Fat free сыры What is low fat cheese?

Low-fat cheeses are used most often as a dietary product, these are special varieties that can not even be bought..

The term “fat free” should be properly understood, because cheese cannot be completely devoid of fat..

Low-fat cheeses are called low-fat cheats, for which they are popular among those who want to lose weight..

Cheese, the fat content of which varies between 20% and 30%, is called not fat, but light.

A low-fat, called those who have a fat content of not more than twenty percent, as an example of low-fat Philadelphia cheese.

Dietary cheeses (with fat content up to 10%).

We will consider the types of low-fat cheeses in order of increasing fat content (you can focus on the fact that normal fat content is 50-60%).

Tofu cheese can boast the maximum “fat-free”, it is soy cheese with a fat content of only 1.5-4%.

Tofu – low-calorie, but at the same time proteinaceous and rich in calcium product, which makes it almost indispensable in the diet of many people.

Grain curd (5% fat) is usually also referred to low-fat cheeses..

It is used most often as an addition to vegetable salads..

This cottage cheese also takes its place in the top of nutritious, but dietary products..

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The famous Dutch cheese Gouda has got a low-fat analogue called “Gaudetta”.

Its fat content is 7%, the product is easily digested and has a classic cheese flavor that made Dutch cheese makers famous..

Another famous cheese is a pigtail consisting of many woven fibers..

This is Chechil, its fat content is 5-10%, and salinity – 4-8%.

Many people love it for the combination of milky and very salty taste..

The same fat content – in 5-10% – products of the Fitness, Polar, Grunlander brands possess.

Cheese with a fat content higher than 10%


Ricotta cheese, very popular in Italy, is made from whey, and not, as is usually the case, from milk..

Perhaps that is why its fat content is only 13%..

At the same time, Ricotta contains a mass of beneficial trace elements and substances, and is also a very nutritious product..

Oltermani has a little more fat – up to 17%.

Mediterranean cuisine in many respects is the standard of healthy food and the “right” products, as well as their compatibility.

It is the Greeks who like to mix fresh vegetables, olives and cheese..

This is not just a tasty and healthy salad, but also light food for those who are forced to monitor body shape and metabolism..

White cheese – traditional Greek cheese – has 10-15% fat.

Feta is of different types – and with a high rate of fat and calories, and the so-called feta-light, which is made from goat milk, which gives about 30% fat.

The Adygeisky cheese, well-known and loved by many, can also be attributed to low-fat varieties – there is only 19-20% fat in it..

Low-fat cheeses – one of the main elements of various diets.

The fact is that this product, regardless of its fat content, contains many useful substances..

Therefore, if you just want to lose weight, and not deplete yourself with hunger strikes, cheese will help you provide the body with a variety of essential trace elements and vitamins..

Cheese is a source of animal protein, calcium, sodium, potassium, phosphorus, iron and a whole group of vitamins..

Which one to choose: solid or melted?

Melted cheese contains much less calcium than hard, although solid varieties are fatter..

Fat-free processed cheese is often made at home, based on skimmed milk and curd, any flavorings are also used depending on personal preferences..

If you talk about hard cheeses, the most low-fat ones are white varieties.

Solid low-fat cheese is considered the most high-calorie, nutritious, it has the most calcium..

That is why solid varieties are recommended to include in their menu for pregnant women..

If for health reasons fatty foods are undesirable for you, then of all the cheeses, it is best to dwell on low-fat grades of white solid: Gouda, Edamer, Mozzarella, etc..

It should be borne in mind that cheeses with mold have a higher percentage of fat.

Which is easier: buy or cook?

Cooking в домашних условиях

Fat-free cheese is an elite product that is not only not sold in the first store, but also is quite expensive..

At the same time, such cheese is very useful, and sometimes simply indispensable for those who follow a diet due to illness (for example, with pancreatitis) or want to lose weight..

Therefore, many housewives learn cooking low-fat cheese at home.

To do this, use skimmed milk and cottage cheese, eggs, soda, salt, spices.

That is, the set of products is very simple, and the result is excellent..

Interestingly, the ingredients needed to make homemade processed cheese are actually the same, but the ratio and cooking technology are slightly different..

On a pound of cottage cheese take only half a glass of milk and heat over low heat, bringing the mixture to a homogeneous state of the “stinging” mixture.

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In your homemade cheese, you can add any spices or vegetables that you like: dill, basil, bell pepper, or, for example, mint.

When choosing low-fat cheese, if you still decide to buy it, you need to remember that fatness cannot be determined visually or by touch..

Soft, tender cheese may not be fatty at all, but simply contain a lot of water, while hard dry may have a classic fat content of 50-60%..

The fat content of cheese can be calculated only in terms of the mass fraction of fat in the dry residue, therefore its final consistency and structure will not help you “by eye” to determine which product is in front of you..

Video dessert

In this video, consider cooking homemade low-fat cheese.