Urgently need to throw a couple of kilograms in a short time, for example, to some festive event, to the meeting, to a date? It turns out it’s easy enough.

There are diverse diets that can lose weight in 3 days. But they are best used only if it is really urgently needed..

how похудеть всего лишь за 3 дня

In addition, you must strictly follow the instructions diet food, then you can really get rid of a few extra pounds.

The essence, principles and features of fast methods for losing weight

A diet for 3 days is a diet that is aimed at cleaning the body from harmful substances and toxins. The cleansing process speeds up the metabolism, which in turn helps burn excess fat..

Be sure to follow certain rules during the three-day diet:

  1. Gradual weight loss. It is worth remembering that rapid weight loss is a great stress for the body. Therefore, it is better to prepare it in advance, so that it would adapt. It is better to start drinking more liquid a few days before the diet and reduce the amount of food consumed;
  2. On a fast diet should sit only if the excess weight really is. Otherwise, instead of losing weight, you can harm the body and health;
  3. In the period of the diet should not relax and even more to break;
  4. It is worth remembering that we are so arranged that as soon as we go on a diet immediately begin to think about food. It is better to distract yourself – to walk more often, to watch films, broadcasts, to do some things;
  5. Be sure to correctly enter the diet and get out of it; Run
  6. Do not forget that diets will deliver a positive result only if they are combined with sports. During diets, you need to allocate every day at least half an hour to perform physical exercises – running, abs, jumping, and so on;
  7. Additionally, in the evenings you can visit the bath, sauna. These procedures increase the removal of excess fluid from the body;
  8. Do not forget that fast diets are not suitable for everyone. It is not necessary to lose weight by this method if there are diseases – diabetes, disorders in the gastrointestinal tract, heart and vascular diseases.

How to quickly lose weight in 3 days: a review of the best diets


The first stage – unloading

This stage is of great importance, it ensures the preparation of the body for the next days of the diet. Therefore, in order to bring the desired result, you should exclude all sorts of animal fats and proteins from the menu:

  • Cheese products;
  • Cottage cheese;
  • Poultry meat;
  • Lamb meat;
  • Beef;
  • Pork;
  • Rabbit meat;
  • Butter;
  • Kefir;
  • Milk;
  • Cream and sour cream;
  • Fish and seafood.
It is advisable to limit the use of legumes, flour products, baking.

First day menu:

  1. Breakfast. Immediately after you sleep on an empty stomach, you should drink a glass of mineral water without gas. After 15-20 minutes you can start breakfast. For breakfast, you can choose one drink from three – herbal tea from nettle, linden and chamomile, green tea or freshly squeezed juice from cucumber, carrot, cabbage or beet;
  2. Lunch should consist only of fresh fruits and vegetables. You can make salads from vegetables or fruits, but you should not add salt and oil to vegetable salads. It is best to fill them with lemon juice. Also, vegetables can be baked in the oven, steamed or stewed. Do not eat – bananas, stewed or boiled carrots, potatoes;
  3. At lunch you can eat some vegetable or fruit. The main thing that the last meal was not later than 7 pm;
  4. At dinner, you can drink some drink that was used for breakfast..

At bedtime, you can take a warm bath with sea salt. It will help to relax and also accelerate the elimination of harmful toxic substances from the body..

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The second stage – water purification

On this day, you will need to stock up with plenty of water. For the whole day you need to drink from 3 to 4 liters of water. In addition to water, nothing more can be consumed. Throughout the day, every half hour you should drink a glass of water.

To make this stage easier to transfer, it is recommended to follow certain rules:

  • Do not enter the kitchen all day. This room should become a restricted area;
  • It is advisable to constantly distract yourself from thinking about food. It is better to go for a walk in the fresh air, watch your favorite movie, do some interesting work;
  • If by the end of the day there is a headache, do not be afraid, this is a normal reaction. It is better not to take painkillers, but try to endure this state;
  • Before you go to sleep, it is advisable to take a warm bath. It will relax all muscles, relieve stress, expand blood vessels;
  • Right before bedtime you should drink a glass of energy drink. In a glass of water you need to dilute a spoonful of lemon juice and 1.2 spoonful of honey.

The third stage – out of fasting.

To this stage, the stomach should already be reduced in size, which means, in order to get enough, it is enough to eat a small amount of food. Menu for this stage:

Green чай на завтрак

  1. For breakfast you should drink a glass of herbal or green tea. After 1.5-2 hours, you can drink a glass of freshly squeezed cucumber, cabbage, carrot or beet juice;
  2. For lunch, afternoon tea and dinner, you should eat foods rich in fiber. It is this food that can quickly cleanse the body of harmful substances. Prepare a salad of white cabbage or sea kale, carrots, beets. It is advisable to do more to last for the whole day. All should be seasoned with lemon juice and a few drops of vegetable oil. All should be washed down with water and herbal tea..

Over the entire period of the diet, you can throw off from 3 to 6 kilograms.

Carrot-Apple Diet

This food is quite effective, but all of these have some difficulties for the gastrointestinal tract..

If everything is followed correctly, the diet can save up to 6 kilograms in 3 days. However, only people with strong digestive systems can withstand it..

The decrease in body weight in this diet is due to the hard cleansing of the esophagus.

Hard fibers of apples and carrots, getting into the stomach, swell and thereby cause a feeling of satiety. In the meantime, the gastrointestinal tract is completely cleaned of harmful substances and sediments..

The diet menu should consist of two dishes:

  1. Salad of carrots and apples;
  2. Mashed carrots.

Salad of carrots and apples should be cooked in a shabby form. Mashed potatoes – boiled carrots need to grind through a sieve. Salad can be eaten in unlimited quantities, mashed potatoes – 1 time per day. Drink plenty of water as well..

Kefir Method

Kefir диетаThis is the most famous monodiet, which has high efficiency. In addition, it is quite simple, so its compliance will not cause any special difficulties. Within one day you need to drink from 1.5 to 2 liters of kefir, except for kefir, nothing can be eaten.

Within three days you should drink one kefir up to 2 liters every day. Over the entire period of diet on kefir, you can throw off from 3 to 5 kilograms.

In the cold season, besides the use of kefir, it is allowed to drink hot tea with ginger and mint. Tea can be drunk 3 times a day..

This is necessary in order to avoid overcooling of the body, which can lead to various colds. Ginger also provides accelerated weight loss because it has a fat burning effect..

How to lose weight in the lobes (legs) for 3 days

In order for the hips to quickly get in shape, you should perform a set of exercises for 3 days:

  • You need to stand up straight, raise your head up, put your hands on your belt, spread your legs shoulder-width apart. Slowly rise on tiptoe, then we fall. We perform this exercise 20-40 times;
  • Exercise for internal thigh muscles. We take the ball, we pinch it tightly between the hips and let it go. We do this 15-20 times;
  • We lay down on the right side, the right hand is in a straight position under the head. We put the left hand on a waist. Raise the straight leg up and down. We perform 15-20 lifts on each leg;
  • We lie on the floor on the back, legs are raised from the floor by 30 cm. Then we spread our legs apart and squeeze again. Perform the exercise 10 times;
  • We sit on the floor, legs straight. We bend forward and try to get the tips of our toes with our hands. Do the exercise 5-10 times.

Tips and tricks

  • To achieve the desired result, be sure to follow the rules of diets;
  • Do not break or relax;
  • Go out for a walk in the fresh air;
  • Do not forget about exercise;
  • Drink more fluids, it speeds up the metabolism and cleanses the body of harmful substances;
  • Eat often, but in small portions..


I had to urgently lose weight for the holiday. I decided to use kefir diet. I sat on it for 3 days. For me, it seemed difficult. But still I managed to take off 4 kilos..

Kristina, 27 years old

I have long wanted to have beautiful hips, but could not lose weight in this place. I decided to use the exercises for slimming the hips. True, I was engaged in them not 3 days, but 7 days. Yes, really, help. Now I want to sit on kefir of day 3 to fix the result.

Slimming в ногах

Lyudmila, 29 years old

Sat on a starvation diet. For me, it seemed too heavy. But I endured it. As a result, in 3 days I lost 5 kilograms, for me this is a real victory.!

Svetlana, 22 years old

Fast diets are the strongest stress for the body. They should be used only in the most extreme cases when it is really necessary. Yes, and sit on them more often, 2-3 times a year is not necessary. It is best to use long-term diets, they will deliver a good result, and the weight will not be returned..

Dietitian Lidiya Antonovna

Diet for 3 days is a good way to lose weight for any event, holiday, date. Be sure to during the diet you need to strictly adhere to the menu and the rules of the diet..