Lemon water is often featured in articles about nutrition and is advised as a good way to lose weight on popular forums. What is the use of lemon water and how to use it properly, so as not to harm your health??

how приготовить и правильно пить лимонную воду для похудения

The benefits of lemon water for weight loss

In modern times, this citrus is used not only for treatment and rehabilitation, but also for weight loss, so one of the most popular methods is lemon water. The need for water for the body is due to its role in metabolic processes, and adding citrus to it enriches water and its beneficial properties..

The benefits that bring citric acid with water, in addition to the fact that it increases the acidity of the stomach and speeds up the processes of digestion, it is difficult to assess:

  • speeds up the breakdown of fats;
  • quickly removes toxins from the body;
  • pectin contained in lemon removes heavy metals from the body;
  • has a diuretic and choleretic effect;
  • positive effect on the nervous system;
  • helps to normalize the metabolism;
  • helps to cleanse the liver and stomach of toxins, normalizing their work;
  • strengthens the immune system;
  • accelerates lactic acid;
  • helps slow the growth of cancer cells and tumors;
  • eliminates gas formation and swelling;
  • eliminates heartburn and belching;
  • tones the heart muscle, reducing pressure;
  • purifies the blood and strengthens blood vessels;
  • is an antiviral and antiseptic.

Why do nutritionists recommend drinking lemon water for weight correction? All because of pectin – a substance that is contained in lemon in large quantities. It is pectin that dulls hunger, so frequent use of lemon water before meals and on an empty stomach helps to stick to a diet and fight the desire to eat..

How to cook

There are several popular recipes for making this healthy drink. Of course, you can just add slices of citrus in a jug of water and drink, and you can vary the process.

With apple cider vinegar and green tea

For this drink you will need to brew a mug of your favorite green tea with 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar, cut the lemon into slices and add a couple to the tea. Drink this drink should be on an empty stomach..

Honey drink

A teaspoon of honey should be dissolved in a glass of water. Add a couple of tablespoons of freshly squeezed lemon juice.

Sassi Cocktail with Ginger and Cucumber

This drink is suitable for the end of the working day, as it has a relaxing effect. To make it, you need 2 liters of non-carbonated water, a whole cucumber, lemon and ginger root. Cucumber cut into slices, and clean the ginger and grate on the grater to make 1 tbsp. spoon. Grind lemon with zest. Mix all ingredients and leave to infuse overnight. In the morning, filter the drink, throw mint leaves for aroma and drink.

Pepper drink

This cocktail requires a medium lemon, cayenne pepper and a liter of purified water. Lemon should be cut into slices, finely chop the pepper and throw it all into the water. Insist and drink before or after meals. In order for the drink to bring maximum benefit, you should drink a couple of liters of such a cocktail per day..

Garlic drink

This drink is not only a good way to lose weight, but also perfectly strengthens the body due to its properties. Required: 1 liter of water, lemon and garlic.

Wash the lemon well and chop together with the zest in a blender together with peeled garlic cloves (take at least 4 cloves). All mixed with water, insist and drink. Tea can be used instead of water if desired..

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How to drink and in what quantity

Lemon water requires a careful approach and proper use..

  1. The first drink should be taken in the morning: heat the water (or pick up a glass in the evening), cut off a piece of lemon and throw it into the glass. This regular ritual will speed up the digestive process. Drink it slowly;
  2. During the day, you need to eat a few more pieces of lemon and drink water with the addition of lemon gruel (ground citrus along with zest);
  3. Before each meal and before bedtime, you must drink a glass of warm water, in which the juice of half a lemon and 1 tsp of honey is added;
  4. To quickly lose weight should be 2-3 a day drink an infusion of green tea, with the addition of 2 tsp of apple cider vinegar and lemon wedges.

Also remember that:

  • the water must be warm;
  • Lemon should be added as a dressing in salads as a sauce or marinade for main courses;
  • along with lemon water should not stop drinking simple, so as not to harm yourself.

For the emergence of a positive effect should be consumed up to 2 liters of water with citrus for one day. It should be remembered that drinking only one water and nothing but it can not be eaten! The body must receive the necessary vitamins and trace elements, otherwise it is possible not only not to improve the body, but also to earn some unpleasant diseases. Thus, such a drink should be used as a useful low-calorie supplement to the main diet..

Diets with lemon juice

In order to lose a couple of kilograms in a few days or simply as a fasting day, you should use express diets with lemon water..

Lemon Honey

This is a fast diet, which should be followed no more than 2 days. It allows you to quickly lose a few pounds and remove toxins from the body. All you need is favorite honey and citrus, not counting plain water..

lemon нарезать

It is necessary to prepare a drink: in 1 l of water add 1 tbsp. spoon of honey and pour one juice of citrus. Insist it and drink per day from 2 to 3 liters.

heat up воду

In fact, tasty water at room temperature should be administered hourly to the body. Except for such a drink, nothing more is allowed..


Kefir Lemon

This is also one of the express diets, on which you can not sit more than 2-3 days. For her need:

  • low-fat kefir;
  • water;
  • lemon;
  • cinnamon.

The washed lemon should be cut and skipped through a blender without peeling, then add it to the water, insist and strain. Diet should look like this: for breakfast – 2 tbsp. drink, after every 1.5 hours alternate then 1 tbsp. kefir, then 1 tbsp. drink for dinner – 1 tbsp. kefir with 2 tbsp. l lemon juice and 0.5 tsp cinnamon.

Diet restart

This diet allows you to quickly break down toxins with toxins and remove them from the body, as well as relieve the intestines and stomach, so it is called a reboot, i.e. reloads the gastrointestinal tract. It should be followed for 3 days. For such a diet will require:

  • water;
  • any fruit + lemons;
  • oatmeal;
  • kefir with low fat%;
  • natural yogurt.

In advance, you should prepare a lemon drink and drink it every day on an empty stomach and before each meal. You should eat like this:

  • Day 1: Drink water with lemon for breakfast. As a main dish for the whole day – fruit (exclude bananas and grapes) along with kefir (1.5 l per day);
  • Day 2: Breakfast should be porridge (in water) with any fruit. At lunch, drink 1 tbsp. kefir and eat any fruit. For dinner, drink 1 tbsp. low-fat yogurt;
  • Day 3: For breakfast, eat porridge with apple, for lunch – baked apples, and for dinner – 1 tbsp. yogurt.

Lemon Diet

Lemon water and approved foods are the basis of this diet. It is strictly forbidden to eat:

  • sweet and flour products;
  • carbonated drinks;
  • fried and smoked;
  • fatty meat and dairy products.

You can eat all the cereals, lean meat, fruits and vegetables. You should also drink water with lemon, gradually increasing its amount from 1 cup at first to 3 liters at the end..

Adhering to any diet should be rational to eat and exercise.

Harm and contraindications to use

Despite the many advantages and beneficial properties of citric water, there are also contraindications to its use and some possible negative consequences:

  • in the presence of kidney stones, the drink can accelerate their release;
  • citrus can cause diathesis and allergies;
  • acid has a destructive effect on tooth enamel;
  • in order to avoid dehydration, be sure to drink plain water during the day.

Lemon water is contraindicated in those who:

  • high acidity of gastric juice;
  • peptic ulcer disease;
  • those who are prescribed sleeping pills;
  • gastritis.

Water with lemon is a drink with a high content of acid and should be drunk carefully, after consulting with a doctor.


“For the last 5 years I have been periodically unloading my body: I ​​drink a glass of warm water with half a lemon on an empty stomach and have not eaten all day and only drink such water. Three days on such water and 2-3 kg can be dumped “Olga
“I really like this drink. I drink such a drink every day, but I replace boiled water with water from a natural source. Clean skin, no problems with digestion and not gaining weight. And when she advised her friend with gastritis, her doctor said that it was necessary to reduce the concentration of juice, and you could drink the drink itself. ”Oksana
“I tried the lemon diet and I know its pros and cons. Plus – this is a quick weight loss and cleansing of the body, and minus is a strong heartburn from acid. I solved the problem simply – I cooked oatmeal jelly and 10-15 minutes after water with a lemon I drank it. It softens the esophagus and stomach, and also neutralizes excess acid “Vika