The idea of ​​counting the food intake of calories belongs to Wilbur Etwater, a chemist from the USA .

In 1890, the scientist “split” food into individual elements: proteins, carbohydrates and fats, and then calculated the energy value of each of them..

His research was continued by Russell Chittenden, who approached the question from the opposite side, examining not only the calories received, but also the consumed.

Consumption низкого количества калорий

Already in 1917, the work of Dr. Lulu Peters was published under the title “Diets and Health with Calorie Solving”.

The author, following a low-calorie diet lost 23 kg.

The main postulate of that time was a diet not exceeding 1200 calories per day..

The idea captured the minds of nutritionists, but for a long time was presented in a simplified version that does not take into account all the nuances – individual needs, the value of products for the body, compatibility and effects of heat treatment, the rate of decomposition and health effects..

Today, numerous studies have been carried out, and you can create the most effective and safe menu, which, moreover, can be really flexible and convenient..

Mechanism and principles

Reducing the amount of calories consumed provokes the body to begin to extract energy from fat deposits, thereby triggering the process of reducing body weight.

The essence of the low-calorie nutrition program, in fact, lies in the strict limitation of caloric intake of food..

The basic principles of diet:

  1. It is important to monitor the content of organic matter in the diet. The daily rate of fat is 80 g (it is necessary to prefer fats of vegetable origin – oil, nuts, seeds), 100 g of carbohydrates (foods with complex carbohydrates should be chosen, they contribute to the burning of fat in the body), simple carbohydrates should be completely excluded from the menu.
  2. Proteins should prevail in the diet in order to lose weight by burning fat and not by reducing the proportion of muscle mass..
  3. Reducing the energy value of the diet should occur due to the exclusion of products with a high content of fats and simple carbohydrates.
  4. It is necessary to reduce the amount of salt.
  5. Strong alcohol and drinks containing sugar are prohibited during weight loss on a low-calorie diet..
  6. Eating is necessary fractionally, dividing the daily amount of food by 5-6 times.
  7. The last meal should occur no later than four hours before bedtime..
  8. The diet should contain sufficient amounts of water, vitamins, trace elements..

Calculation of individual daily energy needs

Need в энергииIn the average version, the daily calorie content should not exceed approximately 1300 kcal for women and 1700 kcal for men.

But the most effective low-calorie diet will be if the need for energy is correctly determined and the optimal deficit is created..

Individual exchange can be calculated using the special formula 655 – (4.7 * age) + (1.8 * height in cm) + (9.6 * body weight in kg).

It is necessary to apply a raising factor to the result obtained and the number of calories needed to save body weight will be known..

Depending on the lifestyle, a multiplying factor is assigned:

  • a high level of physical activity at work, supplemented by daily workouts – 1.9.
  • intense sports or heavy physical work – 1,725;
  • load 3-5 times a week – 1.55;
  • low intensity loads 1-2 times a week – 1,375;
  • minimum activity – 1.2.

In order to lose weight should create a daily deficit of 400-500 Kcal.

The duration of a low-calorie diet is on average from a week to a month..

Next, you need to stabilize the result, that is, consume the amount of calories needed to maintain the status quo.

Low-calorie diet menu

Salad в меню программы

The basis of the diet should be:

  1. Meat and poultry, lean ham – no more than 150 g per day.
  2. Light vegetable soup on chicken or low-fat fish or beef broth.
  3. Steam croquettes.
  4. Low-fat fish varieties – up to 200 g per day.
  5. Protein-based omelets.
  6. Bran bread or wholemeal flour – up to 150 g per day.
  7. Raw vegetables.
  8. Low Sugar Berries and Fruits.
  9. Savory fresh fruit.
  10. Dairy products.
  11. Tea, herbal infusions, coffee.
  12. Buckwheat and barley – up to 150 g.

Prohibited Products: Renouncement от жирной пищи

  • Fatty Meat and Poultry.
  • Smoked and fried foods.
  • Canned meat and fish.
  • Salty food.
  • Legumes.
  • Egg yolks.
  • Potatoes.
  • Animal fats.
  • Rice, semolina, oatmeal.
  • White bread, pastries.
  • High fat dairy products.
  • Raisins, grapes, bananas, figs and other sweet fruits and berries.
  • Pasta.
  • Sweets (ice cream, jam, candy, honey, jelly, puddings, etc.).
  • Mayonnaise, ketchup and other ready-made sauces with stabilizers and starch.
  • Cocoa.

The menu for weight loss on a low-calorie diet follows from the permitted products, taking into account their weight and energy value..

Correctly calculate the allowable amount will help table.

Calorie table of permitted and conditionally permissible foods

With this data it will be much easier for you to stick with such a power system..

Product kcal / 100g
Sturgeon caviar 201
Chum salmon caviar 250
Pollock roe 127
Buckwheat 137
Barley flakes 345
Millet porridge 92
Oatmeal 93
Barley porridge 84
Cereals 358
Rice porrige 79
Barley porridge 102
Olive 898
Creamy 82.5% 747
Sunflower 899
Curd mass 344
Yogurt 1.5% 65
Dutch cheese 352
Yoghurt 3.2% 87
Kefir 2.5% 51
Milk 2.5% 53
Skimmed milk thirty
Ryazhenka 2.5% 53
Cream 10% 121
Cream 20% 209
Sour cream 10% 118
Sour cream 20% 208
Sour milk 57
Russian cheese 366
Fat cottage cheese 236
Sulguni cheese 293
Low-fat cottage cheese 89
Mutton 201
Duck 348
Lamb kidneys 78
Chicken 161
Lamb liver 102
Turkey 192
Mutton heart 85
Veal 91
Pork buds 84
Beef 191
Swine tongue 203
Beef brains 126
Pork heart 87
Beef liver 100
Pork fat 484
horsemeat 149
Pork liver 105
Beef Kidney 67
Low fat pork 318
Beef udder 176
Beef heart 89
Rabbit 197
Beef Tongue 160
Cauliflower thirty
Sorrel 29
Green peas 75
Swede 38
Zucchini thirty
Beans 59
Boiled potatoes 80
Spinach 22
Green onions (feather) 21
Garlic 103
Leek 38
Horseradish 70
Eggplant 22
Onion 41
Beans 36
Carrot 29
Tomatoes (ground) nineteen
Ground Cucumbers 15
Beet 46
Olives 111
Salad 15
Sweet pepper 25
Turnip 27
Parsley 45
Radish 33
Radish 22
Peanut 555
Dried apples 275
Walnut 662
Prunes 262
Raisin with bone 273
Hazelnut 701
Raisins raisins 285
Pistachios 555
Cashew nuts 647
Dates 277
Dried apricots 270
Dried apricots 279
Sunflower seed 582
Almond 643
Carp 95
Gobies 147
Squid 77
Pink salmon 151
Flounder 86
Smelt 93
Carp 84
Chum salmon 138
Rudd 106
Sprat 142
Icy 76
Shrimp 85
Bream 109
Mackerel 111
Salmon 200
Pollock 67
Capelin 159
Navaga 78
Boiled mussels 53
Sea bass 123
Burbot 85
River perch 80
Octopus 74
Sturgeon 161
Halibut 106
Roach 108
Saira 257
Carp 119
Sprat 124
Whitefish 141
Salmon 222
Mackerel 158
Herring 248
Horse mackerel 119
Som 141
Zander 81
Sterlet 126
Tuna 95
Cod 76
Sea eel 331
Coal fish 153
Trout 99
Oysters 91
Hake 84
Maritime language 89
Pike 83
Cherry plum 35
Apricots 44
Quince 37
Orange 38
A pineapple 49
Lingonberry 42
Bananas 87
Cherry 46
Grapes 73
Grapefruit 37
Garnet 53
Blueberry 35
Pear 41
Blackberry 31
Melon 34
Wild strawberry 40
Kiwi 46
Figs 57
Cranberry 27
Dogwood 42
Lemon thirty
Gooseberry 43
Mandarin 39
Raspberries 43
Cloudberry 33
Mango 69
Peaches 42
Rowan 57
Sea buckthorn 31
Plum 41
Pamelo 29
Currant 39
Persimmon 61
Blueberries 41
Cherries 54
Apples 48
Wheat flour 324
Sliced ​​loaf 261
Drying 335
Rye bread 210
Pita 239
Rye flour 321
White bread 246
Wheat crackers 327
Chicken egg 153
Omelette 181
Apricot juice 39
Coffee with milk 56
Apple juice 42
Pineapple juice 48
Tea 0
Orange juice 36
Peach juice 37
Pomegranate juice 58
Lemon juice 18
Kvass bread 26
Dry wine 66
Semi-dry wine 78
Dessert wine 175

Given the almost complete lack of standardization, it is pointless to indicate the consumption of finished products (especially meat and fish), it is more rational to rely on information provided by the manufacturer.

It should be understood that it is not necessary to calculate the calorie content to a few, the table of calories of a low-calorie diet is intended for an indicative assessment of food intake..

In addition, it is necessary to measure the nutritional value and benefits for the organism as a whole..

In general, a nutrition program based on calorie reduction is the most flexible and versatile of all.

Its effectiveness depends on the integrity and thoughtfulness of the menu, the correct calculation of the amount of necessary energy and the combination of the program of this diet with physical activity..

If all the necessary conditions are met, losing weight will be easy and will bring the desired weight loss.

Reviews losing weight

Subscribers to our site do not remain indifferent and share their experiences with other readers..

Reviews of low-calorie diet they have are:

The best diet! Only counting calories and was able to lose weight. Very convenient – if you have eaten something high-calorie, then you need to put on the most useful products. Plus, you can think of the menu yourself, simply relying on the calorie table, this is the only option for me, so many times I started to follow ready-made diets and have always failed, and so – the result is 7 kg in 2 months!

Lydia, Karachev

Not everyone liked it. And the result seems to be (3 kg per month), but these constant calculations are very tiring. And everything has to be weighed and practically everything is cooked by itself, well, I can’t count the calories in a restaurant. Although I admit, even approximate calculations and relative adherence to the method still gives its results. Therefore, the solid four.

Regina, Uryupinsk

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After the birth of the child, I got very well, but also cooking for the whole family, in general, I did not even see the options to lose weight. There is no time and so, and cooking for yourself separately is unrealistic. Began to count calories and reduce portions. Of course, the family menu also corrected, but no one except me noticed. I have lost weight and have been maintaining the result for several years and continue to count calories. It is only difficult at first, and then you memorize it and already on the machine you estimate how many calories you have eaten. In general, it seems to me, this is the only really effective method to lose weight for a long time, if you can not cook only yourself.

Ulyana, Bratsk

By the way, food for this program can be very diverse..

For example, you can make a dessert.

Yes, dessert, you read it right, it will be dietary, tasty and with a minimum of calories.

See the recipe in the video: