There are many special days in the church calendar. One of these is Good Friday. In 2018, this day of spiritual purification and carnal humility falls on April 6. It is imperative to devote time to prayers, to visit the church. This is the only way to get an exemption from the accumulated negative for the year..

Easter cakes

But this day dictates not only the necessary actions, but also prohibitions. Below we will highlight them and give an answer to the most common question among housewives – is it possible to bake Easter cakes on Good Friday?.

Oven or not oven?

So, is it possible on Good Friday to bake the main Easter attribute – cakes? It turns out that it is not just possible, but necessary. And the best of all is on this day. It is believed that pastry made on Good Friday has healing properties..

It can even be called special. Kulich, prepared on the day of mourning and prayer-based cleansing, according to tradition, does not get stale for a long time, does not grow moldy, and does an excellent job with all sorts of diseases. This is not a simple bread, but a real amulet at home..

Good Friday 2018 – is it possible to paint eggs

To paint eggs is a little work. Often this is a favorite activity that gathers the whole family in the kitchen. Mistresses come up with a variety of ways to paint eggs as unusual as possible. But here it is necessary to do it all the same on Thursday, the day when it is customary to do domestic work:

  • remove;
  • wash;
  • to iron.

True, modern life leaves very little time on everyday life for everyday life. And sometimes it just fails to do everything. The priests are quite loyal in their assurances that if they didn’t manage to cook the “Krashenki” on Thursday, you can do this business on Friday, though, either before or after the evening service. Better, of course, after its completion, at 7-8 o’clock in the evening. Then sin can be avoided.

In general, the continuation of housework, including painting eggs, you can do on Saturday, the last day before the holiday of Easter. Then surely there is nothing terrible.

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The recipe for delicate glaze, which is not showered in our article.

Find out when you can bake Easter cakes and paint eggs – tips, tricks, traditions.

All the most stringent bans: what they relate to?

Restrictions on Good Friday are many. Consider the main impossible. So, this day is prohibited:

  1. Work, because you need to free up time for going to church and participating in the service. In many countries, Friday before Easter is a day off;
  2. Sew and spin;
  3. Saw, chop, cut. Do not take nails, axes, hammers in your hands, because it was with the help of them that they crucified Jesus Christ. It’s categorically impossible to pierce the earth with iron, an immediate punishment will come for such an act;
  4. Sing, walk, indulge in fun. Laughter distributed on this day is a precursor of tears in the future;
  5. Watch TV and sit at the computer. These are modern bans, and yet they have a place to be. True, there is a small exception to the rule – viewing of spiritual films and news is allowed;
  6. Eat and drink. Snacking products of non-animal origin is possible only after the removal of the Shroud. Meat, eggs and everything that is made from milk should be completely excluded..

A diverse world will take

As well as prohibitions, this day and many will take:

  1. Check the conspiracy things. The crackling of a candle left after the service, while going around the house, spoke of the presence of a bad object;
  2. The exclusion of making love, even between legitimate husband and wife. It was believed that a child conceived on that day would receive serious injuries while still in the womb. If he escapes this, he will become a murderer in life;
  3. Limit washing. On the washed and hung underwear, blood stays out;
  4. Opening date of death. A person who has survived on this day without food or drink will know the time of his death;
  5. Treatment of the back and limbs. A rag, with the help of which all the corners in the house were wiped, will cure any problems with the lower back and legs. In the first case, it is necessary to tie the waist around it, in the second – to wipe it after washing;
  6. The conspiracy against alcoholism, the evil eye and the death point with the help of the furnace ash formed on Good Friday.

There are a lot of bans and beliefs on this special church day. It’s up to you to adhere to them or to consider them as prejudices.