Does a person need to control his metabolism in any way? And in general, what is at stake here?

In our difficult time, unfortunately, often there is a situation when we gain excess weight. And this is not due to some compelling reasons, but, in fact, according to our wishes..

In order to monitor your health, self-discipline and compliance with some restrictions are needed. It’s easier for us to eat once more, if you want.

Accelerate метаболизм

Alas, it can lead to rather unpleasant consequences. Then you have to think about how to take care of your health? Unfortunately, this process is long and rather difficult..

Not always a simple restriction of food intake can help here. A number of important factors must be taken into account. One of the most important is the correct account of the speed of its metabolism..

If it is too low, even reducing food intake will not help us lose weight. With a high level of his chances to improve their health dramatically increase.

If we approach this question a little formally, then the rate of a person’s metabolism is in fact the magnitude of the energy costs of maintaining the body’s vital activity, without taking into account all sorts of additional costs..

How to find out your metabolic rate

The first question you need to solve for yourself is the most accurate determination of the speed of this process that is inherent to you personally. How do you do this? Usually use the following option.

When calculating the speed you need to consider whether it is considered for a man or for a woman.

Consider first the first of these options. To do this, you need to accurately measure your weight and your height..

It should be remembered that the weight usually fluctuates within two kilograms during the day, depending on how specifically you spent that day..

In order to compare the results correctly, it is necessary to weigh in at the same time of day and, approximately, in the same clothes. We present the formula for the calculation.

“Metabolic rate” = 66 + (13.8 * “Weight in kg.”) + (5.0 * “Growth in cm.”) – (6.8 * “Age in years”)

Of course, the formula is not perfect. This value, in addition to the factors mentioned, is also influenced by a number of other.


  • One of them is the size of a person’s muscle mass. The better the muscles are developed, the higher this speed;
  • The period of human growth, his age. At some life stages, the metabolic rate may increase or decrease. Then, when there is an enhanced growth of the body, it dramatically increases its speed;
  • Also influenced by such a seemingly insignificant factor as body temperature. In the event that it is increased, such a speed increases;
  • Use of diet in nutrition. If a person decides to lose weight, while reducing the amount of food eaten, this will necessarily lead to a decrease in metabolic rate. The body will adapt to the reduced intake of nutrients and energy, which will undoubtedly reduce the rate of weight loss;
  • Do not forget about such an important factor as heredity. We all know that different people react differently to food. Some may eat a lot without gaining weight, others may become fat from a small amount of food..

Now consider how to calculate the metabolic rate for women. This will require the same data as in the previous case. The formula will be slightly different..

“Metabolism rate” = 655 + (9.6 * “Weight in kg.”) + (1.8 * “Growth in cm.”) – (4.7 * “Age in years”)

Do not forget that the dimension of the obtained value is the number of kilocalories per day. If we talk about additional factors that affect the result, then we can talk about everything that was mentioned earlier.

PregnancyYou also need to say about the effect of pregnancy on this process. During this period, the metabolic rate increases dramatically, which is easy to see, for example, due to a sharp increase in appetite..

Having obtained the required value, in order to use it correctly, you need to consider the following.

With a sedentary lifestyle, you need to multiply the resulting value by 1.2. Thus, we get the amount of energy expenditure of the body for the whole day..

Those who play sports with low intensity, from one to three times a week, can use a factor of 1.375.

If the number of classes is from three to five per week, the coefficient will be 1.725..

With more intense exercise it makes sense to use a factor of 1.9.

What can disturb the metabolism

The higher this characteristic of a person, the more successful is the process of losing weight..

Therefore, for proper planning of this process, it is necessary to take into account those moments that favorably affect the human metabolism and those that inhibit it..

First, consider in more detail what can slow down this process:

Low calorie пища

  1. One of the first places on this list is wrong nutrition. It’s about low-calorie foods. Do not lose sight of the fact that losing weight has two important aspects. One of them is the process of losing weight, while the other side is a complete supply of the body at this time with the necessary nutrients and trace elements. The first without the second can greatly damage health;
  2. When eating low-calorie foods the body tends to stock up on store, but, in fact, it accumulates fat. In addition, to adapt to the process of losing weight, the metabolism slows down. Both of these factors only complicate the situation;
  3. Also is an important meal schedule. Small frequent meals are helpful and harmful if they eat a little and rarely. In the first case, the metabolic process is constantly heated, while in the latter case, long breaks inhibit it;
  4. A lifestyle in which a person moves a little. More intense physical activity makes the metabolism more active, lack of exercise, this process slows down;
  5. Insufficient intake of beneficial minerals and vitamins. No comments here;
  6. Violation of water balance can significantly slow down the process of losing weight. Water for the body should be sufficient for healthy functioning..

How to speed up the metabolism for weight loss: ways and tips

Use воды

We now turn to the consideration of exactly how we can improve our metabolic rate, what should we do for this? The means to achieve this goal can be divided into two groups..

  1. How to prevent violations of this process;
  2. How to make the metabolic process more efficient.

The following can be attributed to the first part..

  • It is necessary to eat a little, but often. This is best done every two or three hours;
  • Use small portions of food. 200-250 grams is enough;
  • Keep track of the balance of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. The normal proportion will be: 40-50% of proteins, 20-30% of carbohydrates and 15-20% of fats;
  • It would be desirable to take vitamin complexes. They can be purchased at any pharmacy;
  • Watch your sleep. Its duration should not be less than 7 hours during the day;
  • Drink plenty of water daily. This is at least one and a half liters during the day;
  • Try to eliminate alcohol from drinking..
Drinking диетаThe simplest diet is not even vegetable, but drinking, since water has zero calories, and saturates decently. Drinking diet 30 days: recommendations and reviews. The result will exceed your expectations.!

And in this article, we recall the Japanese diet. Many people like it, although it is very difficult to sustain it..

Recommendations for taking turmeric for weight loss are given here. Follow the tips and gradually the figure will become beautiful..

Now let’s see what we need to do in order to maximize our metabolism..

  • When we look at this question in terms of how each kilogram of your body weight helps the metabolism, we find an eloquent fact. A kilogram of fat is not involved in burning calories at all, and a kilogram of muscles does it quite effectively (100 calories per day). This suggests that the increase in muscle mass is an important factor in losing weight;
  • Try to eat more protein. It is not only the most important building material of the human body, but also the chief designer of human muscles;
  • You need to drink enough water. It is preferable to do this often and in small portions. It would be helpful to drink a glass of water on an empty stomach every morning;
  • Do not forget to have breakfast! In the morning, many are planning a little snack, counting on subsequent meals. A more useful option would be a good meal at breakfast;
  • Change your diet. If you are on a low-calorie diet, allow yourself a more abundant meal one day a week. This diversity will keep the body in its attempts to reduce metabolism due to insufficient calorie intake;
  • Try to be more often in motion. A more active lifestyle will allow you to more effectively deal with obesity;
  • Do not forget to rest. At this time there is a recovery and renewal of the body;
  • Try to limit the consumption of tobacco and alcohol. It will be even better if you completely get rid of these kinds of habits..

Products that speed up the body’s metabolism

Properly build your diet – an important part of the process of losing weight. There are some products whose consumption will help you..

Red фасоль

  1. Use products that are made from whole grains. On the one hand, their digestion requires a lot of energy, on the other – in such products are well preserved nutrients and trace elements;
  2. Red beans heal the intestines and at the same time have a high content of B vitamins and zinc. It has a positive effect on the formation of muscle tissue;
  3. Lean meat is useful in high content of various types of protein – the main building material of the human body;
  4. Active consumption of fish reduces the level of the hormone leptin, which contributes to the processes of obesity;
  5. Sauerkraut helps to strengthen the immune system;
  6. Citrus fruits are an effective metabolic stimulator;
  7. Apples also stimulate the metabolism;
  8. Dairy products supply the body with enough calcium;
  9. Spinach, pepper, ginger, cinnamon and chicory also improve metabolism;
  10. In this list you can mention a cup of hot coffee in the morning;
  11. Green tea has unique abilities that allow you to effectively burn complex fats..

Physical exercise

What is the role of such loads for the process of losing weight? The most effective loads such as running, walking or swimming, if you devote them at least 20-30 minutes during the day.

Studies have shown that a higher level of load is most effective for men, the situation is different for women – the best results are achieved with an average or low level of load.

Given that the development of muscles enhances metabolic rate, we note that strength exercises will have significant benefits in the process of losing weight.


Do not forget that when losing weight, a simple refusal to eat is unlikely to help solve the problem. Approach to this need a complex. Actually, this is a lifestyle change..

To achieve the desired result, self-discipline and constant work on oneself is needed. But the good health that will be obtained as a result is definitely worth it.!