How to cook corn and how long

how долго варить кукурузы?Corn is a plant of the cereal family that has been cultivated by people and has been cultivated since ancient times..

The first mentions of it were 8500 years ago, and Mexico is considered to be its homeland..

It is said that on the European continent, it was brought by Columbus.

Corn is cultivated in large volumes in China, the United States of America, Argentina, France, Italy and, of course, Mexico.

These countries are the largest corn producers in the world..

The application of this product is very diverse: you can simply boil and eat its cobs, and fry grains and thus obtain corn flakes, and from corn flour they bake delicious bread, various baked goods.

Excellent she relishes and in canned form.

This grass is used for industrial purposes:

    • corn protein is used in fiber production;


    • starch is used in the food industry and for the manufacture of various medical preparations. Also, its starch is the basis for the manufacture of glue, paper, explosives and artificial leather;


    • corn oil is used in cooking and soap and paint are made from it;


    • its stems are used in the manufacture of paper, building materials;


    • cornfly uses medicine;


  • cabbage sticks are a valuable raw material for the production of plastic products, as well as nylon.

Corn Types

What kind виды кукурузы бывают?

There are 6 species of this plant:

    • tooth-like– has large and elongated grains, and due to the fact that the top has a recess, its shape is very similar to the tooth. Starch (70%), proteins (16%) and fats (3%) are isolated in its composition. It is grown mainly in America and is used for feeding livestock, and is also processed into flour or cereals;


    • siliceous – has wrinkled grains of white or yellow color, which actually consist of solid starch, as well as a rounded weevil with a convex top. Starch (83%), proteins (18%) and fats (7%) are isolated in its composition. It is grown all over the world, but the most popular varieties that have been crossed with dental maize (these varieties are early ripening and have high yields). Mainly used as a grain, as well as for making cornflakes and chopsticks;


    • waxy – its grains have a matte shade and smooth skin, and the name is due to the fact that the outer layer of grains is opaque and very much like wax. It is grown mainly in the territory of America, and is also very popular in China. At the same time, the number of varieties is limited, and their properties differ little from each other;


    • starchy – Its grains are large and round with a convex apex. Differs in late maturation and increased percentage of starch contained in it (more than 80%). It is grown mainly in America and is used in the alcohol and starch industries;


    • sugar – The grains of this type differ in a variety of colors. This species grows well with the presence of constant watering, which ensures the presence in it of a large amount of water-soluble sugar and the minimum amount of starch. It is grown practically everywhere;


  • bursting – its grains are distinguished by the fact that when they are heated they burst, which makes such a corn an excellent basis for popcorn. At the same time, the grains themselves may have a cranberry or rounded top (depending on the top, the taste of the grains resembles the taste of barley or rice flour, respectively). It may be different and the color of such grains – from white to dark blue.

Such corn is distributed throughout the world and is used in the production of cereals, cereals and other food products..

There are also other species (such as corn or Caragua) that are not particularly valuable and are not actually grown..

How to cook

how правильно и сколько варить кукурузу

Cooking this product does not have any strict rules, but there are some features that depend on what kind of corn you cook..

If it is fresh corn, it is put in a pan, poured with water, salt, cooking takes up to 20 minutes.

Oiled and served to the table.

In order to properly cook young, it’s milk, it’s enough to boil it for 10-15 minutes in slightly salted water..

It is better to detect by the clock, so as not to digest.

Also prepared and useful for kids grade Bonduel.

This variety is cooked in such a way, young corn is placed in a pan, poured with water to cover it and boil for 10-15 minutes.

Old corn until cooked should stew in time about 40-45 minutes.

Except in the pan, it can be cooked in a double boiler, oven, pressure cooker or microwave.

At the same time, the cooking time is different and the cooking methods are also.

In a saucepan, boil for 15 minutes after the water boils, and brewed corn in the same water for 10 minutes..

In a double boiler, young corn should cook 5-10 minutes, and old – at least 40 minutes.

Corn is washed, and its cobs in the leaves are placed in a steamer.

To form steam in a double boiler, you must fill at least one glass of water..

In the oven you need to bake less than 40 minutes, while the temperature in it should be at least 120 degrees.

Corn is washed, cleaned of leaves and placed in the form, pre-lubricated with butter.

In a pressure cooker, young corn should cook no more than 15 minutes, and old corn about 40 minutes.

At the same time, the washed vegetable is laid out in a pressure cooker and completely filled with water..

It is recommended to cook only young ears in the microwave..

Cook it for 5 or 10 minutes, while the installed power should be no more than 800 W.

To cook corn in the microwave, you can wrap it in a plastic food bag (cook for 10 minutes) or leave it in the leaves, put it on the form and cook for 5 minutes in its own juice.

In a slow cooker, the corn is prepared as follows, pour cold water, not exceeding the measure in the cooking pot, place the product, cover it with leaves, 15 minutes and our product is ready.

Cooking recipe

We offer you a clear example of the use of corn for cooking vegetable casseroles..

The number of recipes for making corn is so numerous that it is quite difficult to find exactly what you like..

Although there are very popular recipes.

For example, cobs can be cooked in milk with cream, for which you need to boil some cobs, and cut the grains and put them in a bowl..

Next, add this corn to the milk heated in a saucepan (a quarter to a glass) and cream (a quarter to a glass) and cook for no more than 10 minutes.

Then add a small piece of butter to the boiling mass and cook for another 10 minutes..

Next, add half a cup of dry wine (use white) and boil for 10 minutes.

After that add salt and spices, rub the cream with the egg and cook for 10 minutes.

Do not forget to constantly stir.

Corn casserole will be very tasty.

This dish belongs to the Italian cuisine..

Take five pieces of cob, and wipe the grain through a sieve.

Beat egg yolks and add butter to the corn along with butter and a small amount of cream – something like dough is made..

This dough is divided into two equal parts and roll out on the cake layers..

The first of them must be laid on a baking sheet, sprinkle with hard cheese and grate a second cake..

Bake 15-20 minutes.

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