Today we will tell you not only how to paint eggs for Easter with napkins, but also how long to boil them to get the desired result. Also on how to choose a fresh product and tell you a few tips on the preparation process. Successes!

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General tips

So that everything will turn out beautifully or even to take your breath away, carefully select the drawings on the napkins. The better you pick, the more beautiful your work will be..

To wipes are not torn, try to find dense. Of them, and easier to cut fragments and easier to handle them. If during the sticking the drawing eats a little, it will not be terrible to fix it, in fear of tearing.

For the second option, you can use both dry and helium dyes. At the same time it will be even more convenient to use dry ones. After all, a napkin dipped in vinegar will accept dry powder better than a gel..

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Preparation and step-by-step master class

You will be surprised how easy it is to decorate ordinary chicken eggs with napkins. You need only a few ingredients to create this beauty on your holiday table..

So, you will need: one pack of gelatin, the desired number of eggs and napkins with pictures.

How to paint eggs for Easter with paper napkins:

  1. First you need to pick up the eggs. Today we have white and yellow. They are the same, just in the second case, the shell is richer in iodine;
  2. Wash the product and boil to the desired state. Usually it is boiled “hard-boiled” so that the yolk is completely ready. It takes about 10-15 minutes of boiling from the moment of boiling water. If you want a more liquid yolk, you will have to reduce the cooking time. Depending on how you see the center of the egg, reduce the cooking time. For example, if you boil for seven minutes, the yolk will be almost ready;
  3. Cooked eggs need to cool. To do this, you can simply leave them in water or to speed up the process, boiling water must be drained and the product iced down. When the water heats up in five minutes, it needs to be drained and replaced with new, cold water. So they can be cooled much faster;
  4. Next, you need to do gelatin. Pour the granules with water according to the instructions on the package. When the gelatin swells, dissolve it on the stove, but do not bring to a boil;
  5. Now you can do napkins. Choose the most beautiful ones for yourself and disassemble them into layers. Leave the topmost layer (with the picture) and cut out what you like: a bunny, a flower and other fragments;
  6. Now the fragment must be attached to the egg and smeared on top with a brush, applying gelatin from the center to the edges of the picture. Give a little dry and ready!

We paint eggs for Easter with our own hands with food dyes and napkins

To decorate Easter eggs with dyes using napkins, you will also need a minimum number of components. This is a very simple process – much simpler than the previous one. This task will be appreciated by your children, so if you are already a parent, be sure to connect the little ones to the exciting task..

You will need some vinegar, eggs (how much you plan to dye), food colors and ordinary white napkins..

Step-by-step instruction:

  1. The first step is to pick up the eggs and it is desirable that they be white. This color is more likely to perceive staining;
  2. Next, they need to explore the freshness. If you are still in the store, then the product can be trotted (in case you choose by the piece). A dull sound indicates that the egg was full of oxygen and has already deteriorated. Fresh product should be silent in response. If the product is already purchased, you can try the method with a bowl of water. For this you need a deep bowl full of water. Dip eggs one by one and remember that the higher it rises, the worse its condition;
  3. Choosing a product it is necessary to boil it beforehand so that you can eat it later. For a solid center, boil for at least ten minutes, preferably a quarter of an hour, for sure;
  4. Next, they need to cool, drain boiling water and fill them with cold water. After five minutes, the water needs to be changed to a colder one and then the process is repeated;
  5. Dry dried eggs;
  6. Wrap them in napkins and moisten them with vinegar;
  7. Next on the napkins from all sides to drip food colors in different colors;
  8. Remove the eggs and allow the wipes to dry completely (about two hours).

Let’s sum up

If you are celebrating Easter and you have children – consider that you have trumps in your hands. This task will entice the kids, and as a result you will receive a bright decoration not only for the table, but also for the whole house.!

Now you know how to paint eggs with beautiful napkins. To make your Easter as bright, colorful and colorful as possible, do not forget to buy a few dozen eggs to decorate your home with new colors! This kind of decor is good because it is edible. Therefore, to say that the money will go down the drain – the tongue will not turn. It is fun, bright, beautiful and tasty. Be sure to try!