Fans of cooking fresh fruit compotes in the winter or making baked goods with dried fruits know that the preparation of sushiks should be done in the summer. The most affordable and healthy fruit for this is an apple. This tree in our climate grows beautifully and gives fruit. Therefore, the ability to collect or buy homemade apples is almost all.


Apples consist mainly of water, and as a result of drying, they lose almost all the liquid, but all the beneficial trace elements and vitamins are preserved. Therefore, there is no doubt about the benefits of dried fruit..

And also keep in mind that the drying at the output will be no more than 10 percent by weight of fresh apples. It is very easy to make dried fruits, and if you use modern kitchen appliances, it’s a pleasure in general..

The advantages of dried apples:

  1. Preserve useful properties;
  2. High taste;
  3. Compact and long-term storage;
  4. Easy preparation.

What fruit to choose

Sour-sweet or sour apples are ideal for drying. Sweet apples do not retain a special taste. To get a greater yield of the product, it is worth choosing fruits with a thinner skin and fewer grains..

Preparation of apples:

  1. Rinse thoroughly and wipe off the fruit;
  2. If you want the drying to be softer, you can clean them of the skin, but do not forget that then you lose some of the useful elements;
  3. Next, you need to get rid of the core. You can do this by cutting the fruit into quarters. But since we live in a progressive time, it is better to use a special round knife, which is very convenient and quickly removed the core; to clean яблоки
  4. Then cut the apples into slices or ringlets 5–7 mm thick.

How to avoid oxidation of apples:

  1. For cutting use steel knife;
  2. Prepare in portions so that they do not have time to oxidize and darken; slice яблоки
  3. Dip them for a few seconds in boiling water;
  4. For a few minutes pour 1–1.5% saline, lemon or vinegar solution. to pour кипятком

Now, when the fruits are ready for further processing, it is necessary to determine the method of their drying. There are many options. It all depends on the technology that you have or its lack.

Drying apples with home appliances

At home, apples can be dried using a dryer, oven, microwave, aerogrill and, finally, just in the sun.

In the electric oven

Electric oven is perfect for high-quality drying of fruits. For this you need:

  1. Put the oven to heat up to 55 degrees;
  2. At this time, cover the baking sheets with parchment paper;
  3. Place the prepared slices on baking sheets or nets in a single layer and put into the oven to dry up; spread out яблоки
  4. At the same time, leave the oven door slightly open for air circulation and prevent excessive moisture;
  5. It is necessary to change baking sheets in places and turn the slices on them during the whole drying period approximately every 2 hours;
  6. After 3-4 hours, the temperature can be raised to 70-80 degrees;
  7. As soon as most of the moisture evaporates, it is necessary to lower the temperature to 50 degrees and leave to dry for another 4 hours.. apples готовы

During this time (6–8 hours) the fruits should be dried to the required condition. Become plastic, not breaking and not dripping light brown dryers.

In an electric oven with convection

Electric oven with convection function solves the problem of creating artificial air circulation by not closing the door and significantly speeds up the process..

A convector is a fan built inside an oven that provides an even flow of hot air. Consider the drying process with convection in stages:

  1. Preheat oven to 40–50 degrees;
  2. Set in it baking trays with sliced ​​apples;
  3. After 1–1.5 hours turn the slices up and increase the temperature to 70–80 degrees for more intense evaporation of moisture;
  4. When the water is almost evaporated, reduce the temperature to its original value and leave for another two hours..

In the oven equipped with such a function, the entire drying process will take from 3 to 6 hours.

On the gas stove

On the gas stove, you can also dry the apples, if for some reason you cannot or do not want to use the oven. There will be some difficulties with choosing the intensity of the fire and the height of the installation of the trays, but this is quickly eliminated by trial and experimentation..

    apple сушка

  1. Prepared apple slices should be strung on strings or wooden skewers and put them on the nets;
  2. Or cover the baking sheet with parchment and sprinkle the fruit on the surface in one layer;
  3. First, the fire should be made small (here the power of the gas burners is individual for everyone) so that the apples dry up;
  4. Then the burning intensity of the burner can be increased;
  5. After evaporation of the liquid, reduce again until the dryers are fully prepared..

Thus, the drying process is reduced to 3-4 hours, but requires constant attention..

 other methods

if you have convection oven, then it is possible to dry apples perfectly in it, the principle will be approximately as in an oven with convection, only the process will take only an hour to complete. At the same time, in the device it is necessary to choose the circulation mode with a low speed, the temperature should be set to 100 degrees. Layout slices loosely to each other, for maximum airflow.

Dryer – a specially designed device for drying any fruits and berries. The device is equipped with all the necessary containers, grids, tiers so that you turn it on for a certain time and forget about it – it will turn itself off when it performs its function.

It is necessary to distribute the prepared apples on the grids (there are a lot of them in the device), set the desired temperature and in a few hours you will get perfect drying.

as сушить яблоки

In the microwave You can also dry the apples. The process will take about 5 minutes. The main thing is to choose the necessary temperature and power to get the drying, rather than coal. Because the microwave also quickly burns the fruit, as well as dries.

To do this, evenly and in one layer spread out slices on a dish and set the mode to superhigh-frequency. Power – 250 W, turn on for 30–40 seconds. Then turn over the half-dried apples, increase the power to 300 W and turn on the timer for 3 minutes. Get ready drying.

You can use the old method of drying apples – in the sun. But this option is suitable, first of all, the owners of private houses, living in a hot climate. Since the harvesting of apples comes mainly at the end of summer – early autumn, and during this period the sun is not so hot and it often rains..

Prepared apples are strung on strings and hung or laid out on baking sheets and exposed to the open sun, not forgetting to turn them over periodically..

At the same time, care must be taken to ensure that insects do not have access to the fruits – for example, cover them with double gauze. At night, when the humidity rises – drying should be cleaned in a closed, but ventilated space. The drying process will take 6-7 days.

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Signs of fully finished sushka

Regardless of the method of drying, the degree and characteristics of the finished dried apples are the same:

  1. Drying should not break or crunch, it is plastic;
  2. Moisture is not allowed when it is squeezed;
  3. The color may be light brown, but not light yellow or dark..

If at least one of these signs does not match or you suspect that the apples are not ready, it is better to dry them a little more to avoid spoilage..

Long storage

After proper drying, apples can be stored for a long time. How to store dried apples? Cotton bags or pillow cases are great for this. And you can also use paper, wooden or cardboard boxes, glass jars. But in no case are not plastic bags or plastic containers – they suffocate drying.

Store dried apples at room temperature in a dry, well-ventilated, dark place. Do not forget to periodically review drying for damage, so that they do not show signs of mildew or rotting.

Drying apples – the finished product for use. But they are also used in the preparation of compotes, jellies, all kinds of baking. Before this, it is better to soak apples for a few hours in water, strong tea, even in cognac or liqueur. Some mommies twist the mincing with nuts and make candy to their children. In general, the use of this most useful product for food is a free flight of imagination..

In conclusion, I would like to give a comparative table of the advantages and disadvantages of different processes of drying apples, depending on the instruments used:

Drying device Benefits disadvantages Duration of the process
Electric oven – almost everybody has a device – swap trays;

– ajar door

6–8 hours
Oven with convector – acceleration of the drying process;

– uniform blowout of fruits

– not everyone has this feature. 3–6 hours
Gas panel – is present at all – energy costs;

– duration;

– constant observation

3-4 hours
Convection oven – hot air circulation – not everyone has this device Approximately 1 hour
Dryer – the device is specifically designed for this process – lack of it in your kitchen 3-4 hours
Microwave – the shortest process time – apples can quickly burn 5 minutes
The sun – does not require other devices – duration;

– necessarily hot weather;

– protect from insects

6–7 days