How to lose weight with ordinary corn porridge

Virtually any diet that allows you to lose a significant amount of kilograms in a short time usually implies constant starvation. The body is experiencing stress, feeling the feeling of hunger, so depression develops, health and health deteriorate..

Slimming with corn porridge is good due to the fact that all the cereals, including corn, are a real storehouse of useful vitamins and minerals. A large amount of fiber contained in them allows to saturate the body, so it does not experience stress due to the small amount of food.

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If a woman is determined to lose a few kilograms, then any cereal will be a useful help, but even against their background, special attention should be paid to corn, since it is she who is considered the most successful choice..

Is it possible to lose weight if there is corn porridge?

For normal functioning, a person needs to consume large amounts of carbohydrates per day. They give a charge of energy and cheerfulness, promote well-being. However, it should always be remembered that they are tricky enough because they are divided into light and complex ones. Corn porridge, like everyone else, refers to complex carbohydrates. And in addition to carbohydrates, corn contains a lot of trace elements, fiber and vegetable protein.

The body assimilates all these components for a long time, therefore, even eating a relatively small amount of porridge, a person will not feel hungry for a long time. It is this property of corn grits that made it so important for losing weight, because all the calories that initially enter the body are spent on fully assimilating the food that has been received, without being deposited in the fat folds.

In addition, corn porridge, saturating the stomach, simultaneously cleans the intestines from toxins. After cleansing the body, the normal metabolism is gradually restored, the digestive system works at a faster pace, which allows you to lose some more excess weight..

Benefit and harm

Corn grits are very welcome in the dietary food due to the fact that even after processing the useful properties of corn are fully preserved. The benefits of using the product are as follows: corn каша для похудения

  • saturation of the body with vitamins E, A and B. Constant lack of these elements can lead to a deterioration of the appearance and nervous experiences;
  • corn porridge contains a daily rate of iron, potassium, magnesium, carotene;
  • a large amount of fiber saturates the body, removing toxins from it;
  • low calorie product;
  • stabilization of the digestive system and improvement of metabolism;
  • increase immunity;
  • strengthening the walls of capillary vessels and lowering the level of “harmful” cholesterol;
  • enrichment of the body with sufficient energy for the whole day.

This product has few negative sides, especially in the field of weight loss. In order for such a diet to lead to weight gain, you will need to eat porridge daily in combination with fatty meat products. It is not recommended to lose weight with it to diabetics, ulcers, and people who have problems with blood clotting..

Cornmeal Porridge Recipe
how похудеть с помощью обычной кукурузной каши
Ingredients amount
corn grits 50 g
water 200 ml
olive oil ½ tsp. l.
Time for preparing: 20 minutes Calories per 100 grams: 81 Kcal

You can cook corn porridge on water or milk. However, if fast weight loss is required, then it is prepared exclusively on water without any additives. However, it can not be used for more than 3 days, because the porridge is too coarse..

  1. In order to cook porridge faster in the morning, it is necessary to pre-soak the corn grits. It is rather dry, so it will take all night to swell. Before soaking, wash the cereal from excess starch, and then pour it with fresh cool water.. croup в воде
  2. In the morning, take the pre-soaked cereal, drain all the remaining water. During the night, the grains will slightly swell and be softer. Pour the porridge into the pan, then pour all the water. The ratio of cereal and water should always be 1 to 4. display крупы в кастрюлю
  3. Put the pan on the stove and cook the porridge until cooked. Stir it constantly as it burns quickly enough. All cooking will take no more than 15 minutes.. cooking каши
  4. Put the porridge in a plate and add olive oil for a softer consistency..

Corn porridge has a rather specific taste, so in its simple form it is not used as a standard. Most often serves as a successful side dish for fish and other seafood. It goes well with pumpkin, champignons and cheeses for main courses, with nuts and dried fruits – as a hearty breakfast..

In combination with porridge, be sure to drink plenty of water, at least 2.5 liters per day. It is recommended not to drink tea or coffee with it, as they only slow down all processes in the body..

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Mono-diet on corn porridge

If you do not need to immediately lose a few extra pounds, then the best would be a simple introduction of corn porridge for breakfast. However, there are options for mono-diets, allowing just a few days to lose up to 7 kilograms. It has a mono-diet where the main role is played by corn, a fairly good reputation, but because of its rigidity is not so popular. Its duration is not more than 3 days..

Mono-diet rules: green чай

  1. The consumed product is prepared exclusively on water without added sugar, salt, seasonings and oils.
  2. 400 g of porridge is used during the day in small portions.
  3. Only liquids can be added to porridge. In addition to water, it is allowed to drink green tea or herbal teas for weight loss..

Feedback and results

Here are some reviews about losing weight with the help of corn porridge subscribers leave:

Before the holiday, I urgently needed to lose a few kilograms, so I decided to sit on a corn mono-diet. Worth croup is relatively inexpensive, and its useful properties have a lot. I sat on it for 3 days, during which time I managed to lose 3 kilograms. Hunger and weakness, I didn’t feel that I wasn’t usually inherent in mono diets, so you can use.
Ekaterina, 32 years old, Samara
I decided to somehow weigh in and noticed with surprise that I gained a couple of extra pounds. They were not especially noticeable on the figure, but nevertheless decided to get rid of them. A friend recommended to enter into the breakfast ration of corn porridge. After a couple of weeks, all the excess weight went away, I feel lightness, and the skin has visibly cleansed, so now constantly including it in the diet at least a couple of times a week.
Valeria, 27 years old, St. Petersburg
After the birth of my second child, overweight haunts me, so various diets have become a constant phenomenon. In a similar way, I learned about the corn mono diet. Sustaining 3 days on a simple porridge was quite difficult, since there is no diversity. However, the effect just hit me: I just dropped about 4 kilograms, but I didn’t feel hunger, the digestive system started to work much better. You can’t sit on it for a long time, because you can harm the body, but as a quick remedy, such a diet is very effective..
Maria, 35, Cheboksary

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