Delicious рецепт кальмараSquids – a product far and sea, but today very available at the democratic prices.

Often, boiled squids are added to the salad, but they can also be stuffed successfully and beautifully..

For this there are different recipes, as well as some details of the process..

In this article, we will try to disclose for you, some recipes for stuffing this product..

Features and Product Description

Squid refers to cephalopod mollusks, which often reach 50 cm in size, while giant specimens can generally be up to twenty meters long..

Usually there are carcasses with an average weight of 500-800 grams.

If it is wrong to cook, then the taste of this product can be disappointed..

If you cook the product correctly, it will be devoid of bright fish taste, and something will remind lobsters.

Squids are champions in iodine content, they also contain cobalt, selenium and vitamin E.

The product helps to produce gastric juice, and can also affect the level of bad cholesterol in the direction of its reduction.

Doctors are considered squid meat more useful than animals.

That’s because it contains more animal protein, and it is easier to digest, plus a high content of vitamins, polyunsaturated fats..

They are a dietary product, they have neither cholesterol nor fat.

One hundred grams of the product contains 92 calories, 110 calories in boiled squid and 175 in fried.

How to stuff

how правильно нафаршировать кальмары?

It is necessary to choose the right product in the store..

Carcasses are sold frozen..

It is necessary that there was no snow on them, they were not very stuck together..

If the carcasses are stuck together in a package, it means that they were re-frozen.

Such a re-freeze sharply spoils the taste of the product, especially if you have to stuff it.

Most often, squids are sold in purified form, but there may be options that should be pre-cleaned from the upper films and gutted.

In a mandatory manner in both versions with a carcass removed a transparent film.

Before you stuff a product, you need to boil it a little..

For this, the finished, cleaned carcass sinks into boiling water for a few minutes..

Then it comes out of the water and always dries..

Most of the products that are used to stuff dishes, are suitable in this situation..

The described product will not be combined with minced meat, and it can be easily combined with chicken or other seafood..

Squid Stuffing Recipes

Squid stuffed with rice, egg and onion
how приготовить вкусных, фаршированных кальмаров с сыром и грибами
Ingredients amount
squid carcasses 6 pieces, each weighing about 120-150 grams
rice 150 grams
eggs 4 things.
bulbs 2 pcs.
vegetable oil and greens taste
lemon taste
garlic two cloves
Time for preparing: 60 minutes Calories per 100 grams: 180 Kcal

Stages of cooking:

  1. Boil carcasses for three minutes and cool;
  2. Cook hard-boiled eggs, and then, using a large grater, grate;
  3. Boil rice to make it crumbly;
  4. Onions shred and brought to a golden crust. Mixed with prepared ingredients;
  5. In the mixture, add chopped greens and garlic, passed through a press. Also add salt and pepper, mix well;
  6. Mix the carcass fill squid;
  7. It remains a little to spit up the dish in the oven and can be served;
  8. As a sauce for the stuffed product, you can serve olive oil mixed with garlic, mustard, white wine and egg yolk;
  9. Calamari is also well combined with homemade mayonnaise, sour cream and garlic sauce..

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Squid stuffed with mushrooms and cheese


  • Five carcasses of squid;
  • Two onions;
  • 800 grams of champignons (white mushrooms can be used);
  • 200 grams of hard cheese;
  • Four large spoons of vegetable oil;
  • Salt and pepper;
  • Greens and lemon;
  • A couple of garlic cloves.

Stages of cooking:

  1. Boil carcasses separately, also boil eggs;
  2. Shred onion, fry over high heat with vegetable oil until it turns golden;
  3. Mushrooms are added to the pan with onions, which must be finely chopped;
  4. Eggs are rubbed on a coarse grater, also made with cheese;
  5. The ingredients for the filling mix, adding more salt and pepper, chopped herbs, garlic;
  6. Stuff squid, and then put on a baking sheet, greased with butter;
  7. Cook in the oven for about a quarter of an hour;
  8. The finished dish can be served whole, and can be beautifully cut into slices..

Alternatively, you can cook squid stuffed with cheese itself, watch the video recipe. Enjoy watching.

Useful recommendations

Cooks tips:

  • It is important not to digest carcasses, because they will become tough, which will spoil the overall taste of the dish;
  • After stuffing, open spaces can be fixed with a toothpick. So convenient to bring the dish to readiness in the pan or in the oven;
  • Serve stuffed squids with sauce and finely chopped greens..
It is necessary to include in your menu dishes from such healthy and incredibly tasty, delicate squid.

If you prepare them correctly, for example, stuff them, you will get dishes that can surprise you with harmony of taste and ease of perception..