It is no secret that most men like slender women, and this is not just a whim, as some of the fair sex think, but a feature of the human body that has deep evolutionary roots. The fact is that at the most subconscious level, man is an animal.

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And the main goal of any animal on Earth is to leave healthy offspring. Healthy – it means, with a normal metabolism, including. The female, having all the parameters necessary to create a healthy offspring, the male perceives as beautiful, and that is why, at the sight of her, the man has the instinct of reproduction, realized as love.

Many women strive to improve their figure, thereby becoming more attractive to men, and they are great. But on their way, like an insurmountable barrier, there is a craving for sweet and flour dishes.

Why you want flour and sweet: the reasons

Sugar and flour are vital for people, because they are the main sources of energy in the human body. Carbohydrates, which both of these categories are split with the release of energy with a short or light daily load, such as walking, cleaning or mental activity.

This is the main reason why people want flour and sweet – the body seems to say: “I need energy, eat something that contains carbohydrates.” In short, without carbohydrates, we could not do even the most simple movements and move around at all. That is why, absolutely in no case can you completely eliminate from the diet sweet and flour.

But, in addition to carbohydrates, in the human body there is also a second source of energy – fats. They are needed so that a person can perform heavy physical work, such as lifting weights and running. Also, adipose tissue allows people to live without food for a long time..

That is why, contrary to general opinion, it is impossible to lose weight (reduce the amount of adipose tissue) by walking or cleaning around the house, just like with mental work, since in this case it is not the fats that are consumed, but the carbohydrates. In order to lose weight, you must perform intensive physical work for a long time. The most effective types of such work are running and swimming..

Traction to carbohydrate-containing products is normal, however, in some cases, it can be hypertrophied and can cause excessive fatness. This happens, for example, when you are a lot nervous and in a hurry to eat your stresses with something tasty..

And sometimes even the consumption of sweet and flour in normal quantities can lead to obesity, if a person has a broken metabolism.

How to abandon the flour: methods of psychology

Refusing to consume carbohydrates can not be, because in this case, your body will not be able to get energy from food. And without energy, the body is just a rag, not capable of even the most simple and simple actions..

But if you have firmly decided that you will lose weight, if you stop eating flour, harmful and sweet, then for you there are several psychological techniques that will help you to refuse them.


  1. Neuro-linguistic programming. This technique, developed jointly by Richard Bendler, John Grinder and Frank Pucelik in 1970, has become very popular lately. It lies in the fact that you give yourself the installation on a subconscious level, which you later begin to perceive as a kind of ultimate truth and perfectly believe in it. NLP is used in many areas of psychology and psychiatry and has been successfully helping people for a long time to get rid of obsessive fears, attitudes like “I am a loser” and other ideas that ruin their lives;
  2. Psychological training. This technique lies in the fact that her adept increases his willpower, gaining the ability for powerful mental self-control. Its advantage is that if you develop willpower in relation to one thing, you can, in the future, use it in anything;
  3. Communicating with those who have already refused flour and sweet. Everybody knows the proverb: “With whom you will be led, you will get from that”. And this is not an empty idle talk. After all, it is known that in order to learn to speak English, you need to communicate with a native speaker, in order to learn any craft, you need to share experience with a knowledgeable craftsman, and to become a good athlete, you need a trainer who himself went all this way.

Of these three methods, the most accessible for the majority is the latter. The first two need to learn, and preferably, under the guidance of an experienced mentor. Therefore, in order to master them, take a course of study, the benefit today they are in any city spend almost every day. After all, if you do something wrong, you can make yourself worse, and instead of losing weight, on the contrary, you will grow fat.

Can a person give up the flour and sweet forever?

Alas, an ordinary person can not give up something familiar once and for all. To do this, he must undergo a certain special training, without which, he will sooner or later break down and gain three-time loss..

Only one thing can push the unprepared person to overcome addiction forever – the fear of death. For example, it is known that smokers quit smoking only when their body is already a hair from death, and an alcoholic thinks about the dangers of beer / vodka, when the doctor makes a diagnosis of liver cirrhosis.

What products to replace harmful sweets baking

Since sweets and flours are carbohydrates, they should be replaced with other carbohydrate-containing products, such as sweet fruits, vegetables and berries..

Is it possible to lose weight simply by rejecting the sweet and flour

This question was asked by many famous nutritionists, and after numerous studies and experiments, the answer became clear: you can’t lose weight by giving up sweet and flour.

vegetablesThe fact is that the reason for completeness is not at all tasty sweets, but either their excessive consumption or impaired metabolism.

In the first case, the need to eliminate the problem of such craving for food, perhaps it is stress, sexual dissatisfaction or obsessive fears, here will help an experienced psychologist.

In the case of an impaired metabolism, the refusal of food will not help in any case, since it will be accompanied by mental stress and self-torture, which ultimately will lead to the fact that you still fall and eat everything that is missed during this time, Yes, and throw on top.

People with impaired metabolism are doomed to completeness, and the only thing they can do is to become less complete. To do this, there are a huge number of ways: sports, gymnastics, physical education, jogging, swimming, yoga, qigong, taiji and many others. Just remember that everything that you have eaten, you must burn in hard training, and then your days will become brighter and more joyful, and a feeling of satisfaction with life will appear.

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Important tips on giving up sweets

First, do not dare to torture yourself with feelings, about your fullness, because you will not lose weight from this, but the time spent on suffering, which is getting smaller every second, you will not return.

Secondly, any process of self-development and self-change should not pass through force, but on the contrary, it should be enjoyable, easy and enjoyable. If not, then you are doing something wrong, which means you are hurting yourself.

Thirdly, before you lose weight, think carefully, and whether you need it. After all, the fact that you were born into the world and lived to your days is the result of a combination of random processes, and you can say that you are really lucky that you live. You exist, you have the most valuable thing in the universe – life. So is it worth spending it on adjusting yourself to the standards imposed by society? Look at these models that are skin and bones! Any dietician will say that this is not normal..

Therefore, if you do not want to lose weight, in no case do not lose weight, because many people achieve success and happiness and with their fullness. And biographies of successful fat men, which you can easily find on the Internet, only confirm this rule..