of the body.