how применяется пчелиная пыльца?The fact that honey and propolis are very useful and edible, we know. But the fact that bee pollen can be eaten seems incredible..

Biology lessons and methods of pollination of flower plants immediately come to mind.

However, pollen is the most unique product of beekeeping..

Let’s take a closer look at what is contained in this unique product, which has no analogues in nature and how it is so useful for the body..

Golden pollen

Pollen is the result of bee activity..

It is also called flower or bee obnokoy.

Why is that?

In the process of pollination of plants, a bee, without knowing it, gathers on its paws pollen, which it folds into special bags and processes it for bonding with salivary glands (enzymes), thereby turning it into a pollen.

Such pollen is the basis for many bee products: honey, propolis, pollen, royal jelly and other.

In addition, it is the main and vital food product of bees..

They feed the future of bee offspring and lactating queen queen.

It is the main component for the full sexual maturation and functioning of drones..

Moreover, this product is also used by insects as a building material for honeycombs..

However, polite is of particular value to the human body..

Based on its active use, a whole special therapeutic therapy has been created – apitherapy..

To get this most valuable product, beekeepers came up with a universal technology for collecting flower pollen, which allows bees to “dump” its part in a special tray..

Bee obnozhka is often used as the main components of various medicines in traditional and traditional medicine..

The uniqueness of the composition and benefits of bee pollen

AT чём польза пчелиной пыльцы для организма?

Bee obnozhka – a real treasury of health.

It includes all the components and useful substances important for the human body:

  • micro- and macronutrients (sodium, iodine, potassium, titanium, phosphorus, lead, silver, copper, calcium, iron, etc.);
  • amino acids and vitamins;
  • biologically active and antibacterial substances (proteins, nucleic acids, ash elements, etc.);
  • phytohormones and phytoncides.

The amount of nutritional components exceeds the amount of honey by an order of magnitude greater than honey, and is much higher in protein benefits than milk protein..

In addition, it contains enzymes responsible for the growth of the body..

In general, the benefit of this unique product is difficult to overestimate..

The range of its action is very wide – from therapeutic to prophylactic treatment of various diseases..

Let’s look at how bee pollen is useful.

For example, bee obnozhka:

  • improves the body’s metabolism;
  • raises hemoglobin levels and overall immunity;
  • used in cardiovascular diseases, atherosclerosis, neuropsychic exhaustion, endocrine system disorders;
  • shown hypertensive and meteosensitive people;
  • used for anemia, physical exhaustion, as part of therapeutic and dietary nutrition.

Bee pollen has a pronounced regenerating, bactericidal, phytotherapeutic, anti-inflammatory, choleretic, capillary-strengthening, anti-atherosclerotic, anti-tumor and many other actions..

Pollen pollen – health spoon!

how можно применять пыльцу в народной медицине?

In the treatment of bee pollen should be careful, because its uncontrolled reception is fraught with unpleasant consequences..

The daily dose is only 1 teaspoon of pollen on an empty stomach one-time for adults and children..

This norm, if necessary, can be divided into two steps, but always in the first half of the day..

How should bee pollen be used??

Pollen, in pure form or mixed with honey, should be carefully absorbed in the mouth (like a lollipop) until it is completely dissolved (without drinking water).

Within 20 minutes you must completely refrain from the use of any liquid..

However, in the treatment of children with these products, there are some nuances.

Since this beekeeping product can be quite allergenic, the dose for the child is made with the calculation of its age (not more than 12 g).

Immediately before taking, you should test the body for allergies to pollen, dissolving a small amount of it with saliva and putting it on the back of the child’s hand..

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In the absence of any reaction, pollen can be consumed..

By the way, she actively promotes the growth of the baby and relieves mental fatigue in the process of learning..

With its natural hormones, this product is intensively used by phytotherapy in the treatment and prevention of such a common male disease as prostatitis..

In addition, it is an excellent regulator of the male reproductive system, potency and sexual stamina..

Also obnozhka shown with reduced sperm motility.

To obtain a real effect from the treatment of bee pollen, it is necessary to take a thorough approach to buying pollen..

It is best to do this with reliable and proven beekeepers..

However, if, nevertheless, pollen is purchased in a pharmacy or a store, then it is necessary to pay attention to the method of collecting the product (natural or artificial) and its packaging..

Polozhku should always be used only in pure form..

Therefore, if it is in capsules, they should be opened..

Popular opinion

A few reviews about the use of bee pollen.

“I took a polish twice a day, sutra and in the evening, to improve athletic performance, it helped a lot, I am very happy”.

Alexey Yudin

“I have given my child several grains since two years. Almost forgot about colds “.


Marishka: “I, too, have long loved pollen. With her, my health improved significantly..


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