For a perfectly prepared dessert for the holiday, one small detail is missing. If you pour chocolate on your homemade dessert, it will become quite the same as in a children’s restaurant..

Making a fruit dessert poured with chocolate mousse is a snap. And your child will be extremely happy. So where to start? Cooking begins with the selection of a suitable chocolate bar..

as выбрать шоколад

Which chocolate to choose?

For kindling chocolate for confectionery purposes, not any product from the store is suitable. There are a few rules that you should pay attention to when choosing chocolate:

  1. Find on the shelves of the shop necessarily confectionery chocolate product, or with the inscription “table”;
  2. The composition should be as little as possible extra additives. Tiles with nuts or raisins are best eaten whole;
  3. Cocoa in the composition should be a lot. Not less than 55%;
  4. Porous chocolates can not be melted;
  5. You can take dessert chocolate, but it is not suitable for making glaze;
  6. Low quality chocolates at discounted prices will not work..
So melted dessert can pour ice cream for children; or cook strawberries or prunes in chocolate.

The rules of kindling: if you do not want to spoil …

Liquid chocolate should be thick, fragrant and shiny. To make your dessert exactly the same, follow the rules for working with hot chocolate:

tiles шоколада

  • Always stir and not for a minute leave the stove;
  • Do not cover with a lid;
  • Add only butter or cream, but not water;
  • Steam from the bottom of the pan should not also fall into the top;
  • Stir better with a silicone spoon;
  • Tile to break into small shares.

The higher the variety of chocolate, the better your dessert will be. And if you make a lot for the cake and you need shine, then add butter during the kindling.

But if your dessert is burnt, or it is taken up in lumps, then all your work will go down the drain. Therefore, you need to stir every 30-40 seconds. And if you decide to cover the dishes, the condensate will certainly fall into the middle. And this absolutely can not be allowed. Water drops will make chocolate tasteless and not so thick. Water ingress will cause the mass to lose consistency. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully prevent its entry..

The rules are very simple, but they should not be forgotten. Remember also that dark chocolate is melted at a temperature of up to 55 ° C, but white needs a temperature of no more than 45 ° C.

How to melt chocolate in a water bath

In a water bath, chocolate does not melt so quickly, but evenly and efficiently. Therefore, it is a common and convenient way. What do you need to cook? A couple of saucepans or pots and a spoon for stirring as already said, silicone, or else you can use wooden.

What we then do:

  • In one pot, pour the water and bring to a boil. Then turn off;
  • We put the container with the broken pieces of chocolate on top and turn on the smallest gas on the stove;
  • Stir the mass, and add, if necessary, a little butter, or heavy cream;
  • Turn off the water bath and let the product cool to body temperature..

Now, after cooling, use for baking. It is very important not to overheat the chocolate, then it is bitter that it is out of place in the dessert. In addition, it becomes too hard.

Drown chocolate in a slow cooker and microwave

There are alternative options for kindling. Everyone chooses the appropriate method. And there is no clear division into “good” and “not very good” methods. This is a matter of personal preference..

Who has a slow cooker, he can easily make a liquid chocolate mass in it. The tile also needs to be broken..

melted шоколад

  • In the bowl you need to pour water to the minimum mark. And in the tray double boiler put chocolate;
  • Select on the remote: “steaming”;
  • Stir occasionally until ready..

Multivarka exactly execute the program ordered to her. And your task is to follow the preparation of dessert.

In order to melt chocolate in the microwave, you can choose 2 options:

  1. You can set the microwave on the defrost mode. And depending on the weight, bake “sweet joy” in waves with the following calculation: 2 minutes for every 100 grams. weights. Then stir the mixture after 1 minute until the pieces are completely dissolved;
  2. The second option is to set the normal mode every 30 seconds. open the door and stop the melting of the chocolate to stir.

There is one secret cooking in the microwave oven. For such heating the product can be grated and then it will warm up evenly and quickly..

The peculiarity of such a warm-up in the constant “twitching” of the door. In addition to the need to interfere, it is also necessary to pull out the melted pieces. Otherwise, the finished parts will start to burn. Do not forget that the dishes in the microwave should be put in either glass or ceramic

How to melt chocolate in the oven

a cup шоколадаMelt the sweetness in the oven is also possible if you follow all the tips in strictness..

First you need to heat the oven to 65 ° C.

Then put on the last upper shelf a pot with a thick go double bottom. In the middle, pour the ground chocolate crumb.

The baby will quickly reach the desired liquid consistency, but here you need to constantly monitor, so as not to burn.

Desserts Recipes with Melted Chocolate

Your attention a couple of delicious desserts using chocolate mass.

Chocolate Banana Drink
how растопить шоколад на водяной бане и другими способами
Ingredients amount
of milk 300 ml
bananas 1 PC.
chocolate 25 g
ice cream 200 g
Time for preparing: 20 minutes Calories per 100 grams: 110 Kcal

The steps are as follows:

Melt the chocolate separately and heat the milk;

melt шоколад

Mix them with a blender;

Finely chop the banana;

slice банан

Add banana, ice cream and mix everything again until thick and smooth;

chocolate напиток3

Pour into glasses and decorate.

mix up блендером

The drink is suitable for both children and adults. Prepares in a few minutes and will be a good party decoration..

Chocolate ball

Chocolate ball – an unusual recipe. The ball will be very interesting to look at the festive table. And it is very tasty..


chocolate шар

  • Dark chocolate – 150 gr;
  • For the filling: fruit and 75 gr. ice cream;
  • Cream.

A small balloon is required during cooking..

  1. Cover the inflated ball with a thin layer of melted black chocolate;
  2. Wait until the dessert hardens;
  3. The ball is then pierced with a needle and removed the frozen ball;
  4. Ice cream mixed with various fruits can be put inside the bowl;
  5. Liquid cream is poured on top of the bowl..

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Melted chocolate can be used for a variety of both simple and refined dishes. Melt it can be a variety of ways, but, most importantly, do not overheat and do not fry.

Enjoy your meal!