Among the many pills for weight loss can be distinguished drug Metformin. This tool, with constant admission, can significantly reduce body weight..

A drug Метформин для снижения веса

Basically, Metformin is indicated for diabetic patients, but people with obesity may well lose weight by taking this medication..

Product description and release form

The drug Metformin is available only in the form of tablets for oral administration. Packages contain 30, 50, 60, 120 pills, it all depends on the country of manufacture..

The active ingredient of this drug is metformin. Pharmacological action of tablets hypoglycemic.

Effect of Metformin on the body:

  1. Carbohydrates are processed quickly, which contributes to weight loss;
  2. Increases the rate of fatty acid oxidation;
  3. Reduces the rate of absorption of carbohydrates by the intestines;
  4. It does not contribute to the production of insulin, which reduces the feeling of hunger;
  5. Lowers blood sugar.
Simply put, Metformin lowers the level of glucose in the body, which contributes to weight loss. Sweet lovers are paying for their palatability with increased body mass, which can be avoided with the help of Metformin.

However, before taking the pills, it is necessary to carefully study all the properties of the medicine..

Losing weight with Metformin is possible only if the body produces insulin in sufficient quantities. Sugar consumption will not be put off in the form of fat on the figure, due to the low absorbability of glucose by the liver while taking this medication..

Rules for taking Metformin for weight loss

So, how to take Metformin for weight loss? In order for the result of taking the drug to be good, and the pills do not harm, you must follow the instructions of doctors.

You can not take these pills for more than 22 days, and the daily dosage should not exceed 1500 mg.

Additional rules for taking Metformin, compliance with which will contribute to weight loss:

  • During the course of taking pills physical exercises are required;
  • The basis of nutrition should be light and easily digestible products;
  • To drink a lot of water;
  • Limit yourself to food.

Recommendation врачаEvery person knows the products that contribute to rapid weight gain. Flour and pasta, rice, potatoes, fatty meats, rice and alcohol should be as limited as possible in the diet.

The doctor himself prescribes the exact dose of Metformin for each patient individually. People who are not overweight, but are prone to obesity, can take tablets with a dosage of 200 mg, and for those who are obese, a specialist will prescribe up to 1500 mg per day..

Losing weight with Metformin is quite possible, but in any case you will have to limit yourself to eating. During the course of taking the drug weight is reduced. The figures of weight loss can reach 15 kg.

It should be borne in mind that it is impossible to lose weight in a short period of time, it is stressful for the body, therefore 5-6 kg in 22 days is a completely normal result..


As with any drug, Metformin has a number of contraindications to the use and side effects. You need to carefully study this information before taking pills..

People who have contraindications to Metformin:

  1. Pregnant and lactating women;
  2. With a serious violation of cerebral circulation;
  3. Sufferers of kidney, liver, respiratory, and heart diseases;
  4. Alcoholics;
  5. Patients with diabetes in a state of coma or ancestors.

Reception таблетокDo not forget that the body of each person is unique and can react to an unknown drug negatively. Hypersensitivity to any pills may manifest unexpectedly, it is worth considering this before drinking pills without a doctor’s control..

Side effects can be mild, and not long felt, but sometimes this condition lasts a long time and requires the advice of a doctor. In the event of an adverse reaction of the body to taking pills, you must immediately stop taking them..

Side Effects of Metformin

  • Nausea and vomiting;
  • Abdominal pain and diarrhea;
  • Decrease or complete loss of appetite;
  • Slight rash on the body;
  • Mouth taste of metal;
  • Lactic coma (deadly and rare complication).
One of the causes of complications from taking Metformin can be considered a violation of the rules for taking pills. Independently increased daily intake of medication can also lead to serious consequences..

Before taking the drug Metformin, it is necessary at the consultation with the doctor to tell about all the existing health problems, chronic and inflammatory diseases. Hiding such important information can cause terrible consequences..

Price and analogues

Metformin cost may vary. Pharmacies are priced at 50-3000 rubles. Variants of tablets of this drug mass. The doctor will prescribe the right medicine for each patient individually, focusing on his health and other factors..

Analogs of the drug are found everywhere, but their price is higher. The action of analogues and Metformin is almost the same, but the cost is different. Why pay more for medicine if you can buy it cheaper.


  1. Siofor;
  2. Glucophage;
  3. Metthogamma;
  4. Formetin;
  5. Hexal.
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And here you will find a list of effective means for losing weight, which are sold in a pharmacy. However, be careful with taking medications, consult your doctor..

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Doctors reviews

All drugs intended to treat a disease should not be taken for another purpose. The human body works in a certain rhythm and it is impossible to break it, if you want to lose weight. Today you can find a lot of information about losing weight, but you can’t believe it unconditionally.

In addition, to lose weight with the help of Metformin, you need to make a lot of effort, only taking pills will not leave weight, so why endanger yourself, if it is possible to remove excess kg by natural means.

Boris Anatolyevich, endocrinologist

As a doctor, I believe that you need to lose weight gradually and without pills. Metformin can help lose weight, but there are many side effects and contraindications. People, having read on the Internet about Metformin’s ability to burn fat, rushed to drink it without studying the information..

The probability of harming your body is much higher than the probability of losing weight. In the end, those who want to lose weight, must understand that this can not be achieved without restrictions in food, and exercise is important. Metformin is not a panacea for obese people..

Olga Petrovna, nutritionist

Reviews of losing people

This medication was prescribed to me by a doctor, as the sugar in my body increased. I want to say that the effect of his reception shook me. I began to feel good, and most importantly, I lost weight. I lost 5 kg and am very pleased. It’s a bit frustrating that I have persistent digestive problems, but what to do.

Angelina, 39 years old

Girls, I tried to drink Metformin for weight loss. Weight remained almost in place, and headaches and nausea haunted me for a long time. I didn’t diet, maybe that’s why it didn’t help me.

Kristina, 23 years old

I was prescribed Metformin in the hospital. I drank it for a month and did not notice how I dropped 8 kg. At first I did not understand what happened, and then I read it. Probably, my diet also influenced me; I changed it as sugar began to rise. In general, I am pleased with the result.

A photo Веры после похудения

Vera, 26 years old

And I began to drink Metformin specifically for weight loss. Before that, I studied all the recommendations on the Internet. I drink pills for 20 days, do physical exercises and eat little harmful food, I lost 9 kg during this time. The effect of course is, but you need to try very hard. After a while I will repeat the course again..

Elena, 20 years old

I have tried many diet pills and I think that Metformin is no different from the rest. Saw it for about a month and did not lose much weight, I lost only 3 kg. I ate normal food and did not exercise, maybe it affected.

Tatyana, 44 years old